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How to prepare classic cheese cakes from cottage cheese? Recipe from professionals

Cheesecakes - delicious and very useful pancakes from cottage cheese. They are made as a matter of fact from the fermented milk product, and in conjunction with other components. Because it makes sense to talk about the classic recipes and their various combinations.

General recommendations

What do you need to cook classic cheese cakes from cottage cheese? The recipe for a dish, whether to take Russian national cuisine, Ukrainian or any other, recommends first of all to pay attention to the cottage cheese itself. To ensure that the pancakes do not creep, but are well fried, it should be dry. If you have a moist curd, wring it out, put it under the press for a couple of hours. Otherwise, you have to mix up too much flour, which will spoil the taste of food. And pancakes will be harsh. Secondly, the classic cheese curds from the cottage cheese (the recipe of the Slavic cuisine) should be airy, gentle. To this end, the curd itself needs to be turned into a lush mass of creamy consistency. Therefore, the product is either passed several times through a meat grinder, or it is rubbed through a sieve. And, finally, the third nuance. Before you send the pancakes to a frying pan, they are flung in flour. However, when preparing classic cheese cakes from cottage cheese, the recipe can be slightly supplemented: sprinkle with flour, then when frying on pancakes, an appetizing crusty crust is formed. Well, now to the table, roll up our sleeves and prepare to cook!

Cheesecakes ordinary

To please yourself and loved ones with an excellent dinner, prepare, as described above, 1 kg of curd. Put it in a bowl, add 2 eggs (if the main product is smaller, the number of other components decreases accordingly), half a cup (or a little less / more, see by the consistency) of sifted flour, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. In order to flavor your classic cheese curds from cottage cheese, the recipe suggests adding vanilla. And, of course, a little salt. Mince well knead to ensure that all components are distributed in it evenly. Then put it on the table, sprinkled with flour. Roll "sausage" with a diameter of 10 centimeters and cut from it a cake with a thickness of about 1.5-2 cm. On both sides roll in a manga or flour and send it to a hot skillet with vegetable oil. Fry until done. If you think that the pancakes were fat, put them on paper napkins or a towel. And before serving sprinkle with powdered sugar. Eat classic curd cheese cakes usually hot, with sour cream, whipped with sugar, honey or jam, jam or jam. Not bad, they will go with fruit and berry syrup.

Cheesecakes with raisins

If you want to cook cheese cottage cheese in your own way, the classic recipe can be changed slightly. For example, add raisins to the stuffing. To do this, 50-70 g raisins pre-scalded or soaked in water to make it softer. Then let it drain and dry. Mix it in the curd mass and fry the curd cake according to the technology already known to you. Take the remaining ingredients in the proportions corresponding to the previous recipe.

Interested in culinary delights can be advised to make syrniki with carrots and apricots or syrup with stewed carrots. In addition, as components used citrus peel, cinnamon, cardamom. Thanks to these additives, each dish has its own unique, unique, unique taste.

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