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The significator is ... The signifier of marriage in the natal chart

Astrology is a sure science, no matter what the skeptics and detractors said about it. Having the exact date of birth as the initial data, the expert can tell the client not only about those events that have already occurred in his life, but also to see the future picture in details and details, reveal traits, suggest how to correct them, explain how You can improve your life and avoid many problems. It is especially important to consult with astrologers about the arrangement of family life.

Semantics of the term "significator"

One of the fundamental concepts of astrology is home. It has nothing to do with the traditional interpretation of this word, but is closely related to our horoscopes. In the natal chart, as in a mirror, all spheres of human life are reflected. For each of them answers one of the sectors of the horoscope, called the house. They reveal and define our connection with the outside world, proceeding from the planets located inside them.

All houses have their own significator. This is the planet-ruler. Let us explain with an example. The zodiacal circle begins with Aries - the first constellation of twelve. Traditionally, the first house is also attached to it. The leader of Aries is Mars. Consequently, in the first house the significator is the "red planet", as Mars is called amateur astronomers. Or house IX. He refers to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter. Hence, in the ninth house the significator is Jupiter.

Significator value

And one more important point in revealing the meaning of the term. House managers can identify psychological moments in the fate of a person related to problems at home, and can display and so-called event characteristics at home. The first type of these is the significator. This is usually one, sometimes two planets (like Pluto and Mars in VIII house, which refers to Scorpio). The second type of rulers is the Almuten, usually there are several of them in the house.

Date of birth and astrology

Since its inception and accumulation of statistics, the science of astrology by the date of birth of a man has studied to analyze and classify temperament, types of characters, abilities and inclinations, to predict possible events that determine his fate. The date of birth means not only the day, month and year of the birth of the child. It is extremely important to know the hour and minutes to accurately calculate the position of the planets in the houses, their relationship to each other. This is how an individual horoscope is written. Without these indicators, you will have only the cosmogram, i.e. Just a general characteristic, corresponding to the typical signs of the zodiac.

And one more indicator, without which astrology does not work by the date of birth, is a settlement in which you or a person of interest are born. Only having all the necessary data, a specialist can combine disparate puzzles into a holistic picture of the horoscope.

Houses and signs of the zodiac

Different views of the old (ancient, medieval, Arabic, etc.) and modern astrology significator. This is evident when comparing, for example, the Chaldean treatises or the teachings of Ptolemy and the scientific research of representatives of the traditional school. Thus, until the 17th century Saturn was recognized as the master-significator of the first house. And the very name of this concept had several options.

In medieval astrology, the significator in the natal chart, responsible for longevity, was called a hileg. In general, in astrological practice this term is many-valued. It can also denote the arcuate aspect between planets in a personal horoscope. In horary astrology, the ruler of the first house is already the significator of the person who asks the astrologer. That is, if you were born under the sign of the Virgin, and your ruler is Mercury, then he will be the signifier at the time of the question, plus the significator of that sign of the zodiac, which at this time rises above the horizon. In the natal chart of man, the Moon is considered the significator of the mother.

Personal sympathy and astrology

There is also such a thing in astrology as the significator of marriage. The last in astrological science is not only official registration, but also any serious long-term relationship. In women and men, these indicators are different. For the beautiful half of humanity, born in the morning and in the daytime, the signifier of marriage in the natal chart is the Sun, and for the night beauties - Mars. In men who appeared in the daytime, this function is performed by Venus, and at night by the Moon.

The significator and the age of the woman upon marriage

The planet-significator, depending on the degree of the house it is in, can indicate the age at which a person enters into a serious relationship. For example, if a woman has a natal chart, the moon is located in the interval from the IC to the ACS, then she will start to live a family life early (up to 20 years). If the planet takes a position from the ASC to the MS, the lady will enter into marriage a little later, within 20-30 years. The next square is the DSC and IS, it includes 30-40 years. If the moon is here, the woman will marry in adulthood. And the indicator of late marriage is the finding of the significator in the interval between the DSC and the MC.

It remains to add that the Sun indicates the role of men in the lives of women, and the Moon, on the contrary, on the role of women in the fate of men. The listed parameters work only for the first marriages. For the second, third, etc. Other calculations are important.

Love geography

If you need to know where to expect a marriage partner, you should pay attention to which signs and which houses the significator is in the female or man's horoscope. If in a fiery trigon (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), then the East should wait for changes in personal life. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) symbolize the southern side. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will orient you to the West, but water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) - to the North. If the significator is on the ASC, then the husband or wife will be from the eastern regions. If in 4 houses - from the North, in 7 - from the West, in 10 - from the South. The rest of the houses indicate intermediate coordinates.

Positive and negative indicators-aspects

For family life in the person's horoscope is primarily responsible for the seventh house, as well as its ruler and in general all the planets "living" in it. Hence the significators of marriage will be "sexual" planets. To understand whether the relationship will end at all or all will end, never having begun, one should analyze the aspect of the planets in the house. If they are not very good or damaged, the situation will turn out to be doubtful.

Especially harmful for personal connections is Saturn. This planet everywhere and everywhere creates obstacles and obstacles. Not an exception - and matrimonial plans. Therefore, if the significator is damaged by Saturn, for the marriage to be such a position of the planets can be almost fatal. He either does not happen at all, or the owner of the horoscope will get a family very late. And anyway, any conflicting planets that act on the significators of marriage are negative, will be real obstacles on the way to the coveted sounds of Mendelssohn's march.

It deals with yet another rather malicious planet - Mars. If he acts as an indicator of marriage and is injured, a person with such a natal chart or is always in irreconcilable confrontation with the alleged partner and does not have time to establish family ties with him and divorced forever, or is simply doomed to celibacy. But even with such tense positions, if there are harmonious aspects in the 7th house between the planets, then personal life will be adjusted and will be successful.

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