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How to join a group in Whatsapp and how to create your own group?

A multi-platform application WhatsApp being a famous messenger differs from other similar resources in that in a collective chat the participant has the opportunity to correspond with many people. At the same time, anyone can open a group dedicated to any interesting topic.

Adherents have a good chat, most likely, will be interested in WhatsApp groups. This is the most collective chat of all that exists in our days. In addition, it is possible to create a group yourself or to join others created, and spend time with people with a huge number of people. The question is, how to find the right community and how to join the group in Whatsapp? This question is relevant, since only the administrator has the opportunity to enroll in the group, and joining at own choice is unrealistic. After all, there are two solutions to this problem, and you can participate in a collective chat if:

  • Open the group yourself.
  • You were invited to an already existing group.

How to open your own group

The actions taken in this case will be as follows:

  • Go to the chat section.
  • Click on "Settings".
  • Select "New Group" on the screen.

You should write the name of the new group, define a special avatar for it, include and remove people from the conversation. And the question of how to join a group in Whatsapp after its creation is no longer relevant to you, since you are its administrator.

How to create a group in Whatsapp based on the already created one?

To do this, you need to turn on the messenger by selecting the service picture, and you can immediately open the "Chats" screen. Next, open the "New Group" tab at the top of the page that appeared. In this case, the user needs to keep in mind that he will be able to reach the set goal only if any other chat is already available. Then you need to set a topic and prescribe its name. In this case, all members of the group will see the name of the group chat. To include a participant, select "+" and mark in front of the participants' names. In addition, it is possible to print the user name in the search. Finish the algorithm with the "Finish" button. After that, all participants in one, previously created chat, will be in your group.

How do I customize and remove groups in Whatsapp?

The user has the ability to edit the collective chat at any time. He can remove any person he wants, and he can not take part in the conversation. To do this, you must select an unwanted user, mark his nickname and click on "Remove [Name] from the Group."

How to find a community and how to join a group in Whatsapp?

How to find a group in Votsappe, when there are quite a lot of them on the list? To solve this problem, a special browsing tool is provided. It is necessary first to look at the chat page, and on the right side in the top corner choose a picture of the magnifier. A field for typing text will appear - there you have to write the name of the group. For example, to enter the Whatsapp-group Sochi, you need to enter this name. Unfortunately, a simple search for bands, for example, on musical interests in WhatsApp is not taken into account. This is the distinguishing feature of this messenger, in particular, from social networks. Although WhatsApp does not pretend to be a real social network. Therefore, the tools available in the annex can rightfully be considered sufficient. How do I join a group in Whatsapp when you find the one you need in interest? You will need to contact the administrator of this community.

What should I do to join a group created by others?

To enter a community created by another person, you need to have an administrator number in the contact list of your phone. How do I join a Whatsapp group that they open? Then the easiest thing is to ask the administrator to include you in the group chat. Obviously, the administrator wants to have more participants, so, most likely, he will not refuse.

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