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How to order from "Amazon" in Russia? Internet-shop registration, goods, delivery

To make purchases through the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular type of pastime. This kind of shopping is incredibly comfortable for customers. After all, there is no need to visit several different shops to find the necessary thing, to spend an enormous amount of time and effort on this process. Now everything can be done in an incredibly short time, and all purchases will be delivered to the nearest post office.

One of the most popular worldwide shopping resources is the Amazon website, which contains thousands of lucrative offers for a variety of product categories. This service has earned the reputation of a reliable store, which carefully takes care of the commercial security and success of the transactions of its customers. Therefore, many are interested in how to order from "Amazon" to Russia, and is it possible in principle? Practice shows that it is possible. Therefore, this article will detail how to properly register on this site, how to select the product you are interested in, what nuances of delivery to the Russian Federation exist, and whether it is possible to track the sent parcel. This information will be incredibly useful to all future customers of "Amazon". And existing users confirm that this service is incredibly convenient for its customers. Let's consider the details.

Registration on "Amazon"

It is important to have your account on the site in order to be able to make full use of its functionality. Without this, it is impossible to fully view the information on products, nor communicate with sellers, nor carry out purchases.

In addition to the American online store, there are about ten other branches in different countries. It makes sense to visit some of them. For this it will be enough to register On the main page of the site in question. This will fully use any site.

How is registration on "Amazon"? To do this, go to a special page to create an individual account. There you will find the form in which you need to enter your personal information. All this must be done before buying on the Amazon.

Depending on what browser you use, the appearance of the registration form may be different. All information must be entered in English (to read the information on the site "Amazon" in Russian, you will have to use an Internet translator). You should enter your name, email address, mobile phone number in international format and a unique password. Well, if the latter will be as difficult as possible. It is better not to use combinations that are already attached to your account on other sites. After that, click on the "Create an account" button. An email with a link to confirm your registration will be sent to your email address. This must be done. Without confirmation, it will be impossible to carry out such actions as ordering from "Amazon" to Russia, viewing the full profile of the goods and contacting the sellers.

After that, you will be granted access to all the features of the site in question.

The address to which the goods will be delivered, and your bank card details can be entered directly before buying on "Amazon", or in advance, immediately after registration. This can be done in the "Personal account".

Important! The address should also be entered exclusively in English ("Amazon" in Russian does not work).

If you buy not by yourself but through a forwarder company, then the delivery address must correspond to the address of the company's warehouse.

How to choose an item

To understand how to order from "Amazon" to Russia and how to find the necessary goods on this site is not difficult. To do this, enter the name of the desired product in a specialized search line or start viewing products in a variety of categories. For example, many consider this site as an online store for women's clothing of large sizes. "Amazon" provides many suggestions in this and many other groups of products. It's incredibly convenient for his clients.

Offers sent directly from the company "Amazon", always reflected first in the search results. Further on the degree of popularity will be displayed the goods of all other sellers posted on this site.

The application for free delivery is valid only in the United States, and does not apply to orders that need to be delivered to the Russian Federation.

There is an opportunity to immediately choose one of the alternative options for completing the goods (available for most of the products offered).

The company "Amazon" always carries out all transactions safely. The funds are not transferred to the seller until the buyer confirms the fact of delivery of the parcel and that the goods are delivered in the proper form and works well. If the recipient has any claim to the dispatch or the quality of the goods, he has a legal right to receive his funds back. The return is made to the same card with which the payment was made. So do not torment yourself with doubts before ordering goods on "Amazon".

In the product description, you can also see all the necessary information about the conditions of its delivery. If it is impossible to send goods to your country, a notice of this will necessarily be reflected on its page.

When all the nuances are clarified, you need to add the appropriate product to the basket.

Purchase of goods

How to shop at Amazon? When you have selected all the goods that you need, turn to the basket. There it is important to check once again the purchase price and their specified characteristics. Then click on the "Go to payment" button.

If you have not logged in before, it's time to do it. To do this, you will need to enter the email address that was specified at the time of registration and enter the password from the personal account on the site in question.

The next important step is to carefully check the correctness of the specified data (the address to which the parcel should be delivered, the bank card data, the discount code, if available, the total purchase price, the appropriate type of delivery). The final action is pressing the button "Make an order".

After that, you should check your e-mail box (a letter with confirmation of the order placement should come to it).

Money in the amount of the purchase price will be withdrawn from your card within the next hour, and the order will be sent, usually after two or three days. You will also be notified by e-mail about this.

Features of delivery

How to order from "Amazon" in Russia? If the goods selected by you are included in the group to which the special type of postal item - the international delivery of "Amazon Global" - applies, then there is an opportunity to make an order independently.

For the Russian Federation, delivery under the above program is available for the following product groups:

  • Articles of clothing.
  • Footwear.
  • Jewelry.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Household products.
  • Goods for pets.
  • Software.
  • Goods for health.
  • Clock.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Instruments.
  • Disks with video games.
  • Kids toys.

However, even among the products of the above categories there are those that do not fall within the scope of the program under consideration. To see what products can be ordered on the terms of free delivery, by filtering out the appropriate goods (tick the "Amazon Global" in the search form, which is located on the left page).

