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Terzhinan during pregnancy: is it worth the risk?

Thrush is a common fungal disease that affects every modern woman. However, it should also be clearly understood that a pregnant woman is doubly exposed to the threat of this disease. Why does this happen? In pregnancy, every woman has a dramatically reduced immunity, so the risk of exposure to all external stimuli and infections increases significantly. As categorical statistics show, 75% of all future mothers in the period of bearing a child are ill at least once with a milkmaid, and many and several times.

How to deal with this? First of all, we should not forget that during pregnancy, a woman should be prudent about the choice of medications, since not all are allowed to admit her in an "interesting" position, and better than her alternative treatment should be vigilantly coordinated with the leading gynecologist.

Very often experts recommend the medical drug Terzhinan, during pregnancy, it helps to cope with the unpleasant pathology of most of its patients, quickly and reliably eliminating all uncomfortable symptoms. However, this is not all of its possibilities. In addition to the productive treatment of thrush candles Terzhinan during pregnancy are also able to cope with trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis, and are widely used to treat various pathologies in female, caused by imbalance of the vaginal microflora.

This drug is distinguished by its high efficacy and powerful antibacterial action, and has a local effect, absolutely not penetrating into the total blood flow. It is this property that allows us to use Terzhinan during pregnancy, and the gynecologist, in turn, gives a one hundred percent guarantee that such treatment will not be able to have a pathological effect on the embryo. Overdose is completely excluded, since a low rate of absorption of the drug in the blood flow system is fixed. In addition, this medicine also contributes to the restoration and renewal of the vaginal microflora in a very short period.

Impresses and convenience of the use of Terginan candles during pregnancy, as it is enough to introduce one suspension for the night in the vagina before going to bed and not disturb the habitual life rhythm, and this is a very important indicator for the future mummy. It is also encouraging that the drug does not have obvious contraindications, but the fact of side effects exists, and it should be discussed in more detail. Thus, the patient may be incompatible with the individual components of this medication. In such cases, an allergic reaction may occur in the form of itching and burning of the vagina. In such situations, it is necessary to temporarily suspend the use of the drug and appeal to a specialist who, if necessary, will replace the scheme of the chosen treatment. Other allergic reactions are also possible.

This once again proves that self-medication, especially during pregnancy, is strictly forbidden, and the use of any medications should be agreed with a specialist in order to avoid fatal anomalies of the fetus and the mother.

It should be remembered that the use of the drug Terjinan during pregnancy also has its conditional limitations in terms, so its course is not recommended in the first trimester. But in the third, on the contrary, it is prescribed even without significant indications, but as prevention from a number of diseases and before childbirth.

Either way, Terginan during pregnancy has established itself as an effective remedy for thrush and other sexual infections in women, so it is often included by gynecologists in a scheme of alternative treatment. It is important to remember: you should clearly follow the instructions of an experienced specialist so as not to endanger the future baby.

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