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Kindergarten 586 (Ekaterinburg): reviews and description

A new group, poems, acquaintances and fairy tales ... The first time without a mother, tears and broken knees, the joy of learning to tie shoelaces and draw flowers - all this is a kindergarten. Which parent does not remember with what anxiety this event is connected, the first trip to the kindergarten? Will he eat there, do not hurt him, and if he cries? But a week later your precious child is already skipping to the group, to new friends. This means that the adaptation was successful. Today we want to tell you about kindergarten 586 (Yekaterinburg). Parents' comments indicate that this is one of the most attractive pre-school establishments in the city. Let's study with you, what are its strengths.

First meeting

In 1993 the kindergarten 586 was founded in Yekaterinburg. Parents' feedback emphasizes that even today it is maintained in perfect condition, as if put into operation only yesterday. The playground is shining with fresh paint, the building itself is in perfect condition, the repair is regularly carried out in groups. Often, parents who bring their children here for the first time ask: "Have you opened only this year? Are teachers enough?". It is necessary to reassure them that during their work a vast amount of knowledge has been accumulated for the complex development of children.

General information

From the moment of foundation and until now the language of instruction is Russian. Kindergarten 586 in Yekaterinburg, about which very good reviews, annually takes under its wing 332 students. The maximum workload for educators does not exceed 15 people, this is the optimal number for him to have time to spare each child individually.

Particular attention is paid to younger groups. On how successful adaptation will be, socialization in society depends. It is impossible to completely ignore the responsibility of parents, but pre-school institutions face very important tasks. That is why the focus should be on the child's personality, not on studying the alphabet or other secondary things. This concept is implemented by kindergarten 586 in Yekaterinburg. Teachers' testimonies say that this is correct and fully justified, since by loading the child with knowledge, we only increase the level of anxiety, especially when we begin to do endless sections and compare it with others.

The maximum amount of educational load in these walls is 10 minutes per day in the junior and middle groups. Only in the senior and preparatory age categories 40 and 90 minutes per day are allocated for studies, respectively. The rest of the time educators dedicate fun games, reading and creativity.

Garden of combined type, what does it mean

This term can often be heard when talking about kindergarten 586 "Island of Childhood". G. Ekaterinburg is a modern and advanced metropolis, it is widely implemented new technologies in the field of education, which gives good results. In some groups, both ordinary children and infants with disabilities in physical and mental development are involved. This is a very good trend, since it allows children from a very young age to understand that being different is not good or bad. Such upbringing teaches the correct view of the world and humanity. Located "Island of Childhood" at: Krestinsky Street, 51 / A.

General development groups

They constitute the main number of those who attend the kindergarten in 586 Yekaterinburg. Parents' reviews emphasize that a real childhood planet has really been created, the process of upbringing and education is taking place so carefully. Even those who were very worried about their babies for the first time, soon realize that here it is much more interesting to him than at home. General education children pass for four years, quickly growing from the first junior to the preparatory group. Graduates of this garden are most likely to enter the Lyceum and the best schools in the city, which speaks about effective training within its walls.

Correction groups

No wonder this garden is known under a different name, namely, as a center of development. Kindergarten 586 in Yekaterinburg, reviews of which year after year remain attractive, specializes in correcting speech development. Several special groups have been established for this purpose. It should be noted that in everyday life children are not shared, separately they only have training sessions, according to testimony. So, here are the following groups:

  • For children with underdevelopment of the phonetic system of speech.
  • . Under the program of corrective education and training for kids with OHP .
  • Correctional education of children of five years with general speech disorders.
  • Preparing for school kids with OUN.


This garden is an exhibition in the city. The most experienced educators and speech therapists, psychologists and doctors work here. You can be sure that the baby is in safe hands, under constant supervision. Moreover, the entire territory is under video surveillance and is guarded by the Security Council staff. The likelihood that other people will come to her and, especially, try to take the child away, is reduced to zero. Even your relatives will not be able to visit the baby without a written permission and prior arrangement.

Not only parents and their children consider the best in the city kindergarten 586 in Yekaterinburg. Staff feedback emphasizes that they were also fortunate to work with such a competent leadership, within the walls of a magnificent preschool institution. Infinitely in love with their work, they constantly learn and improve themselves to pass on knowledge to children.

Catering services

The comprehensive and harmonious development of the personality is the goal pursued by the teachers working within these walls. That is why the best in the city is still the kindergarten 586 "Island of Childhood" (MDOU). Parents' reviews highlight the approach to physical preparation and nutrition of preschool children. The quality of cooking is tightly controlled, including by the parent committee. All the reviews emphasize that real professionals work here. , и сделать любое блюдо вкусным и красивым. It's amazing how you can cook for so many guys , and make any dish tasty and beautiful. Every day, children are provided with five meals a day with juice and fresh fruit.

Wellness and physical education block

This is another important point, which is given great attention. For kids from three years, a special, wellness program has been developed that allows children to develop strong and agile, less sick:

  • Practical walks in the yard barefoot, on special tracks.
  • Physiotherapy and ionization of air.
  • Correcting gymnastics.
  • Morning work-out.
  • Outdoor games.
  • Physical training.
  • Sports holidays.
  • Hardening.
  • Quartz.
  • Massages.

All this creates a tremendous strain on health workers and garden educators, but they know well how important and responsible their work is. Therefore, no walk or procedure will be canceled without good reason.

Instead of concluding

This garden is the place where children's dreams come true. Having come here helpless crumbs, they leave future schoolchildren, sensible and literate. It is the "Island of Childhood" that is the choice of many parents, because here they are ready to give time to each child, develop his individual abilities, teach communication skills and show an example of true friendship. The garden is located near the station. M. "Botanical". в восхищение, достоин доверия. Kindergarten 586 in Yekaterinburg, whose reviews are admired, worthy of trust.

Great difficulties are always experienced by parents of children who are lagging behind in development. They are the least protected, because unlike peers, they can not even tell what happened in the garden during the day. Here all conditions are created for parents and children to feel at ease. родителям потихоньку следить за воспитательным процессом, не вмешиваясь в него. Small groups will allow babies to adapt faster, and the video surveillance system enables parents to slowly monitor the educational process without interfering with it. This can be important at the first stage, when not only the preschooler, but also the adult adapts to the transition to the DOW.

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