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How to delete your Facebook account once and for all

Facebook is, undoubtedly, the most popular social network of our time. There are advantages to this, but there are also minuses. That's why some people decide to delete their own page. However, this is not as easy as it seems. If it is a temporary self-blocking, then you need to do just a couple of clicks - and you're done. But how can I remove my page from the social network so that no one can visit it, and there are practically no traces left from it? And why delete your account?

Reasons for removal

When you start saying that you want to delete your account on Facebook or have already done so, many people look at you with surprise. After all, now all life revolves around this social network, millions of users are registered in it, so some people can hardly understand what motivates the removal of the page. However, for this there are several very good reasons. For example, the exploitation of your privacy. The fact is that you can close your profile from all or from those who are not on your friends list, but Facebook itself has full access to your data, and there do not stop using it for your own purposes. The most interesting thing here is that when you register, you yourself give "Facebook" full rights to use your private data for any purpose, accepting the terms of the agreement. In addition, the once pleasant and warm social network has become a real haven of "trolls" and other people who mock users, insult them, spoil their photos, expose them in terrible light and so on. And again "Facebook" not only does not fight such individuals, but also welcomes their activity. And, of course, the continued use of the social network grows into a dependency that can harm your career and personal life. So you might want to consider completely deleting your page, not a temporary lock.

Delete a page

In order to delete your page from the social network, you first need to log in. Then you need to find the "Delete my account" button, which you have to click on. Before you open the window for the complete removal of the page, in which you will need to confirm that you are the owner of the page by entering a password, and then enter "captcha" so that the system understands that you are not a bot. After completing these steps, you will see a message stating that your page has been completely deleted. Also this message contains important information that if you are authorized within the next two weeks, the page will be automatically restored. Now you just need to check your mailbox, to which your account was tied, to make sure that it was actually deactivated, and the page - was deleted.

Important to remember

So, your page is deleted - what do you need to remember about this? Firstly, in no case do not authorize within two weeks after the deletion. Secondly, before deleting, write down all the sites that you accessed using Facebook, because there you will have to change your login and password. Third, avoid any activities involving the use of your page - including even "likes" on third-party sites.

Account recovery

You have two weeks to change your mind. And if you still decided during these 14 days that you need a social network account and you do not want to delete it, you will need to log in to the site. After that you will be redirected to the page where the schedule of your deactivation will be displayed. There will be a button "Cancel deactivation", which you need to press. After that, the system will specify if you want to restore access to your account, and if you confirm it - your page will be fully restored.

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