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How to choose an elastic band for pulling? What is the elastic band called?

What is the elastic band called? Most often, the device is called an elastic bundle, a tape of resistance, a cross-loop. Due to the universal purpose, high efficiency and the possibility of application in the organization of enhanced training, this simulator has become widely used all over the world. Let's figure out how to choose an elastic band for pulling.

Application Features

Elastic band has several ways of application. First of all, the device opens up the possibility for complicating simple, basic exercises, increasing the load on the muscles by limiting the movements of the athlete. And vice versa - thanks to the support of the body engaged in and facilitation of weight, lessons become more accessible for an unprepared person.

About the benefits of pulling

Mastering an exercise aimed at lifting your own weight to the crossbar, allows athletes to significantly strengthen their hands, low-activity back muscles, shoulder girdle and abdominal area.

Regularly carrying out pull-ups, athletes thereby increase their own endurance. If the goal of the practitioner is a progressive loss of excess fat mass, the exercises of this plan will also come in handy.

However, do not make a major bet only on pull-ups, since strengthening only the upper half of the body can cause a muscle imbalance, and this is fraught with serious negative consequences for the body.

Disadvantages of pulling

The only drawback of pull-up is the technical difficulty for unprepared athletes who have an impressive body weight. At the same time, people who know how to pull themselves up often carry out the element incorrectly. Thus, the muscle fibers are not subjected to the necessary stimulation leading to an increase in the strength qualities. As a rule, the reason is the inability to perform the exercises until the sense of muscle failure is reached.

Who is recommended to pull the elastic on the bar?

Elastic tape can be used as an independent simulator in a fairly wide range of exercises. In particular, its use is resorted to in the organization of training in fitness, pilates, in the practice of physical therapy. Relying on the rubber tourniquet, the athlete gets an opportunity to increase the sense of balance of his own body, strengthen weak muscle zones, increase the speed of the exercises.

The elastic band for pulling up is very popular among fans of mixed martial arts. Here the device is an effective means for increasing the speed and working out the correct technique of movements. Since elastic bands give a smooth increase in load, fighters often resort to their use when warming the muscle mass before the competition and recovering from the injuries received.

Due to the unique characteristics of the elastic band for tightening is indispensable for weightlifters who plan to engage in burdening. Due to the gradual increase in the load, classes with an elastic tourniquet contribute to the progressive development of the athlete's power.

Advantages of the simulator

Any modern rubber band for pulling is made of 100% latex, which allows the product to maintain a stable level of resistance, even with regular reinforced loads. For this reason, elastic bands have an almost unlimited lifespan.

The endings of the rubber bands, made in the form of a closed loop, contribute to fast and reliable fastening of the device on any horizontal or vertical crossbar.

Elastic tapes for tightening and fitness are indispensable for people who have to spend quite a lot of time traveling and traveling. The possibility of using such a tool at home becomes indispensable for users who do not want to practice in the hall or on an open sports ground.

In general, the elastic band has the following advantages:

  • The highest resistance to mechanical stress, increased tensile strength.
  • The ability of the athlete to change the biomechanics of the usual movements, facilitate or increase the load, the use of tape with a focused focus on training specific muscle groups.
  • Affordable price for the bulk of interested consumers.
  • A wide variety of models of different length, resistance and exterior design.

Elastic band for pull-up: how to choose?

Select elastic bands according to the color, which corresponds to the resistance level of the device. For example, the least hard elastic bands of orange shade differ in resistance up to 10 kg. This option is suitable for athletes, whose weight is not more than 75 kg. Blue and green rubber bands are designed for athletes weighing 90-95 kg. The most rigid bands of black color have a resistance of about 70 kg and are recommended for athletes weighing over 110 kg.

People who are able to pull up no more than 3 times during the approach and want to learn a technical element, it is worth using several gums of different levels. In this case, the device with increased rigidity will allow you to work in a warm-up mode, carry out 10 to 20 lightweight repetitions. A more elastic means will open the possibility for training by force, which will positively affect the strengthening of muscles.

How to achieve the effect of muscle failure in pull-ups?

One of the main problems of training aimed at increasing strength, is the inability of the athlete to perform the final movements before the failure of muscle mass. Usually athletes receive a minimal increase in body capacity due to the inability to pass the finish line, overcoming pain.

In this situation, elastic rubber for training is simply an indispensable auxiliary tool. To achieve results in the training process, it is sufficient to perform pull-ups without the adaptation. And only at the end of the segment, when there is a sense of inability to overcome the initial load, it is necessary to resort to the use of rubber bands.

The use of the tape makes it possible to additionally perform about 3-5 pull-ups, and when using the hardest device - up to 10 repetitions. Thus, the achievement of muscle failure will provide the necessary stimulation for the musculature, which will give impetus to its subsequent growth. Sports fans, like professional athletes, often resort to this method using elastic bands.


Due to the low weight, versatility and compactness of the pull-up rubber on the bar, they are an effective assistant for keeping the body in excellent shape. Despite the rather high level of resistance, the devices of this category are extremely safe to use. The use of elastic bands for training makes it possible to systematically increase or reduce the load, which protects against damage to muscles and joints.

If desired, with the help of a rubber device, you can apply loads to almost all muscle groups. Therefore, the simulator is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to purchase attractive forms.

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