Summer overall for a girl: a wonderful new outfit for a simple pattern

On the eve of the summer, every caring mother wants to update her beloved children's clothes, because kids grow fast, their clothes literally "burn", and small daughters need to instill femininity from a small age.

In addition, what a happy parent does not want to experiment with all this lovely children's clothing, which is so full of storefronts. However, it also happens that finance just does not keep up with the speed of getting things sewn, then all the talents of needlework will come in handy. After all, it's not so difficult to sew a summer overall for a girl or a pair of shorts for a boy. In fact, this element of clothing is an extremely convenient option. Firstly, if the baby is dirty, the overalls will suffer first and mom will not have to wash all the things. Secondly, it is tightly fastened, which means that the child will not be able to remove it on his own. And everyone knows with what difficulty children are accustomed to uncomfortable, restricting their movement clothes. Finally, third, to sew a summer overall for a girl - a couple of trifles, but how much imagination can be put into it. Experiment with the fabric and their combinations, patterns, ruffles, ribbons. If you want and have the simplest sewing skills in just an hour you can make a real work of art fashion, and not overalls. In addition, in such spacious clothes the baby will feel comfortable during the most moving games.

Manufacturing shorts

So, the "bubble" option is an extremely simple summer overall for a girl whose pattern is almost unnecessary. The top and bottom are made separately, and the degree of complexity should begin with the second stage. Take the usual shorts of the daughter and on a two-layered fabric we circle first their front part, and then the back one. So we have four parts. To ensure that our summer overalls for the girl turned out with decorative cuffs on the legs, it is better to make shorts longer than the original. Then we sew their parts in pairs (front and back) from the outer and inner sides. The latter is best fixed with a double seam to be more reliable. We turn the trousers and sew in the form of cuffs or we cut out and sew them separately (this option will be more convenient).

Top manufacture and decoration

Now we will deal with the first part. Since the summer overalls for the girl should be cute and delicate, then according to the size of the child's body we cut out two rectangles, sew them on the sides, and turn up the top and sew it with a string of rubber so as to get a beautiful assembly. Now it remains only to connect the T-shirt and shorts and sew them in the middle. It is better to do the same as the top of the first detail, so that the summer overalls for the girl tightly held on the belt. Alternatively, you can leave a path where they are stitched, into which you subsequently insert the rubber band. From the ribbons or oblique bake we make four identical pieces for the strings and attach them to the double seam to the T-shirt. You can do and tselnokroeny option, then the overalls will be free in the abdomen. To decorate a ready-made overalls, you can use bows, appliques and laces.

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