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Top 21 amazing courts from around the world

People have always argued and will argue about which court coverage is better: grass, soil or hard. But all this goes to the background when it comes to the scenic beauty of the tennis court. In this article you will be presented with the most beautiful courts in the world, open to the general public. Each amateur of this sport should add them to his list of places to be visited.

Going, Austria: Stranglewirt Hotel

This place is an ecologically clean resort. The hotel itself is surrounded by the mountain range of the Austrian Alps. During a photo shoot, they will be a perfect background for your left-hand strike.

Camuela, Hawaii: Tennis club "Mauna" at the hotel on the beach

Eleven stunning courts in the Bay of Kauna attract tennis fans with beautiful views and a salty breeze. Guests of the hotel can go to both group and individual lessons.

Positano, Italy: "San Pietro di Positano"

In this five-star hotel, which is so fond of visiting George Clooney, tennis courts are located right on the beach. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view, order one of the sites for the time of sunset.

Dubai, Burj-al-Arab: court on the roof of a skyscraper

The highest tennis court in the world is located on the roof of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Absolutely one can say one thing: the game at an altitude of 690 feet, combined with a stunning panoramic view will not leave anyone indifferent.

New York: Vanderbilt Tennis Club

It is full of mysteries, acoustic arches and secret drinking establishments. But his greatest treasure is the tennis court, hidden inside the railway station. The hour of the game in this unusual place will cost you $ 250.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania: Safaga camp "Singita Sabora"

If during a game of tennis you can not prevent the scorching African sun and walking nearby animals, then this court will be the best choice. But do not be surprised if you have to take frequent breaks because of the surrounding situation.

City of Charles, Iowa: a tennis club on the farm

In 1962, listening to the broadcast of Wimbledon's grandfather radio, Mark Kuhn decided to fulfill his dream of building his own court. Forty years later, he put it into practice, erecting the site directly on the cornfield of a family farm.

Island Peter, Virgin Islands: spa resort

This private island, surrounded by many palm trees, boasts its beautiful views and quality courts.

Newport, Rhode Island: International Tennis Hall of Fame

From 1881 to 1915 years. At the venues of this institution the US Open was held. Now anyone can play for them for $ 35 per hour.

Wesley Chapel, Florida: Saddlebrook Resort

This place is one of the most famous tennis academies in the world. On its 45 courts hundreds of children train, hoping in the future to take the place of Djokovic.

Queens, New York: National Tennis Center named after Billie Jean King

Playing on any of 33 sites of this institution, you will feel yourself a professional.

Harris Island, Scotland: Bunabhainneadar court

From this site, located among rocks, hills and lakes, offers a stunning panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Kiawa, South Carolina: Golf Resort

In addition to tennis courts, there are excellent golf courses.

Denver, Colorado: "Grand Hyatt Skycourt"

From this site offers a beautiful view of the city and the Rocky Mountains.

Dunblane, UK: hotel "Kromlix"

On the court of this hotel you can play in the shadows of this Scottish castle.

Stowe, Vermont: First Class Spa Resort

In this amazing place you will find 10 sites, 4 of which are covered.

Gstaad, Switzerland: Hotel Gstaad

Former first racket of the world, Roy Emerson opened his tennis school at this hotel.

Stock Podges, Great Britain: Park Hotel Stoke City

The main attraction of this place are 13 courts with grass and soil coverings.

Bahamas or Alaska: "The Norwegian Pearl"

You can play on this tennis court if you go on a cruise on a liner.

San Francisco, California: Alice's marble courts

Of course, they are not made of this material. It's just that the name of tennis player Alice Marble (18-fold winner of the Grand Slam) is translated, after which the courts were named.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: underwater courts

These seven tennis courts were erected by the Polish architect Christophe Kotala and are waiting for everyone to play in such an unusual atmosphere.

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