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Basic recipe for trout baked in the oven

Here we give the basic recipe for trout baked in the oven. Involved in a small fraction of the culinary fantasy, you can improve and diversify this dish. For example, include in its composition mushrooms, various vegetables, make fish with cheese or cream sauce. If you like a crisp crust, cook the trout on the grill, or turn on the convector mode in the oven. Do you want the meat of the fish to be more gentle? Wrap it in a culinary sleeve or foil. Then the dish will just melt in your mouth. You can also stuff the carcass with a variety of fillings or bake with a garnish.

Any recipe for trout baked in the oven, no matter how difficult it is, begins with the cutting of fish. We clean the carcass from the fins, scales, head, entrails and tail. We wash it and lightly dry it with a kitchen towel. Lemon cut into half thin slices, the rest of the squeezed into the bowl. To the juice, add a spoonful of olive oil, add a pinch of black ground pepper and salt. With this mixture we rub the fish inside and out. We spread a fairly extensive sheet of foil, so that later it can be safely wrapped the entire carcass.

Next, the basic recipe for trout baked in the oven, invites us to make deep incisions obliquely on one side of the fish. This simple technique will get rid of bones: they will be baked and will not be felt. In addition, lemon washers, cut in half and stuck in these holes, impregnate the flesh of the trout with its juice, neutralize the characteristic smell of fish oil. Most likely, after the procedure of sponging, you still have unused cytron circles. Patch them finely and stuff them with the abdomen of the fish. To the lemon you can add a half of onion and olive oil. However, do not overdo it with spices - the taste of this delicate fish is very gentle and easily "eclipsed" by spices.

By the way, it does not have to be trout stuffed. Baked in the oven, small river fish is delicious and without any stuffing. It is enough to put a twig of parsley in her belly. Now close the foil so that the juice that is released during baking does not flow out. Preheat the oven to 200 o C. Place the aluminum bag on the baking tray with a bend up. We put the bake for half an hour. After this time, the foil should be deployed and a little more in the oven. So the fish forms a golden crust.

Large fat Karelian trout, baked in the oven, is prepared in a similar way. You can use a culinary sleeve - then the fish is even more tender. Rub the prepared carcass with pepper and salt. The abdomen is loosely filled with a mixture of lemon circles and green onions. Pour two spoons of olive oil into the sleeve and lay the fish. Shove the bag in a preheated oven to 180 o C and bake for a quarter of an hour. All is ready. We pull out, decorate with mayonnaise and lemon slices, we serve.

A universal recipe for trout baked in the oven can be improved not only with stuffing, but also with "related materials." Try before cutting into the oven to cut large fish into portions, salt and rub with white pepper. Sprinkle with lemon juice. In a frying pan without oil we put greens of dill and parsley, onions. On this blanket - fish. We cover with onions and mugs of two tomatoes. Put the frying pan in a preheated oven to 200 o C. Baking, the fish will be soaked with the taste and aroma of herbs and vegetables. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese. A ruddy crust is a sure sign that a trout is ready.

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