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Choosing a helmet for a motorcycle

The helmet for a motorcycle is not only a beautiful outfit, but also a saved life in an unforeseen situation. The motorcycle is an object of increased danger for both the driver and his passenger. If you read the statistics, you can see that thanks to the motorcycle helmet of death it was possible to avoid in every third road accident with the participation of a motorcycle. Having on your head this simple adaptation, you can not only protect yourself from getting into the eyes of debris, dirt, stones from under the tires of cars, but also to protect yourself from colds.

A modern helmet for a motorcycle is made of various materials and can be of various shapes. And if you add to this the delicacies of design, then the head goes around when it comes time to choose this accessory.

First, let's look at what a motorcycle helmet is, and how the models differ from each other.

Open helmets are the cheapest. They are used, as a rule, by drivers who do not strongly worry about their safety or are afraid of feelings of enclosed space. Other riders wear a helmet only for "excuse" before police officers. Open motorcycle headgear is also well suited for trips on scooters.

Integrals are the most common type of helmet. Depending on the glazing, they are single-layer, two-layer and three-layer. They have different types of ventilation and breathing gaskets inside the helmet. Depending on the material, its thickness and shape, helmets have different weights.

Cross helmet is designed primarily for off-road motorcycles. A feature of this species is the strongly advanced chin part. This model feature can protect the jaw when driving off-road and provides a good airflow. When traveling for long distances, such characteristics are particularly useful.

Modular (flip-up) is a helmet that has the ability to become open from a closed structure. This is due to the ability of the protective glass to climb up. Due to the combined design of the product, you can feel the power of the wind at a lower speed.

Helmets for motorcycles prices are different, and for the serial models they start to start from two thousand and end with ten. Some new items reach 20 thousand rubles.

The most exclusive helmet for a motorcycle is a "predator". It is made by special order on the basis of one of the above types of motorcycle helmets. When it is modernized, the shape changes and coloring takes place. Depending on the taste and condition of the soul, you can order a helmet in the form of a robot head from the movie "Star Wars", eggs ("Alien" painting) or the head of a mystical animal. Characteristic for the "predator" is the presence of rolling forms and patterns that are conspicuous. For its individuality, this motorcycle helmet can also be called a work of art of our time.

Perfection, as we see, there is no limit. And today we can only guess in the most general terms about what motorcycle helmets will be like in the future.

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