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Sponge cake in the multivark. Post biscuit: recipe

Sponge cake served well at the table during the Great Christian Fast. This dessert does not contain any animal fats, no milk, no eggs. But, despite this, this delicacy turns out to be very tasty and delicate.

Today we will present you three different options for how to make a biscuit lean. Thanks to the described recipes, you will definitely get a very tasty chocolate treat, as well as a pie on soda water and orange juice.

Delicious and simple lean biscuit: a recipe for cooking

Even a teenager can make such a pie. After all, in its preparation there is nothing complicated and unusual.

For the basis, we need:

  • Light flour sifted - about 250 g;
  • Sugar not large - 200 g;
  • Cocoa - 4 large spoons;
  • Soda and vinegar - for an incomplete small spoon;
  • Water usual warm (cooled boiling water) - 200 ml;
  • Deodorized vegetable oil - 100 ml;
  • Raisin large - average handful.

Making chocolate base

Lenten chocolate biscuit is cooked easily and quickly. To begin with, it is necessary to dissolve the medium-sized sugar in the cooled boiling water, and then add to it the deodorized oil, the quenched soda and the sifted flour. After this, cocoa and carefully washed dark raisins should be put on a viscous test.

Baking in the oven

After preparing the chocolate dough, it should be immediately put in a greased form and sent to the oven. Bake such a pie is desirable at a temperature of 200 degrees for 44 minutes. Check the preparedness of the biscuit by inserting a dry and clean toothpick into it.

We serve to the family table

After the biscuit lean is completely baked, it must be placed on the cake and cool a little. Before serving, pie is recommended to sprinkle with a powder, then cut into triangular pieces. It is desirable to present such a delicacy to guests with a cup of black tea.

Make an orange lean biscuit

A fairly large number of housewives believe that lean baking is tasteless and fresh. But this is not so. After all, for the preparation of such a dessert it is forbidden to use only products of animal origin. And to get a fragrant and delicious treat we need absolutely different ingredients.

So, we need:

  • Wheat flour sifted - 2 cups;
  • Soda slaked - dessert spoon;
  • Salt sea - ½ spoon;
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice - 3/4 cup;
  • Medium-sized sugar - 3/4 cup;
  • Orange peel - 2 dessert spoons;
  • Deodorized oil - 1/3 cup.

To make the most delicious biscuit (lean), you need to use a special impregnation, for the preparation of which we need:

  • Sugar not large - 75 g;
  • Fresh orange juice - 100 ml.

Mesim fruit dough

Before you prepare a lean biscuit on orange juice, you need to mix the base. To do this, mix the deodorized butter with orange juice and sugar with a mixer. In this case, it is necessary to achieve the maximally uniform mass. Further to the ingredients, it is required to add hydrated soda, sea salt and orange peel. Finally, in the same dishes, you must lay out the wheat flour. Mixing all the ingredients with a mixer, you should get a viscous base.

Bake cake in the oven

After making an orange dough, it should be put in a deep form, oiled. In the future, filled dishes should be put in the oven. Cooking biscuit at a temperature of 195 degrees is necessary for an hour. At the same time, he should rise up well and become rosy.

After making a delicious orange biscuit, it should be carefully removed from the mold and cooled.

Preparation of impregnation

While the cake, made from orange juice, cools, you can do the preparation of sweet impregnation. For this, it is necessary to combine the two mentioned ingredients and put them on a weak fire. After the orange juice becomes thick, it should be removed from the plate and immediately used for its intended purpose.

Forming dessert

After cooling the biscuit and preparing the orange syrup, you should start to form a dessert. For this, the ruddy and lush cake must be cut in half. Further, its lower part is required to be placed on the tartar and abundantly soaked with fruit syrup. In the end, it should be covered with the second part of the cake and again the process of impregnation.

If desired, the finished dessert can be decorated with fried and chopped nuts. By the way, they can also be added to the dough.

We serve a delicious home-made treat

After the formation of orange dessert, it should be placed in the refrigerator for half an hour. This endurance will help soften the biscuit and get a tasty and juicy delicacy.

Serve orange pie with impregnation to the table with hot black tea. Enjoy your meal!

Make a biscuit on soda water

Mineral carbonated water contributes to a good rise in the dough and a porous structure. That's why it is very often used for cooking different bakes.

In addition to soda, we decided to apply a berries such as cherries. She will make the dessert more tasty, fragrant and beautiful.

So, we need:

  • Flour sifted light - 2 incomplete cups;
  • Medium-sized sugar - 1 part glass;
  • Salt of sea - a pinch;
  • Soda food (better to extinguish with vinegar) - a small spoon;
  • Refined oil - ½ cup;
  • Mineral sparkling water - about 250 ml;
  • Vanillin - add to taste;
  • Cherries frozen or fresh - 150 g.

Preparation of the basis

Lenten sponge cake on soda water turns out to be very lush and tasty. It can be used to make a cake. But this is only if the time of Lent has long passed.

Before baking a delicious dessert at home, you need to mix the base. For this, carbonated mineral water is mixed with a medium-sized sugar and refined oil. Next to them is added sea salt, edible slaked soda and vanillin. In conclusion, a light, sifted flour is laid out in the resulting homogeneous mass.

After a long stirring of all components, you should get a homogeneous and viscous dough.

We bake a pie in a multivariate

A post biscuit in a multivarquet is baked as easily and simply as in an oven. To do this, the capacity of the device must be well lubricated with refined oil, and then pour the entire base into it. Next on the surface of the dough, you need to place frozen or fresh cherries. At the same time they should only "drown" a little.

After carrying out all the operations, close the base firmly with a lid and set the baking mode. In this program, biscuit is recommended to bake for an hour. If after this time the pie is still damp, then the heat treatment is recommended to continue for several more minutes. If desired, the pie can simply be left in the heating mode.

We serve the table bacon fast

After the pie on the carbonated water is fully baked, it should be removed from the container of the device and placed on the cake plate. After cooling the dessert at room temperature, you can safely proceed to its use. Although some housewives prefer to use it to make a delicious cake. For this, the lush and airy cake should be cut in half and smeared with some kind of cream. For such a biscuit, a protein and oil filling with condensed milk is well suited.

If you stick to Lent, then instead of the cream, we recommend using fruit impregnation or jam. Also, some housewives grease the cakes with apricot jam or plum jam. This makes the biscuit even more delicious, tender and soft.

By the way, before serving, such a cake can be decorated with fresh berries (including cherries) or fruits.

Let's sum up the results

As you can see, lean biscuit is not difficult at all. The main thing is not to use products of animal origin (eggs, sour cream, butter, milk, kefir, etc.).

It should also be noted that you can make such a pie not only with the use of orange juice, but also with the use of drinks squeezed from other fruits. For example, a dessert with pomegranate, apple, tangerine and apricot juice is very tasty.

Also in the biscuit you can add pieces of various berries, pears and peaches. In addition, we recommend making a pie using bananas. With such a delicacy dessert will become even more hearty, tasty and fragrant. Enjoy your meal!

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