Palming for the eyes: how to do, description of the exercises, feedback

William Bates, an ophthalmologist from America, who practiced in the late 19th and early 20th century, came up with his own method, called the palming for the eyes. How to do it and why it helps, we will consider in the article.

Eye muscles

But we will begin the story with the structure of the eyes. Each of them has six muscles responsible for the movements. Thanks to them, eye turns are made, a round shape is made. They are pulled out and seen near and far away.

With overstrain both mental and physical, helps to cope with gymnastics. Those who are constantly sitting at the computer, it is not difficult to see how their eyes stretch. It does not take several years, if nothing is done, and the muscles will forget how to relax, after which short-sightedness soon comes.

Therefore, in order not to wear thick glasses, because of which (in what many are sure), vision falls even more, it is worthwhile regularly learning to do palming for the eyes. How to do it? Very simple.

The basic exercise consists in covering your eyes with your palms for several minutes. As a result, they relax, and vision is gradually restored.

Exercises for the eyes: palmings and reviews

The gymnastics below will not only help relax the muscles. In addition to a powerful preventive effect, it will help restore vision with the already existing violations.

Those who tried the so-called method of Bates on themselves, after a few days, noted a real healing effect. Therefore, the technique goes from mouth to mouth, winning more and more adherents.

How to start doing gymnastics

The first exercise is palming for the eyes, as described above. The word "palming" was formed from English palm, which means "palm". Before doing it, the palm should be warmed up thoroughly. For this, their tinder is about one another. Then they put the fingers together and create a small hole for the eyes. For clarity, palming for the eyes is like doing a look at the photo.

It turns out that the formed pits are placed directly on the eyes, crossing fingers on the forehead. In this case, complete darkness is created for the eyes, in which you can peer.

It is advisable at the same time to think only of the good in life, so that not only the eyes, but also the nervous system, rested. With obsessive appearance of some glare, you can imagine a black curtain in front of you, hiding it all.

If it is correct to do palming for the eyes, the reviews indicate amazing effects. The five-minute rest becomes so deep that it feels like the eyes did not even strain.

Conditions when performing palming

Apparently, the exercise itself is simple to impossible. However, when performing it, you need to take into account some of the subtleties.

First, it should be done sitting at the table. But sometimes, in order to completely relax, people prefer to do a lying palm.

Secondly, based on the task of relaxing the muscles and improving the nutrition of cells, you need to take care of the correct breathing. It should be smooth, calm and even.

Third, the hands should be comfortable. It is important that they easily bend and not hang down. When doing the exercise at the table (and in another position), the elbows should also be necessarily comfortable. If the surface is too hard to cause discomfort, then you need to put a mouse pad or cloth.

Fourth, when the palms cover the eyes, it is important that no pressure is created. Therefore, a convenient position for the elbows should be provided.

Fifthly, to enhance the effect it is useful to imagine a black color. This will help to relax your eyes even better.

Sixth, finishing the exercise, you can imagine a green color, and then on a blank sheet of paper write a sentence with a dot on the end. Mentally move the point along the entire sheet. After that, clean your hands, shake your head and stay a couple of more minutes with your eyes closed. On this, the main exercise can be considered complete. Interestingly, it is useful not only for adults, but also for children.

Palming for children

Of course, a special approach is required for patients of small age. Psychologists are advised to turn exercise into a game. If the interest of the child is maintained, then the palming with gymnastics will be done correctly, and even with pleasure. Suggest, for example, a child to go to a magical land. The way there must be pleasant and not aggressive. Otherwise, the eye muscles can not be relaxed. The eyes should not be squinted, but the palms should not press on them. It will be good if during the whole session there is a pleasant and quiet music. Instead of writing a sentence at the end of the exercise, ask the child to draw something in the imagination, such as an animal, and also shake his head.

Palming to children is also useful to do regularly, as well as adults.

Having dealt with this first and basic, you can start to master other exercises that improve your vision.

But before that you should know that gymnastics is contraindicated for people who have recently (up to six months) undergone eye surgery and also with retinal detachment.


Exercise 1. First, you need to quickly blink rapidly without blinking, without even frowning. This is the way to relax the eyes. Then they need to be raised and lowered ten times.

Exercise number 2 begins in the same way as the first. That is, there are many, many blinks. But then the eyes turn the same time, but already in the sides.

Exercise number 3. Again, often, often, and quickly, you need to blink. Then the eyes rotate diagonally: they look to the right-up, then to the left-down ten times. The same is done on the other side: left-up, then right-down.

Exercise 4. We start already as usual: with frequent, rapid and repeated blinking effortlessly. After this, proceed to "drawing". It is necessary to draw rectangles in one direction ten pieces, then - relaxation by means of frequent blinking and ten times in other side we draw rectangles.

Exercise number 5. Blinking. Then we look at the clock face, which should be right before your eyes. From above we begin to move the eye clockwise and so ten circles into one, rest, and ten circles - in the other direction.

Exercise number 6. Blinking. After that, they "draw" with their eyes the snake, that is, the sinuous lines, first in one from the beginning and until the very end, relaxation, and then - in the other direction, also to the end.

Exercise number 7. Blinking. After that, both eyes are reduced to the nose. Exercise is repeated ten times.

Exercise number 8. Blinking. Then you need to close your eyes as much as possible, and then open them widely. Repeat also ten times.

When is it better to do gymnastics

Gymnastics for the eyes (palming) can always be performed, when eye fatigue occurs. But repeat them at least three times a day. At first it may seem a little tedious. But when the healing effect is felt, the gymnastics for the eyes becomes joyful, easily doable and even expected.

Eye massage

This is another effective tool aimed at improving vision. Ten minutes a day is enough for him. But the results in a month will be impressive: dryness and rezi in the eyes disappear, and eyes, with the same employment, will become tired much less.

In order to strengthen the effect, it is worthwhile to take care and massage the shoulders and neck in advance. But we will consider massage of the eyes.

It is done after palming. Repeat the exercise with pressure. Then, clenching hands in fists, you should rub eyeballs. That's what babies do when they want to sleep.

In subsequent movements, only the pads of the fingers are involved. The arm of the eye is probed. If there is pain there, the areas need to be massaged separately. Then comes the turn of the lower part of the orbit. At its edge, press.

After that, massage the outer corners, internal. Moving to the bridge of the nose, they move along the arc. It is also important to do massage, as this will reduce stagnation in the sinuses and improve blood circulation.

After that, proceed directly to the sinuses located under the eyes, in small indentations on the lower arc. Imagine how they feel one centimeter below, continuing the vibrating movements. There are biologically active points, massage of which tones up the whole organism as a whole and improves immunity. Influence them with vibrating movements for a couple of minutes.

Now you can go back to the eyeballs. Closed eyes should be pressed until the pain appears several times. Then do a circular motion in and counter-clockwise. After that, as if we take an eye with five fingers and try to massage around it. Massage ends with the same as it begins. The Bates method is first performed with pressure several times. In the end, they make ordinary palming.


If you do the techniques of restoring vision regularly, then it will take a very short time, how you will feel a positive result. It is important that you do not stop doing exercises, palming and special massage, and continue to do them. Especially this applies to those who by virtue of their professional activities are forced to constantly sit at the computer.

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