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YouTube Gold buttons: modern insignia

The golden buttons of YouTube are the insignia of which you could hear, even if you are not involved in the field of video blogging. This is a special award, developed by the creative team of YouTube video sharing. Get it to users who are running their channel and were able to reach the specified number of subscribers.

Now there are already three kinds of buttons - silver, gold and diamond. From the article you will learn what you need to do to become the owner of one of them, and what will it give you?

What is the golden button?

YouTube's golden buttons are one of the rewards that are handed over to 1,000,000 people subscribing to the channel. Even in our time, when some "explosive" video can score a million views per day, such a number of people in subscriptions is a rare phenomenon. Accordingly, these awards are not so common.

A diamond button is even more rare, which can only be obtained if you overcome the mark of 10,000,000 channel subscribers. At the moment, no one in the post-Soviet space has achieved such a mark from the resource management. But more than simple silver buttons issued already a lot. It is not surprising, because this award is given to all those who will gain from 100,000 followers.

However, the appearance of the button only indicates how popular you are. And they bring only a sense of satisfaction. Otherwise, the owners of YouTube do not reward the owners of buttons. Is that sometimes give a symbolic prizes.

How can I get a gold button on YouTube?

You understand what the golden button of YouTube is for, and now you want to get your own? Then you have to work hard to optimize the channel, attract subscribers, create interesting content. To speed up the process, you can use some tips:

  • The secret of success is competent optimization. Visit the training course or at least read the manuals on the Internet devoted to this topic.
  • Be sure to remind viewers to subscribe to the channel. Marketers call it call to action - that is, a call to action. This technique really enhances the response.
  • Be sure to follow a single style in your videos. Then the user will not be limited to individual "likes" under the rollers, but wants to see everything.
  • Engage in mutual promotion along with another novice blogger.
  • It is important that you use only the permitted methods of promotion. Otherwise, the reward will be canceled.

After all the conditions are met, you will have to be patient. Delivery of the award takes at least a month. In this case, more than once it happened that people did not receive their buttons even after six months! And yet there are more lucky owners.

Gold button YouTube: who got it?

YouTube's golden buttons, unlike the diamond buttons, were also received by many Russian-language bloggers. So, in 2014, the most famous girl in the video sphere was awarded Katya Klapp (she was awarded two awards at once), as well as two other channels. And in 2015 the list was enlarged by the beautiful Masha Wei, Ivangai, Sasha Spielberg and even the channel with children's cartoons (Luntik), and also dedicated to the online game - World of Tanks.

YouTube's golden buttons are not a special privilege, but a sign that the blogger is on the right track. If you have not received any awards yet, do not be upset. Just keep on working actively on your channel, and everything will happen.

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