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Potatoes in French: the recipe is simple.

French fries are loved by many, especially by men who adore it. Probably, to please a man, it is enough to cook potatoes and meat, these are the components of success.

So, we learn to cook potatoes in French. The recipe for this dish is relatively simple.

For this dish we need ingredients such as:

Meat (pork) grams three hundred - four hundred, a couple pieces of onions, about 1 kilogram of potatoes (6 large potatoes), hard cheese - two hundred grams. You also need mayonnaise, preferably not very fatty, and various spices such as salt, pepper, etc.

Let's proceed directly to the cooking process.

Meat should be cut into medium-sized pieces, so that you can then eat them, without cutting again. It is not necessary to beat meat in advance, as without this procedure, it is juicy, soft and tender.

Meat should be slightly salted and peppered, and you can add a tablespoon of mayonnaise to taste, then mix everything. The next stage of preparation consists in this: several heads of onions are cut into half rings and we cover them with meat, we mix it all a little again and squeeze it so that the onion can let the juice into the meat. After that, meat should be put in that dish, in which it is convenient to bake it in the oven. For this purpose, a special deep pan for baking, or, for example, a frying pan with high sides, may well be used. It is important to know that when cooking potatoes in French in the oven, the bottom of the dishes, as well as its walls, it is not worth anything to lubricate. After all, we smeared the meat in mayonnaise, which will provide the necessary amount of fat. Therefore, without any doubts and fears, we spread our meat, mixed with onions, on a frying pan, thus our first layer is formed.

In a dish like French fries, the recipe includes a description of several layers. The second layer, as a rule, is the potato.

So, the potatoes are cut into rings, the thickness of each is about 0.5 cm. It is important to know that if the potatoes are cut more finely, it will not turn out so soft. So, the potatoes were cut, then laid over the meat. Lay out all the potatoes, which on average will be about two or three layers. Each layer is not forgotten to salt and pepper, if desired, add various spices. The resulting potato layer is lubricated with mayonnaise. As already advised, for such a dish it is better to use a light kind of mayonnaise, otherwise the dish will be very fat. Well, finally, on top of the mayonnaise, sprinkle the grated cheese. It is advised to take the cheese hard, so that it can be easily rubbed, and best of all, non-acidic. For example, Radomer will do the best, you can use alternative sorts of cheese. And on top of the cheese again grease with mayonnaise, so that it does not burn out. Here, in principle, and ready to potatoes in French. The recipe ends here. We put the dish in the oven, bake the potatoes for about an hour, the temperature should be about 210 degrees. After that, it is necessary to lower the temperature to 180, and bake so many potatoes for 15 minutes. In general, the cooking time depends on how much you use the products. Naturally, with smaller amounts of ingredients, the dish will cook much faster. Therefore it is important to check the readiness of potatoes, piercing it with a knife.

As for the dish, like pork in French with potatoes, there are a lot of recipes for it. Every housewife should be able to cook meat dishes, since it is known that no man can stand before him. And indeed, who can stand before a well-fried, fragrant, moderately peppered meat, supplemented with some garnish. A fine dish - potatoes in French, the recipe is simple, but how delicious it turns out. All the most appetizing!

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