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Very tasty cheese soup recipe

Soup is a dish that a person needs every day. Soups are hot and cold. To date, there is such an abundance of recipes for soups that every day you can please your household with new culinary skills. There is a cheese soup recipe, there are recipes for meat and vegetable soups. What is the cheese soup made from? Here is the main cheesy soup recipe.

This will require: boiled sausage - 300 grams, processed cheese - 200 grams, potatoes - 2-3 pieces, carrots - 2 pieces, onions - 2 pieces, salt and pepper - if desired.

Vegetables should be rinsed and cleaned, poured into a pan and added to it grated cheese on a large grater. You can also cut the cheese into small pieces. Bring to a boil, while removing the foam. Cut into small pieces of sausage and onions. Carrots wipe on a grater and fry the whole mass in a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil. Cut the potatoes into small cubes and add them to the cheese. Add the potatoes immediately after the water with the cheese boiled. When the potatoes are cooked, you need to add the roast, and all this salt. So, the cheese soup recipe is ready. Ready soup pepper and serve on a table with crackers or croutons.

There is a more complex cheesy soup recipe. To do this, you will need: 400 grams of processed cheese, 200 grams of potato, 200 grams of shrimps, 200 grams of carrots, 100 grams of carrots, 1 onion, sea salt, parsley, dill, vegetable oil, if desired.

Add the cheese to the boiling water, cut the potatoes and put them to the cheese. For beauty and taste, you can put spices. Peel the onions and carrots, grate the carrots, and chop the onions into small pieces. All this mixture fry in vegetable oil until the onion will not acquire a golden hue. After the potato is cooked, it is necessary to put fried vegetables and shrimp. After a second boil, put the greens. Mix everything as it should, let the soup stand on a small fire for about 1 minute. The soup is ready, you can serve both with bread and croutons.

You can cook another cheese soup with a sausage recipe. Here you will need: a few medium potatoes, half a glass of raw rice (you can already boiled), carrots in the amount of two pieces, 1 onion, half a stick of sausage smoked, best fat, garlic - 1 clove, greens, salt and pepper - if desired.

In boiling water lowered chopped potatoes, cut sausage, onion and garlic, grate carrot on the track. In a frying pan (without oil) put the sausage and fry the moment until it gives juice. Then add carrots and onions to sausage. Stew the resulting mass for about 6 minutes. Add the cheese to the pan and mix. When the potatoes are almost cooked - pour out the rice. Then you need to add a mass of fried sausage, onions and carrots. Allow to pour and add salt, add pepper, you can also add seasoning. When the soup is almost ready, you need to add garlic, pour out the greens. After a few minutes turn off the gas and let it brew for 5 minutes.

Culinary specialists from all over the world delight people with different dishes. Fish soup is not just an ear that is made from fresh fish. You can cook, for example, soup from saury recipe. To do this you will need: saury canned - 1 can, half a glass of rice, 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, green onions, 3 tomatoes, vegetable oil, bay leaf, black pepper peel or pepper ground, parsley, dill and spices - if desired.

Cut the potatoes into cubes, grate the carrots, chop the green onions. When the water boils - add potatoes. Rinse the rice and put in a saucepan. Cook for about 10 minutes. Fry the carrots in a frying pan for 5 minutes, then add the onions to the carrots and fry for another 2 minutes. Slice the tomatoes and simmer in a pan for a few minutes, add parsley. Stir with a fork of saury and add to the pan. While the soup is brewed chop greens and add spices. Leave the soup for a few minutes. Soup from saury is very tasty, fast and original.

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