Where in April is it warm? Where the sea is warmer in April

After an unpleasant long Russian winter, you want to finally forget about the whims of your native nature and soak up the sun. When on the streets of Russian cities there is a spring slush, many decide to go to a warm, affectionate sea. April is a kind of a bridge between the winter, during which time holidays in ski resorts and in different exotic countries are popular , and in the summer when it comes time for vacations, and consequently for traveling. Thus, the second month of spring is an ideal time for rest: most resorts do not yet have an influx of tourists, and the cost of tours is lower. So, it is decided, we go on vacation! It remains only to determine the place of rest, but for this you need to know where in April it is warm. About the resorts, ready to please you in this spring month with a gentle sun and warm sea, we'll talk in the article.

Carefree Egypt

Planning a vacation with children, wondered about where the sea is warmer in April? Enough thinking, rather buy a tour to Egypt - the most proven and cheap traditional resort. In the Arab state, stretched on the shore of the Red Sea, this month is almost ideal for beach holiday weather. Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada are not yet full of jams, so you can feel as relaxed as possible. For a pastime with children this country with a developed infrastructure is an ideal place. In April, the wind season ends here, the comfortable weather is set - the average air temperature is 27 degrees. The water is not yet very warm (an average of 23 degrees), but it is quite suitable for bathing.

Hot Thailand

This is the place where the heat is at the beginning of April, at the end of April, in September, January and other months, in general, always! However, during our spring in Thailand is not just warm weather, it sets the real heat - the air warms to 35-40 degrees. If you are not afraid of high temperatures and humidity, then the "country of smiles" will become a paradise for you. Beach vacation here in this period still remains popular, but the intensity of tourists is already lower than in the winter months. Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Koh Chang - you can not distinguish a resort where the sea is warmer in April. Wherever you go, everywhere you are waiting for the excellent beaches and gentle waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Cozy Tunisia

It is impossible not to mention this place, telling about warm countries. In April, vacation in Tunisia is almost ideal, both in terms of weather conditions, and in terms of savings. Mediterranean coastal waters in the middle of spring, perhaps, are still not warm enough for bathing - usually the water temperature does not exceed 16-17 degrees, but the air temperature already rises to 24-25 degrees, which makes it comfortable for people who do not tolerate heat, and so , Who wish to get acquainted with the sights of the country. In such resorts as Monastir, Sousse, Djerba, in April it is already possible to sunbathe, and maybe even get it. At the same time you are guaranteed the attention and helpfulness of the staff of hotels and bars - local residents have not yet managed to get tired from the influx of tourists.

Mysterious Morocco

This is another North African state, where it is warm in April. Having bought a tour in Morocco, you will get an amazing opportunity to spend a vacation on the Atlantic coast. The air temperature and the bright sun already allow you to enjoy tan, but the water in the sea is, of course, not akin to the summer (up to 18-20 degrees). The most important resort of the country - Agadir - has good hotels and the longest beach in Morocco. It is best to come here in the twentieth of the month: at this time, oranges and other fruit trees blossom in Morocco, and certainly worth a look.

Paradise Canaries

These islands, which are relatively near the picturesque Morocco, are also better to visit by the end of the month. The most famous resort of the Tenerife archipelago is a place where heat is firmly established at the end of April (the air warms up to an average of 22 degrees on average). Here, as elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, at this time, only the tourist season starts, so relatively few vacationers. In general Canaries can be described as islands of eternal spring: in autumn, spring, and summer because of the peculiarities of ocean currents here it is cooler than in similar latitudes of other regions. Nevertheless, some tourists in April are already swimming in the ocean.

Amazing Turkey

In the middle of spring, rest on the Turkish coast is not as popular as in summer - after all, the sea does not warm up as quickly as we would like. And yet many tourists, driven by a calm atmosphere, excellent service and low prices, choose this time for a trip to the country. After all, it's nice to wander through the historical places of Asia Minor without the excessive fuss that exists in the summer . Turkey is delightful in April! Where it is warmer in the spring in this Mediterranean region, so it is in Alanya and Side - these are the leaders in the rate of warming. Also comfortable in terms of temperature in the middle of spring are such resorts as Antalya, Fenike, Kemer, Fethiye. In the afternoon the air warms up to 23 degrees, at night - to 13. The water temperature reaches 17-20 degrees.

Luxury Emirates

Those who are attracted by Persian waters more than the Atlantic waters, for sure, will like to rest in the UAE. This is a country where in April it's warm, and the sun shines all the days. The tourist season is still in full swing, but a large number of diverse hotels and beautiful beaches will satisfy everyone's needs. Undoubtedly, most often, having decided to visit the Emirates, travelers choose Dubai as the place of rest - the country's main resort and the largest economic center. In April, the weather is comfortable here for bathing and for excursions - the air warms up to 26-30 degrees. It will be interesting to climb the highest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa tower, indulge in jeep safaris in the desert, have fun in the local water parks. Do you like shopping? And here duty free Dubai is at your service.

Other options for recreation

Of course, in the article we listed not all places where in April it is warm, but only the most popular from the point of view of tourists. Among the more exotic destinations are Cuba, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Sri Lanka. In any of these countries you have not gone, everywhere you can not only sunbathe and swim in the gentle sea, but also visit the numerous sights that will allow you to join the culture of these countries. Are you attracted by Asia? Then do not forget that, besides Thailand, there are still not admired by crowds of tourists Vietnam with its delightful beaches, as well as two islands that enjoy a stable popularity among holidaymakers - Indonesian Bali and Chinese Hainan. Have a nice April holiday!

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