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How to make a head in Maynkraft and what is it for?

If you play for a long time in "Maynkraft", then for you it is unlikely to be a secret that fact that in this game you can make the most unusual discoveries. You can create a wide variety of objects yourself or find blocks that you did not expect to see. However, nothing compares with the heads - exactly those that players and mobs wear on their shoulders. You can get them during the game and then use it at your own discretion. Many novice lovers of this masterpiece are asking how to make a head in "Maynkraft", but they are just looking for easy ways. In fact, you will not be able to create a head - you will have to get it in combat.

Kinds of heads available in "Maynkraft"

In total, the game has a huge number of mobs and animals, but, unfortunately, not all of them can replenish your collection. If you are thinking about how to make the head of this or that mob part of your trophy hall in Maynkraft, then you may be disappointed. The fact is that there are only five goals in the game, so you will not be able to hang the whole room with different trophies. However, these five copies are very interesting and will be an excellent decoration for any room. So, you can get the heads of a creeper, a zombie and a human, that is, a mob that looks exactly like your character, but is controlled by a computer. In addition, you can get two more skulls - a normal skeleton and a skeleton-sushifier. So you no longer need to ask how to make a head in Mainkraft - if you want to acquire such a trophy, then you will have to fight with the corresponding mob.

Use as decoration

The most common way to use the head is to decorate. How to make the head in Maynkraft a decorative object? Very simple - you just put it on any horizontal surface. The trick is that it can be placed face in any direction, which gives you tremendous variability. Also, the head can be hung, and not put, which adds a few more provisions. It's up to you to decide which rooms to decorate with such specific decorations. But it is worth noting that with their help you can use your imagination very widely. So, now you know that it is impossible to create this object, and also you know where and how to get the head in "Maynkraft". However, it can be used not only as an ornament, but also for other purposes.

Create unforgettable fireworks

The world of "Meincraft" every player can paint with real fireworks. At the same time, with due skill, you can make a very unusual and impressive firework. If you are wondering how to take the head in Maynkraft and turn it into a masterpiece in heaven, then you will have to delve a little into the art of pyrotechnics. The fact is that to create fireworks you need to craft an asterisk, the main component of the rocket, which is launched into the sky. And depending on what was added to this star, the firework itself changes. Accordingly, if you use the head as an additive to an asterisk, the green head of the creeper will eventually appear in the sky. Unfortunately, there is no variation here, and whatever head you add, there will be only a creeper in the sky, but it's already impressive and amazing. After such fireworks, many players think about how to change the "Maincrafter" head to the Cryper, but this is a completely different conversation that affects the theme of skins. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to consider another specific way of using heads, or more precisely - a particular skull.

Summon the Desiccator

In "Maynkraft" there are several bosses - especially powerful mobs, which are not so easy to win. The dragon, for example, dwells in its own world, which is called the Edge. But the Extinguisher is the boss who can only be summoned with his own hands. As it was already possible to guess, for this you will need a skull of a skeleton-desiccant, and not even one, but as many as three. With their help, as well as using the sand of the soul, you can build an altar and call the boss, with whom you will later have to fight. But this is a very difficult battle to be seriously prepared for, therefore it's up to you to decide whether you will use the skull of a scraping skeleton as an element of the altar for a boss call or simply as an ornamental decoration.

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