Otherwise, the delivery is carried out through the courier service partner "Amazon". It usually takes five to ten days. Its cost will depend directly on the mass of the parcel and its total cost.

Delivery through a forwarding company

Many companies today are helping to properly order goods on the site in question. Such services are called mail forwarding. The essence of this kind of services is the provision by the company of the buyer of the address of their warehouse in the United States, which the consumer, in turn, indicates as its own delivery address on the Amazon website.

The order is formed by the buyer, however, as well as payment is made by him. When a package with an order arrives at the warehouse of an intermediary company, its employees check the attachment for compliance with the declared description and send it to the destination.

How much does it cost to provide these services? It all depends on the policy of the company. Sometimes it is the cost of delivery, a fixed subscription fee or payment for goods storage services. Sometimes it is necessary to pay also registration on a site of such company.

Delivery through an intermediary company

Also from the Amazon website, the delivery to Russia is as follows. The intermediary company independently buys for you the goods that you have previously chosen, pays for it at your own expense and controls the delivery process to your destination. How to use the services of such assistants? You just need to select the goods on the site in question, pay for both the cost of the purchase itself and the services of the intermediary company in the manner that suits you. After that, you just have to wait for the ordered delivery. As a rule, such a service costs about five to ten percent of the total purchase price.

How to track an order

After the seller has sent the parcel ordered by you, a letter with a notification of it, a message about the approximate delivery time, the specified address for delivery will be sent to your email address and a special button "Track the order". Otherwise, a special link with identical text can be sent. Also this letter contains information about which service this order was sent to, and about what tracking number is assigned to your package.

Track number can also be found by following the link contained in this notification. It will lead you to your personal profile on the site - to the page with the tracking of the order. All necessary information will be presented there: the status of the dispatch, the delivery address, the carrier, through which the parcel is delivered from Amazon, and also the tracking number.

Do not confuse the order number and track number!

If the parcel is sent directly by the company "Amazon", then the letter will be sent to your email address. And if the sender is an individual, there may not be a letter, and the seller will simply indicate the track number in the order. If it was not found, it is important to try to contact the seller directly and remind him or demand (depending on the situation) the provision of tracking numbers.

As soon as you receive it, go to the website of the carrier company and enter the numbers in the field designated for this purpose. So you can find out where the ordered goods are at the moment. When a package with an order crosses the border of the destination state, new opportunities are opened for its tracking, namely by using the site of the postal service of the country. Usually at this point the track number changes slightly. If the notification of the arrival of the parcel does not come long, it is better to ask about it in the post office.

Cancellation of an order for "Amazon"

If you change your mind about making a purchase on, you can cancel your order. But you can do this only if the package has not yet been sent by the seller. To do this, you need to go to "My Account" and open the "Your orders" tab. Having opened the necessary order and having pressed the button "Cancel goods", you refuse to purchase the ordered goods on "Amazon". There is also the possibility to cancel only certain goods in the order, ticking only them. After carrying out these manipulations, a letter with confirmation of cancellation of this order will come to your e-mail address.

The advantage of the German "Amazon"

Some prefer to visit not the American, but the German "Amazon". The online store of Germany has certain advantages for European buyers. For example, all appliances, which are presented on this version of the site, can be used in a network of two hundred and twenty volts. At the same time, American electronics is designed for one hundred and ten volts. Thus, the technology purchased in Germany does not need additional adapters or transformers and is equipped with European model plugs.

When the goods sold by Amazon are purchased by residents of countries outside the European Union, a tax that is nineteen percent of the order amount is deducted from the total cost of the parcel.

Often on different versions of the site prices for the same product are different. Or, for example, the amount remains the same, while only currencies are different. It is important to understand which of the sites offered by "Amazon" (online store), make the purchase will be the most profitable.

How much is the parcel from "Amazon"

As a rule, delivery from the Amazon site to Russia takes about two to three weeks. If during this period any holidays are celebrated and the workload is significantly increased, then the parcel can reach the addressee and in four weeks. If in the specified period of time you have not received your order, you should immediately contact the seller. It should be ascertained whether the parcel was sent, and when exactly it happened, and also to specify the tracking number that was assigned to it. In the event that there are problems directly with the seller or the sending process, open a dispute. Remember: always cares about its reputation and the welfare of its customers.

However, before opening a dispute on the specified site, check to see if the parcel is waiting for you at the post office to which it was supposed to be delivered.

After receiving full information on how to buy on the "Amazon" residents of the Russian Federation, it seems possible to drop all their doubts about this resource. The abundance of goods that are presented on the site under consideration will satisfy the taste and needs of any buyer, regardless of the range of his interests.

It is obvious that it is not so difficult to fulfill the order of sending to Russia, although some restrictions in this respect still exist. However, it is not difficult to take into account such nuances when making a purchase. Moreover, the article describes two alternative options for delivering goods to Russia. Using them, you can get any product you like.

It is important that the services you provide are of the highest quality. This is exactly what the administration of the site "Amazon" takes care of. Employees are always ready to help clients in stressful or conflict situations. Therefore, the security of the services provided by the resource is guaranteed at every stage of the selection and purchase of the goods.

Use the services of the best trading resources, do not waste your time. Pleasant shopping!

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