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Tag List for "Youtube": how to get to the top

Tags are key words that briefly characterize the essence of what is shown in a particular video. At the same time they play the role of a powerful means of promoting the video - most of the untwisted video channels owe their popularity to the right selection of key words.

Tags for "Youtube": popular

List of popular requests of Russian viewers video hosting (relying on them, video bloggers and prescribe tags) can be divided into three groups:

  1. The most popular is humor, jokes, funny stories, Ivangai. The keys look like this: eeoneguy, Ivan Rudskoy, vlog, blog, comedy, humor, funny, funny, trolling, Ivangay, Challeng, Ivangai and Mariana, Ivangai "rep", Ivangay and Mariana Ro, Ivangay songs, Ivangai new video, Ivangai Kisses with Mariyana, etc.
  2. The following list of tags for "Youtube" - for the creators of the flysplays. Let's list all the popular censorship keys: simulator, game, game, electronic music, highlife, alcohol, delirium, not, frenzy, funny, diggers, online, "tutor", how to shoot, which program is better to shoot, how to do the gameplay, girl Matured, a review of schoolchildren, a very bad reviewer, like, a dislike, etc.
  3. The list of tags for "Youtube" associated with bloggers: vlog, blog, beauty, vlog, fashion, blog, shopping, makeup, look, makeup, makeup, shopping, style, fashion bloggers, review, recreation, fashion, Clothes, gifts, beauty, Moscow, Sochi, "bloggers", city, TSUM, shopping, work, husband, mom-blogger, child development, how others live, family video, home video, reality show, etc.

As you can see, popular tags will not work for any video.

Tags for "Youtube": list of questions

A great popularity is also enjoyed by questions for tags. We divide them into several groups:

  1. The so-called strange questions. In what position do you fall asleep? What are your pros and cons? What did you do a year ago on this day? What historical era would you choose for life? What word is difficult for you to say? What do you call home? Your weird phobia? What always irritates you? What do you do when you are very happy? What tricks do you know how to do?
  2. Questions about myself. The purpose of your life? What are the most striking features of your character? What is the most memorable moment in your life? What do you want to correct in the past? What can inspire you? The most important words for you? What did you eat today? Is it easy to deceive you? What were you afraid of as a child?
  3. "If I". If you were a product (animal, director, doctor, president, magician, villain, millionaire), would you (did, did not)?
  4. About school. Your nickname at school? What's your favorite lesson? Do you like going to school? Are you late for school? What do you do when the lesson is boring?
  5. Bloggers and subscribers. Your favorite blogger? How many channels do you have on your subscriptions? How old is your channel? What's your first video? On which blogger do you not subscribe?

As a rule, questions are selected for which everyone has something to answer, and this explains their "viralness".

The secret of popularity

Of course, do not blindly rewrite all the popular tags for "Youtube". A comma-separated list is a failed method. You just need to specify 10-15 keys that will accurately reflect the essence of what you are showing. They should not only be common, but must also reflect every unique content.

Think about what kind of query you would enter if you wanted to find what you shot in your creation. Combine the tags: "books" and "interesting" - into "interesting books". Develop the thought: "interesting books - 2017". Scroll through the head and inquiries with popular misspellings: to espresso add "expresso", to the blogger - "blogger".

Watch how your popular competitors refer to their videos (the tag list for "Youtube" is hidden - only the search robot "sees" it). Use the trick: while on the competitor's page, right-click on "View Page Code", and in the window that opens, find the tag. All! Your list of tags for "Youtube" is ready!

Selecting tags

Many bloggers for tagging are advised to use Keyword Planner (Google AdWords):

  • In the line "Your product, service", write down the topic of your video, preferably in one word.
  • In the left part, select "Show only close variants" - enable "Only closely related options with keys".
  • Click "Get" and use for yourself the first tags from the list - they can also be "fired" via Keyword to find additional relevant keys.

Tags - an important tool in "Youtube" and not only. These key words not only help to find the user what he needs, but also the blogger to bring his creation to the coveted top.

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