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Salad with corn and croutons. Fast, tasty and healthy

Salads with corn are different in that they are prepared, as a rule, very quickly, and while always varied, tasty and satisfying. Any, even a beginner mistress, can safely proceed with the preparation of such salads, since there is hardly anything hopelessly spoiled here, even if you make this dish for the first time.

Corn is a cereal, which, in comparison with other cultures, retains much more valuable properties when cooking and preserving. This product contains only 5 percent fat, but the amount of carbohydrates in it reaches 70 percent. But this is not so noticeable in the presence of other low-calorie ingredients in salads, with which corn perfectly combines. In addition, these dishes give a feeling of satiety with a small amount.

Corn is rich in vegetable carbohydrates and contains many useful substances that slow aging, prevent the development of cancer, muscular dystrophy, depression, maintain normal brain and heart function. All salads with canned corn are quick and easy to prepare, not to mention their wonderful taste.

Make sure yourself by making a salad with corn and cucumber for a minimum of time. To do this, you need to cut into 5 cucumbers and finely chopped a few sprigs of dill mixed with the contents of one can of canned corn. Then add salad, mix and add mayonnaise.

Or here is a salad with corn and cucumber, plus crab sticks:

700 grams of canned corn mixed with freshly cut cucumber (4 pcs.), 200 grams of crab sticks and 5 boiled chopped eggs. We fill with mayonnaise.

You can prepare a delicate and unusual salad with corn and an apple. To do this, peeled and cut a large apple (it is better to take acid varieties), chopped or grated on a large grater 2-3 eggs and greens mixed with canned corn from one jar. Season with mayonnaise. In addition, you can add greens, sprinkle with grated cheese - it's a matter of taste.

Another fairly spicy salad with corn and apple is obtained due to a successful combination of ingredients. One grated apple is mixed with chopped thin strips of 2-3 leaves of Chinese cabbage and finely chopped leek or green onions. Add a third of the can of canned corn, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and taste vegetable oil.

Diversify the ingredients and prepare a salad with corn and croutons. Diced 4 eggs, corn (1 jar) mixed with rusks (one packet and preferably with smoked or bacon) and finely chopped onions (1 small head). We fill with 200 grams of mayonnaise and, letting the lettuce soak (30 minutes), we serve.

We complicate the salad with corn and croutons and get another recipe. On the dish, lay out a mixture of corn (1 pot), finely chopped dill (a third of the bunch) and mayonnaise. On top of this layer, make a layer of crushed crackers (1 bag of smoked fish) and a third of a bunch of dill. Watering mayonnaise. Then lay out the third layer of chopped 200 grams of crab sticks and a third of a dill bunch. Again, watered with mayonnaise and sprinkled on top with 2 crushed eggs. Here is a somewhat complicated salad with corn and croutons for lovers of mayonnaise.

Salad with corn and croutons has many variations. Let's give one more recipe. To a finely chopped bunch of green onions, add a can of canned corn and red beans (naturally, without liquid), crackers with bacon (3 small packs). Season with mayonnaise and let us brew for 30 minutes.

Experiment to your taste, taking into account the passions of loved ones and guests - it's always delicious.

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