Granuloma of the tooth - treatment

The granuloma of the tooth is the focus of inflammation that inflames in the periodontium and resembles an oval or spherical formation (cluster). This cluster contains in its composition granulation tissue, surrounded by a fibrous capsule, which, in turn, is in most cases connected to the apex of the root of the tooth.

Diagnosis of the granuloma of the tooth can be done exclusively with the help of X-ray examination. Under the influence of many external factors, such as tooth trauma, too much stress on the tooth, stress or just hypothermia, the tooth granuloma can start to fester. In some cases, this purulent process passes to soft tissues, jaw bone or leads to the appearance of fistula, already not healing.

The granuloma of the tooth has a unique clear distinction from the rest of the dental diseases. This difference lies in its cunning. A tooth granuloma can exist on the root of your tooth for a long time, not letting you know about your existence. But just as insidiously and keenly she can express herself. This can happen because of a whole range of reasons. Mental or physical overstrain, hypothermia, stress, colds are all causes of the manifestation of the tooth granuloma, and the prerequisite for the onset of this disease is an infection in the root of the tooth. All of the above factors are only a push to the rapid multiplication of microorganisms in the canal of the dental root, which inevitably leads to the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. This disease, in some cases, is a form of complication after periodontitis.

If the problems with your tooth grow slowly and have a property for a long time to go unnoticed, then you may well have a tooth granuloma. Symptoms of this disease are as follows:

  • Marked deterioration of tooth color (darkening);
  • Barely noticeable tooth dislocation;
  • Protrusion on the jaw;
  • Suppuration in the field of inflammation;
  • Severe toothache.

If your diagnosis is a tooth granuloma, the treatment should be urgent. The classical treatment of this disease consists in filling the granuloma with a material for filling the teeth through the canal of the tooth root. Sometimes, at the extreme stages, the tooth granuloma is treated with the help of surgical intervention: by resection of the top of the tooth root or removal of the tooth completely.

Extensions of the dental root canal, removal of tissues that have disintegrated are a serious stage in the treatment of granuloma. At the next stage, the antimicrobial treatment of the tooth root and its sealing is carried out.

Modern medicine does not stand still - it introduced a new kind of treatment, and nowadays, from a tooth granuloma, in some cases, you can get rid of it with a laser - quickly and painlessly.

If untimely treatment of the granuloma of the tooth can cause serious complications:

  • The granuloma can turn into a tooth cyst, which carries a much greater threat to the body;
  • The formation of a fistulous passage through which an outflow of pus from the inflamed area occurs;
  • flux;
  • Inflammation of the jaw bone ;
  • sepsis;
  • Some diseases of the heart and kidneys.

But such an unpleasant and painful treatment of granuloma, as well as the occurrence of complications after it, can be avoided using the following, quite simple, preventive remedies:

  • Compliance with the hygienic purity of the oral cavity (you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day);
  • Timely examination at the dentist (approximately twice a year, if you have a disease or complication - more often);
  • Treatment of caries and other dental infections in the early stages (this will avoid complications, including granulomas).

Remember that taking care of your own health is your direct duty. Do not delay the visit to the dentist and treatment of the most simple defects and diseases. This will help you get rid of the serious consequences and complications.

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