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Mysterious ecstasy. What does this state bring to a person's life?

Man is able to experience the richest range of different feelings. Many emotions, familiar from childhood - joy, peace, anger and others - are repeated many times throughout life. But there are also sensations that are unfamiliar to most people or are very rarely experienced by them, for example, ecstasy. What can a state bring into a person's life? In this we will try to understand this article.

The meaning of the concept of "ecstasy"

If we consider the direct translation of the term from the Greek language, it will sound like "a shift or a way out of the habitual state." Most people associate this word with experiences of an erotic or religious nature. But such a state is also very often experienced by people in connection with mystical experiences and accompanies heroic deeds. Ecstasy ... What is it that should happen so that a person can test it, and why do so many seek these sensations?

The desire to survive this state arises due to the fact that most people associate this concept with positive emotions. But the state of ecstasy can be caused by negative experiences. Along with the ecstasy of ecstasy, there is also the ecstasy of self-destruction and despair, humiliation and rage. Uniting the positive and negative experiences only the scale of the feelings that are experienced at such a time. This is the main characteristic of the changed state under consideration.

Little-known facts

It is curious that it is impossible to bring to ecstasy by force, it is necessary that a person should be ready to experience such strong emotions. Such a state is characterized by blurring the boundaries between themselves and the surrounding space. Many confuse ecstasy with orgasm, which can occur only at the physiological level, but these are completely different sensations. It is impossible to perform a complex gymnastic trick to an untrained person, it is also pointless to artificially induce such feelings.

There is an opinion that ecstatic reactions are very close to borderline mental states, which are followed by deviations from the norm. In this regard, people often look for any signs that characterize ecstasy. What is a state that can change in a person? First of all - behavior! In the special literature there are various descriptions of such a state, which is accompanied by atypical actions for most people. The activity of fans at concerts or dances of shamans can serve as an example.

Obviously, it is not necessary to artificially try to evoke in oneself or other emotions, because such experiments can go too far. Mankind already has a sad example of the use of harmful substances in order to achieve a changed state - this is drug addiction and alcoholism. Our body is much wiser than us, and in a natural state allows us to experience only those sensations that it is able to endure without prejudice to the psyche and health.


It is not necessary by any means, and even more so with the help of psychotropic substances, to try to experience ecstasy. What a condition can cause in a person is well known to workers in psychiatric hospitals. Very often there are failures in memory, loss of reality of space and time, as well as uncontrolled physical actions and physiological processes.

Unfortunately, on the desire of people to experience new feelings and emotions, the ideology of many destructive organizations is built. The main thing is to remember that only that which comes naturally does not violate the harmony of the attitude of the world.

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