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Bull - fish is small, but tasty!

Bull - fish is small, but tasty. It needs to be bought at once more, so that after cleaning all households will be enough. The most actual way of cooking gobies is frying. If there is time, desire and patience, you can make cutlets that will reward you with your taste for all the efforts. Here it is, the big-eyed and stubby fish-bull-calf. The photo is so touching that even I feel sorry for him. However, tomatoes, probably, are no less alive. And also useful, but not so nutritious, all the same bull-fish. Recipes for its preparation are numerous, and most of them came from Odessa, where they especially like to eat this cute.

Bull fried

It will take: two kilograms of steers, two onions, flour, salt, vegetable oil, basil. Preparation: clean the fish, cut off the head and fins, gut, rinse, dry. Stir in a bowl of flour, pepper and salt, lay the dried fish and zapenirovat carefully, shaking the bowl. Preheat a large pan with vegetable oil, spread the fish in one layer. Fry until a ruddy crust on each side. Onions, cut into thin half rings, cover the whole of its surface, sprinkle with basil. Frying pan several times to allow the fish and onions to mix, cover, reduce heat and simmer until the onion is completely soft. This is how fried bulls are cooked in Odessa, the fish, you can say, is popularly beloved.

Bulls baked

We need fried, as in the previous recipe, steers. Fish is perfectly combined with potatoes and tomatoes, because this recipe is also considered normal. Who did not hear about canned food "Bulls in tomato"? The basis is about the same. On a lubricated frying pan, lay the fish, alternating it with small young potatoes. Prepare the fill: fry onion in vegetable oil, add champignons cut in petals, after five to seven minutes scalded and peeled tomatoes, add salt, sprinkle with sugar, put out to the full softness of onions and softening tomatoes. Pour fish, sprinkle with ground wheat crumbs, pour with vegetable oil and bake in a hot oven for about twenty minutes. The dish must be served hot!

Bulls stewed

It will take: a kilo of steers, three tablespoons of flour, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, lemon, orange, salt, a pound of potatoes, a bulb, black pepper.

Here's how we do it. Squeeze out the juice of orange and lemon and marinate in it a peeled and washed fish for half an hour-hour. Peel and cut the potatoes with thin plates, pour it with vegetable oil and mix. Onion thinly fine tune with semirings. All this needs to be done while the steers marinate. Fish before frying should be wrung out, lightly dried with a napkin. Citrus juice can not be poured - it will come in handy. Add fish, roll in flour and lightly fry, not overdrying. Two minutes on each side is enough. Release the frying pan from the fish, add oil and fry the potatoes to a beautiful crust. Add the onions, a little salt, pepper, lay on the potatoes steers and pour citrus marinade. Cover and stew for about seven to eight minutes, so that both the fish and potatoes are soaked with sour marinade.

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