Decoupage of flower pots

Many people want to change their homes. There are no obstacles to the dream. Do not necessarily buy hand-painted interior items, if you want this exclusive. Can not draw a picture? Do not need! Decoupage of flower pots is, perhaps, the first test step to the global decor of all surrounding objects.

First, you should choose the right decor object. If you are going to do decoupage pots, it is better if they are made of clay, uncovered with varnish or other ornaments. You can also use wooden decorative pots, which are placed with flowers. Plastic options are also suitable, but sometimes working with it is a bit complicated.

First of all, you need to decide on the pattern. Decoupage of flower pots can be carried out using all possible materials on which the picture is placed: paper, napkins, special decoupage sheets, wallpaper, cloth, etc. But it's better if the base is thin. Many needlewomen have managed to get thin blanks even from album sheets. It is done this way: an image is printed, then it must dry, then stick the tape and carefully remove it. On the scotch there are pieces of paper, and it is thin.

If you do not want to fool with this option, then the usual multi-layer napkins with the drawing you like will do. When the decoupage of pots is carried out, the napkin is stratified and only the image is printed. But after selecting the pattern, prepare the surface of the flower pot. For this, all irregularities and roughness must be ground. Usually, this requires a fine sandpaper number 0. Next, the surface is primed and painted.

The selected pattern should be cut, and if the color of the pot coincides with the background on the napkin, then you can not cut out the small details, but leave small allowances, which then mask the background paint. Then follows directly decoupage of flower pots. The decor is fixed with glue PVA, diluted with water or special glue for decoupage. You can put it on a pot, on a drawing on the reverse side or on top of a drawing, attaching it to a pot. It is better to moisten the decor - so it will fix on the surface (this, if you decide to use the latter method). Be sure to apply glue all over the surface of the image. After this, you must superimpose a transparent file or something similar and carefully, stroking movements to remove air from under the pattern. Usually, a soft rubber spatula is used for this.

From above all cover either water-based varnish (if the pot material absorbs water), or acrylic. For the option is matte and glossy varnish. It is better if there are several layers - so the decor will last longer. By the way, the application of varnish is necessary only after the previous layer has dried.

Decoupage bills can also be held independently. Usually such a gift is given to men, but women will not refuse such a presentation. It is done in the same way as decoupage of flower pots. But there are some amendments. Usually they are made of wood, and it does not always require a primer. Instead of a paint for a background, you can use a stain. Varnish for final fixing of the decor is water-based.

Excellent work with the use of varnish-craquelure. It is applied after applying a layer of protective varnish or before it. With the help of craquelure you can artificially age the image, which will only give a good quality to the product. In order for the cracks formed after drying to have a more expressive appearance, they can be painted over with pastels, shiny powders, etc.

And remember that handwork has always been valued higher than the industrial one. A gift made with love, be sure to like. And it does not matter what it will be: decoupage of a banker, a flower pot or just a beautiful frame.

Love your family and please them with your creativity!

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