How to make a topiary with your own hands

Autumn time is a beautiful season, saturated with all sorts of bright colors. This time is rich in various natural materials, suitable for the embodiment of creative ideas. Having shown a little ingenuity and having connected imagination, it is possible to create original and unique autumn crafts. Topiary made by themselves, decorate any interior of the room and will be an excellent gift for a loved one.

What is Topiary

A decorative bizarre tree created by hand is called a topiary, or a tree of happiness. The first topiarias were gardens of originally cut shrubs, which prompted designers to further make trees with their own hands. In this product an important detail is the crown, which is decorated with a variety of materials: flowers, shells, coffee beans, colored paper elements, pebbles and many others. The topiary of autumn can be made from dry leaves, chestnuts, acorns, seeds, dried flowers and materials that have an inherent color in autumn. The shape of a decorative tree is often round, but it can have the outline of a cone or imitate a real plant. Dimensions also have no boundaries: they are created from miniature items to solid trees. Aromatic topiarias from dried herbs and spices are very popular.

The main elements for creating topiary

Before you make an autumn topiary , you need to draw a sketch of the future product and collect the necessary materials. The core of the decorative topiary, like any tree, is the trunk. Decoration and the basis of the product is the spherical crown - the most commonly used form of the product. The tree necessarily needs a support in the form of a decorative stand, as well as any autumn materials donated by nature, for example, fallen leaves or fir cones with which you will decorate the crown of the topiary. The stand of the tree is also decorated with selected elements.

In order to assemble the autumn topiary, you will need any quick-drying glue. For the stability of the trunk can use gypsum, alabaster, sand or stones. The stand can be a flower pot, basket, bowl or vase.

How the crown is made

The classical crown, which the topiary of autumn has, is represented in the form of a ball. You can buy a foam base in stores with goods for creativity, and you can make it yourself. To do this, take a piece of polystyrene, determine the size of the future product and cut the cube with a knife to cut the paper. Then, form a ball from the cube, wrap it with paper and wind it with threads for better bonding. This is necessary to increase and smooth the surface, since the figures cut from the foam will not be ideal. In the made ball it is necessary to form a hole for the trunk and to fasten the elements with glue.

In the absence of polystyrene, the crown can be rolled out of paper, alternately wrapping layers with threads or scotch, achieving the desired size. It is possible to coat paper with a paste for strength. To create the base, a plastic toy ball can be used, in which a hole is also cut to place the barrel into it.

How to create a trunk

As a rod for creating a decorative tree, you can use a thick wire, which is twisted into a bundle for stability. Then the tourniquet is decorated with ribbons, braid or twine, which is treated with varnish or color. From the wire due to its flexibility create interesting curved and forked trunks with several crowns.

To make a topiary from autumn materials, it is better to take an interesting tree branch or a solid stick. It is not necessary to search for an even trunk - the curved shape will be more original. It is desirable to find the rod more truly, considering that on one side its part will be immersed in a pot, and on the other a ball will be placed. From the branch it will be necessary to remove the bark, sharpening the end, and cover with stain. If desired, around the stick from below and up to the crown, create two or three major turns from the decorated wire - you will get a very original trunk.

Create and decorate the stand

Autumn topiary, created by its own hands , must have its own pot. This can be any container, cup, vase, mayonnaise bucket, basket, glass, glass jar, plastic bottle. The main thing is to correctly mark the stand for the future tree. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that the diameter of the container is not wider than the topiary crown.

The decor of the stand can be straw, corrugated paper, twine, satin ribbons, beautiful cloth, moss, artificial turf. The selected material should be wrapped around or sealed with a container. The stones are laid on the bottom and covered with sand, in which the trunk is neatly placed. Another option is to secure the rod in the container with diluted alabaster or gypsum. The solution should be brought to an average density and quickly pour the stem into the pot, keeping it in a vertical position. If the pot is heavy in itself and does not require a strict balance, you can use a mounting foam as a fill. The top of the container at the base of the rod can be decorated with moss, autumn leaves and pebbles.

Decorative materials for crowns

The most interesting element in creating topiary is his crown. This is the detail that requires the greatest care and wild imagination. Topiary autumn should contain yellow and red colors, yellowish-green and yellow-brown hues. Decoration for the crown can be any material of the corresponding tones. It can be both artificial and natural. Flowers and leaves can be made from colored paper or from cloth, supplemented with dried flowers, moss, acorns. Taking as a basis chestnuts as a symbol of autumn, you can create an amazing product. To do this, a little flattened fruit is well suited, which are glued to the ball, and the intervals are filled with fragrant tea. Interesting look like jewelry in the form of butterflies, insects, birds and fungi. Elements to the crown are fastened with hot glue, pins or wire.

Decor of leaves

The original topiary of autumn leaves is easy to create. To do this, beautiful, even and preferably multi-colored maple leaves gather on the street . We need to work with the leaves until they dry out. The edge of each leaf is bent across the central vein until a smooth edge is obtained. Then it is necessary to twist the sheets into a tube, overlapping them one by one. Of several leaves you need to form a rosebud of the required size. The resulting flower tied at the stalk with a thread. Make a few more roses.

Prepared buds, individual leaves and dried flowers should be attached to the topiary crown. To do this, with a toothpick, puncture the hole in the bowl, drip the glue into it and insert the bud. Continue placing flowers across the entire crown area, leaving small spaces for decorating with other material. After drying the glue fill the empty space with the remaining leaves of a small size, you can add a bit of moss for a change.

The floating bowl

Another unusual kind of topiary is a floating cup, from which a waterfall flows flowers. It is easily created from improvised materials, but looks very exclusive and original. To do this, you need a tea pair - a bowl and a saucer. In the autumn period it is better to take the dishes of red shades. The trunk in this case will be a thick wire, or you can replace it with an aluminum fork or spoon, breaking off the scoop. The trunk should not be too long, otherwise the structure will fall down. The ends of the cable or the handle should be folded in opposite directions. One end is glued to the bottom inner edge of the bowl, the other end to the saucer. To give stability, the cup should be bent slightly forward. Further inside the bowl, then on the core and to the indentation in the saucer, the selected ornaments are glued. It can be not only classic flowers, but also coffee beans, amber crumbs, coins, autumn dried flowers. The composition can be supplemented with artificial butterflies and insects.

Being charged with a positive and desire to create an original decorative ornament for your room, boldly start working on the topiary. It's easy, you will succeed!

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