Herve Leger Dresses: Spectacular & Trendy

Today I want to acquaint you with very popular dresses, which are chosen not only by women of fashion all over the world, but also famous celebrities: singer, actress, designer and simply socialite.

So, let's start with the title. Most fashionistas do not even suspect how correctly to pronounce the name of this brand: Herve Leger, Herve Ledger? In fact, it is pronounced as Herve Leger (stress on the last syllable in both parts of the name). The name came from the name of the designer Herve Leger, who is a true and radical Frenchman, but this brand belongs to the American brand BCBG by Max Azria.

These dresses are popular due to unique styles that make the figure ideal - hide flaws in the right places and emphasize the merits of the figure. But one cut was not done here, more important is the pulling fabric from which these dresses are sewn.

The styles of almost every model resemble bandages, in which they wrap the body vertically, horizontally, with the help of original interlacing and crossing, call them "bandage effect". That's why they turn out to be sexy and chic, many other designers (such as Lipsy, Karen Millen, Guess, Bebe and others) recently started copying, achieving the same popularity as Herve's collections.

A lot of rich and famous girls and women (Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Beyonce and many others) choose Herve Leger dresses - they look really amazing in them. But also to our compatriots these models became accessible - they can be bought on the official site of the designer, tk. Most recently, a service delivery to any country and for just a little money. Their cost starts from 1450 US dollars, but also the budgetary variant is possible - the purchase of a copy of these dresses for 60-100 dollars, of course, the effect from them is not so perfect (based on my personal experience of buying a copy of one model from China), but all They look not much worse than the original.

Very pleased that the collections of this designer are updated very often, almost every season, and the models in each collection are quite a large number - different styles and colors (on many sites you can see new dresses from fresh collections or choose your favorite from the catalog).

If you are scheduled for any celebration or important event in your life - stop your choice on the spectacular dress Herve and you will always be in the spotlight!

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