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Who is Victoria Preobrazhenskaya?

With the transition to the new millennium, humanity began to change. Signs of transfiguration are not always clearly and clearly manifested, but there are areas of life where it is impossible not to notice them. Experts believe that Victoria Preobrazhenskaya is working on creating a different attitude, more suitable for humanity of the future. It combines the possibilities of music, poetry, graphics, dance and other arts on a spiritual basis. Let's get acquainted with her and her creativity more closely.


Victoria Preobrazhenskaya (photo above) is a very original person. It invariably causes interest in a certain part of the public. Interview with this woman took repeatedly. The people of the unsophisticated are fascinated by its mysteries, and some are frightened by the eccentricity and brightness of the images.

Where does a person get such ideas? She herself says that they come from above. Victoria has been fascinated by music, or rather, by her charms, since she was five. She herself without a teacher picked up on the piano melodies by ear. To the journalists she told that the educational institutions did not give her anything. In her opinion, education is superfluous for a person who managed to establish a connection with the Higher Powers. And Victoria Preobrazhenskaya had such contact from childhood, according to her own words.

The incredible harmony of the world beckoned to her and encouraged her to develop her abilities. What was hidden in the soul, it was necessary to throw out the world. Ordinary monologues did not allow us to fully formulate thoughts and feelings. I had to invent a new kind of art. And for this purpose to search invisible threads connecting everything, that the mankind for itself has opened on the beginning of the twentieth century. This is how the cosmic poly-art of Victoria Preobrazhenskaya was born. What it is? Let's take it apart.

Cosmic poly-art of the third millennium of Victoria Preobrazhenskaya

People always subconsciously sought to know the universe. Many since childhood were read by fantastic novels, and in adulthood this interest is transformed into the desire to study the folk traditions more deeply, to live according to the legends of ancestors. The fact is that in the old days people understood the nature and its natural laws deeper, and this made them much more spiritual than the current generation, which accepted the voluntary slavery of materialism.

Only the initiated can create works of the third millennium, which renew the ancient understanding of the world, Victoria Preobrazhenskaya believes. Poly-art is a symbiosis of poetry, music, dance and spirituality. To understand the modern mysteries, they have little contemplation, it is necessary to involve the heart in this process, to miss the seen and heard through it.

The third millennium will give humanity the opportunity to understand the meaning of the unity of the earth and the cosmos in a different way, to reveal higher levels of spirituality. Poly-art aims to prepare people for the fulfillment of this task, to direct their thoughts in the right direction. Anyone can join him, but people who walk along the path of spiritual growth, enlightened, perceive the deep and full mystery.

Victoria Preobrazhenskaya: biography

She was born in Donetsk (Ukrainian SSR) in 1960, she was named Maria Mamonova. Until 1990 she led an absolutely normal way of life for that time. Was a member of the Komsomol organization, was elected a deputy of one of the district councils of the city of Donetsk. I worked in the district committee of the Komsomol as an instructor.

In 1990, her fate changed radically. During the operation (according to some information - abortion) Victoria Preobrazhenskaya died. According to medical documents, the clinical death lasted three and a half hours. The case is unprecedented. The woman herself believes that during this period a revelation came to her. Higher powers instructed her to prepare the world for life in a new, spiritual millennium. She took a new name and destiny.

The woman created the "Great White Brotherhood", which for several years operated on the territory of Russia and Ukraine. She urged followers to prepare for the Last Judgment, repent, refuse to print the symbol "666". During these years, people knew her under different names: Victoria Preobrazhenskaya, Mother of the World, Maria Devi Christ Yusmalos.

Prosecution by law

The White Brotherhood was popular in society, had many supporters. The end of the world they expected on a certain day - November 24, 1993. On this date, an illegal action was planned to capture the St. Sophia Cathedral (Kiev). Members of the organization, led by their spiritual master, wanted to conduct a service in this building and burn it.

The police arrested everyone. Victoria was accused of seizing state property and encroaching on the life and health of citizens. She received four years in prison, which she served incompletely. She was released ahead of schedule in 1997. The woman did not break the prison sentence, she continued her activity.

White Brotherhood in Ukraine

For several years, Victoria Preobrazhenskaya tried to officially register her organization. The authorities resisted. White brotherhood was considered a sect that harmed the health of citizens, threatening their lives. At the end of the last century, "messiahs" appeared a lot, they recruited adherents and brought them to hysteria, sometimes to suicide.

The activities of such people tried to suppress by law, in order to protect the citizens of the country. Victoria failed to prove to the authorities that her teaching is not destructive, but aimed at the development of spirituality. The conviction, which is understandable, also did not contribute to the emergence of confidential relations with officials. In 2006, the Mother of the World moves to Moscow.

Creative self-determination

Each person sets himself a lot of tasks. Some persistently go to the heights, others give up. Victoria Preobrazhenskaya clearly belongs to the first category. Despite adversity, the woman sought to fulfill the mission entrusted from above. Stormy social activities and even imprisonment were only preparatory stages. But this is all in the past.

Victoria was looking for a different, more productive opportunity to influence society, and without this, you can prepare people for a new era, a golden millennium. Probably, the upsurge in her soul was the creative inclinations she had felt since childhood.

Victoria opened her own studio and began working on the creation of the first mystery. She has lived in Moscow for ten years and is doing it. In another way, its work can not be called simply. She creates living pictures that affect the soul of the viewer, which fans appreciate.

Victoria about me

From the woman's side it seems too extravagant. Her speech, an uninitiated person simply does not understand or accepts for nonsense. Victoria says that she came to this world twice, referring to a clinical death. She received initiation from the Holy Spirit and carries his prophecies to people. Victoria herself calls herself a woman pioneer.

She rebelled against the dogmas and obsolete postulates of this world. Its mission is to revive the Feminine, to show its strength and essence. And it's simple. Femininity consists of love and beauty, there is knowledge and power in it. This is kindness in its original form, preserving the world, filling it with a life-giving principle. Creativity is also part of true femininity. In its absence, it becomes unspiritual, mechanical. It's like if a woman gave birth to a robot.

How to get acquainted with the creativity of Victoria

Mysteries are recorded on electronic media and sold. Fans do not have any problems with buying novelties or favorite pieces.

Victoria writes poetry and articles, her collections are published both in Russia and abroad. Sometimes she holds exhibitions of her paintings. But most of all admirers attract mysteries. This is a theatrical performance, consisting of extraordinary music, magic poems, accompanied by dances and amazing scenery.

Artist one - Victoria Preobrazhenskaya. Her rare talent is covered by the press, she is a frequent guest on radio stations, besides she spends creative evenings. Anyone interested can find her work and get to know them.

So who is Preobrazhenskaya Victoria?

Briefly acquainted with the life and work of this man, you can already draw conclusions. Before us is a woman in the most sacred sense of the word. She realizes her mission and puts all her considerable forces into its realization.

Victoria has repeatedly said about what she sees her duty. It brings to the world an understanding of the new century. Does this the way it is said from above. Let there have been mistakes in this way. And who does without them? However, Victoria has already proven her own unselfishness, perseverance and unusual for our days kindness of character.

Would you be able to work for others without leaving time for your personal life? Who is interested, please this woman, according to her, flowers and crystals. She also loves the cat Petya, whom he considers a stranger from Sirius. But the deepest delight is felt when he sees the results of his work. She believes that people should strive for love, goodness and light. What we all want!

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