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Why does the child crochet into his pants? How to wean?

Everyone knows that accustoming a child to a pot sometimes can be a challenge. This applies to children of one to two years old, who are not yet able to control the act of defecation. Sometimes loving and caring parents are faced with the fact that no longer a very small child croaks in his pants. However, very different requirements and expectations are put forward to the preschooler.

Usually this behavior causes the mother and father uncontrolled bouts of anger. The act of the child is regarded as a manifestation of bad manners and disrespect. Meanwhile, the reasons why a child croaks in pants may be different. First of all, you need to calm down and look at the situation from the outside.


Psychologists point out several reasons why a child's behavior may change for the worse. In each separate case it is necessary to analyze the situation separately, to consider it from different sides. There is no need just to blame and embarrass the baby, not offering him a solution to the problem. Such attacks will not lead to good results. It is necessary to understand the situation, and not to scream. Otherwise, the risk is high that the child will close in himself and stop responding to your comments.

It should also take into account the fact that if at a conscious age a child crochets in pants in a kindergarten, then he can be punished there for his behavior by the indignation of the teachers and the ridicule of classmates. Employees of educational institutions, unfortunately, do not always have the time, tact and endurance to delve into the problems of each individual preschooler. Guys - odnogruppniki often name various offensive nicknames of those who by any parameters do not correspond to the generally accepted behavior.

Inability to ask

A kid can not always tell his parents that his intestines are full and require immediate emptying. If it is a crumb of a year and a half, then for him this is normal behavior. When an older child croaks into his pants, then there is a certain problem. Do not think that over time everything will pass by yourself. It is necessary to take informed measures in time. Sometimes a child is so busy with the game that he simply does not notice some of the physiological needs of his body. If the output of feces occurs involuntarily, some children may eventually get used to it. As a result, it becomes a bad habit not to go to the toilet on time. In the future, this may entail social problems. Few educators in kindergarten like this behavior.

The child may hesitate to ask in time to go to the toilet, while visiting, which can cause unpleasant embarrassment. It is hardly worth it to blame him, rather, we need to hold a timely conversation so that this will never happen again. It is necessary to explain to the child that the process of defecation is natural for all people and the need to urgently visit the toilet can occur in any person.

Crisis period

If a child in 3 years croaks in his pants, almost always this circumstance points to some inner unhappiness of the person. Perhaps the baby is getting used to kindergarten, does not want to leave his mother until the evening, or he does not like the group. The crisis period, as a rule, is characterized by increased anxiety and is often accompanied by suspicion. In this case, there is no need to be surprised that the child croaks in his pants, you just need to adjust his behavior a little, so that everything will be fine. Experiencing the crisis of three years, children experience enormous stress. This creates an additional burden on the psyche, accordingly, behavior changes necessarily. Now, if a child crooks in pants at 4, then the problem lies entirely in other aspects.

Fear of the collective

In some cases, irrational behavior indicates social difficulties. When parents sincerely wonder why the child began to poke in pants, they should analyze whether the child is happy to visit the kindergarten, whether there are any additional problems with addiction. Very often we do not pay attention to what happens to children, considering their little experiences as trifles. And in vain! The child croaks in his pants when he wants to draw attention to himself. He lives with internal fears and can not overcome them on his own.

Fear of the collective arises, when the kid spends a lot of time in the environment of relatives. If you give a child to a children's institution not in 2-3 years, as it usually happens, but in 4-5 years, then there is a high probability that there will be serious problems with adaptation. Children do not understand that their fears are part of the natural process of habituation and are therefore locked in themselves.


This concerns the fear of parting with his mother, although he is temporary. The kid does not want to lose the closest person until the evening. Strong attachment to the mother often prevents the children from adapting normally to the kindergarten. Parting seems to them the most terrible thing that can happen. With the already developed neurosis, neither screaming, conversation, nor exhortation will help. You need to look deep into the root to notice the problem. In some cases, it happens that a child of 5 years croaks in his pants. It's just that he can not cope with his inner state, let go of fears and doubts. His body rebels, refuses to obey the generally accepted rules. If the problem is not solved, it will only worsen over time. So the child will be the subject of ridicule and discussion by the children's team, an inferiority complex will develop, and self-esteem will drop.

Do not forget about how children sometimes are cruel to their peers, if only someone will differ from others. If a child 5 years old croaks in his pants, this can not be considered a norm in any way. By his behavior, he rather calls adults to active actions, literally begs to draw attention. Parents should not be consoled by the thought that everything will pass by itself. To sit idly by in this case is just criminal.

The problem of incomprehensibility

Some children, because of different circumstances, feel some loneliness, being in the team. They can not find a place, they do not make friends with classmates. Such children are often offended and teased, without even looking for a special occasion. And if a child starts to poke in his pants and can not control this process, he at least needs the help of an adult. Such a reaction can follow a persistent rejection of the child by the children's collective. It must be said that after the problem of the child becomes known to others, he may remain isolated for a long time. And then it will be much more difficult to really help. No parent wants his child everywhere to feel lonely, unnecessary and abandoned. If the difficulties encountered are not resolved on time, but permanently postponed for later, then the risk of growing a person incapable of assuming responsibility under any circumstances is great. Such a person will remain dependent and extremely dependent on the assessment of others.

Problems with digestion

If the child began to poke in his pants, one can find an explanation from the point of view of physiology. After all, the problem is not always hidden in psychological aspects. It happens that everything looks much more prosaic. Some difficulties with digestion of food, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can provoke fecal incontinence. If a child regularly suffers from constipation, it means that it is difficult for him to retain natural reflexes. Sometimes it can turn out that digestive problems, on the contrary, will force him to suppress desires into the toilet. From constant overstrain can develop encopresis. The digestive system is very delicate. Any violation of the activity of these organs can provoke fecal incontinence. You should be extremely attentive to your child to understand this.


In fact, it is not enough to understand why the child began to poke into his pants. It is important to take timely measures to prevent encopresis. Otherwise, your child will have problems in the future, not only physical, but also a psychological plan. Agree, in our society, problems of this nature are not accepted. Stool incontinence looks like a very large deviation from the norm and characterizes the person only from the negative side. In addition, it is usually very difficult for such people to constantly maintain hygiene, which is why they avoid communication in every possible way. Children, unlike adults, do not know how to hide their feelings. They will not delicate with a peer who has such problems, but will express all his thoughts to him straightforwardly, without any bother.

It's hard to imagine how much moral suffering a small person feels, who has not found a way to deal with such an unusual difficulty. It is worthwhile in advance to be patient and solve this problem as soon as it appeared. That's why parents do not need to launch a situation at all. It will be just a crime against your own child. While the child is still small, it is not so difficult to eliminate the existing shortcoming. Let us consider in more detail what are the ways to solve this problem.

Children's toilet bowl

At home, it is possible to train a son or daughter to regular emptying of the intestines with the help of this simple device. Find a similar thing on sale will not be difficult. If your child has some difficulties with visiting the toilet, do not despair. Remember that nothing is impossible. Just everything takes time and patience. It is enough to buy a special children's attachment, which is attached to a normal toilet, or buy a baby pot for the administration of natural needs. And it is necessary to take into account the moment that the more attractive the subject becomes, the more often the kid will strive to use it for the intended purpose. It is important for children that they are surrounded by beautiful things with a good design. Reflecting on how to wean a child into a pants, it's worth starting with simple measures. If they do not help, you need to look deeper.

Working with fears

Half of all the problems that arise in a person in this or that period of life, has a psychological basis. This is a fact recognized today by leading experts in personal growth and self-improvement. Complexities, based on the psychological component, are sometimes very difficult to correct. Here you need to act subtly, deliberately and competently. Working with fears makes it possible to understand why such a complexity arises at all, what the problem is. The best solution is to turn to the psychologist and work through all the important points.

Only in this case it will be possible to state with full certainty that the problem has been solved. The more effort we put into something, the more it becomes easier to perceive the changes taking place. It is necessary not only to wean from a bad habit, but to understand what to do if the child croaks into his pants.

Control over food

This issue should be given special attention. The nutrition of the child must become the responsibility of the parents. The more carefully the baby will be watched by the mother and father, the sooner he will become completely healthy. To adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract will help products such as cottage cheese, kefir, yogurts, any fruits and vegetables, cereals cooked in milk. Limit in use is white bread, pasta, pastries, sweets. This does not mean that the child should refuse everything. You just have to be more demanding and adamant about everyday nutrition. Do not let the baby eat forbidden food in between meals. This is very harmful with encopresis. Otherwise, you will have to be treated longer and harder. The work of the digestive system depends to a large extent on the quality of the food the person feeds on. If this case is left to chance, it is not necessary and to be surprised that the child has difficulties of this kind. Every time you want to feed your child something harmful, remember how difficult it is to be different from other people, especially if it gives you a huge psychological discomfort. Other children will not want to communicate with a peer, from whom a very unpleasant smell constantly flows.

Art therapy

This is an extremely useful thing, which is often underestimated by those who do not understand psychology at all. Art therapy is an effective method to cope with many violations. It restores the emotional background, helps to overcome obsession with the problem, perfectly removes fears. A child who has difficulty in emptying the intestines on a psychological basis needs proper therapy. It's not just a heart-to-heart talk. It is necessary to choose an effective method that would meet all the requirements of modern psychology. This may be art therapy. Through the drawing of fears it is possible to get rid of all the "monsters" who have settled in the subconscious of the child. When the work is in full swing, it sometimes turns out that the baby reacts in a similar way to some behavior of the parents that does not suit him. Unfortunately, not always the closest people generally turn to specialists for help. And you need to be more attentive to your own child.

Joint Lessons

In today's reality, children see their parents no more than two or three hours a day. Naturally, this is very small, the child is bored. Against this background, he can manifest any emotional disturbances, including those associated with the process of defecation. Joint activities with children will help to solve this problem. You only need to treat the baby's needs more carefully, take into account his psychological state. Having restored full communication, it is possible to help overcome any complexity. Start drawing, sculpting, reading together!

Thus, if a child empties the intestines in his pants, parents need to think seriously. This behavior is not normal and should be a cause for concern.

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