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Cashback Alibonus: reviews

Modern technologies allow us to make purchases through the Internet. Fans of this business are probably familiar with the most popular sites, known all over the world. Buyers of online stores know that there you can buy different products at a very low price. In addition, such world giants offer a lot of shares, loyalty programs, special offers and so on. Not the exception was the largest online store in the Middle Kingdom - "AliExpress." Probably, it would be difficult to imagine a platform that offers its customers the same ways of saving and even earning, like "Alik". Starting from a mobile application and ending with a partnership with many other resources, "Aliexpress" constantly makes its customers happy with something new. Of course, the site did not bypass such a way of saving money, like cashback.

Cashback - what is it?

"Cashback" in literal translation means a refund. Then the logical question arises: why should Alyexpress (and any other store) return any money to you if it is possible to initially reduce the price of the goods? The fact is that cashback is not done by the online store itself, but by its partners. There is a service-cash-backer, he receives from the online store certain deductions for purchases made by people involved in the service. And this service, in turn, returns some money to the buyer.


Sites-cash-backers for the last few years appeared quite a lot. Some of them are completely incapable of competition, and cooperation with them often ends with the fact that no one will return money to you. But if you entrust the cashback to more proven resources that have been working in this area for many years and make timely and guaranteed payments, you do not have to worry about your deductions. Lovers of shopping for "Aliexpress" recently learned about the new site - It also offers cashback services with a record payout percentage of as much as 10%. Users are encouraged to install an extension for the browser and make purchases with incredible savings thanks to Alibonus. Reviews about this resource, however, are not only positive. People do not know whether to trust the service. There is an opinion that Alibonus is a divorce. Is it so? Let's figure it out together.

Alibonus: reviews

The first thing that is alarming is the huge percentage of money back. It's hard to believe that 10% of the purchase will be returned. The most famous and already tested by far not one thousand users of websites are capable of a return of 5-8% of the amount spent. And then, such a percentage is considered quite large and significant. On average, they pay 3-5%, not more, and then you promise 10. Any thinking person will have a question: what will the service itself earn? As it was said earlier, first of all, the service-cash-packer receives its reward, and then it is already "divided" with the buyer. What will remain for Alibonus?

Suspicions about Alibonus

In addition to the rest, the service suggests entering into its own referral program. It is based on the fact that you advertise the site to friends and acquaintances, they are registered in the system by your link, and you receive an additional percentage already from their purchases. The total amount of payments can reach 20%. Is "Alibonus" so solvent? It should also be taken into account that cashbacker is quite young, the domain was registered in 2015. It is doubtful that "AliExpress" could afford such a high percentage of money back to the service, which worked so long, and does not have many customers. The thought comes that it is surprisingly generous and Alibonus himself leaves practically nothing. Reviews are very mixed. Of course, the site itself is dominated by only positive comments, literally glorifying the service. But they just do not look like plausible. But those that seemingly leave real people - only negative.

Where do positive reviews come from?

We do not dissuade you from using the resource in any way, but I would like you to understand that not always positive feedback guarantees a functioning system. But who needs to leave good comments just like that? The fact is that there are many exchanges of earnings by writing comments. The scheme of work of such exchanges is very simple. You register on the site, go through a minimal check and write comments on the order. That is, what they tell you. This is a kind of work that is paid well. The services of "comments on the order" are most often used by young resources in order to gain the trust of clients as soon as possible. Well, if the reviews are true and wind up simply their number. But there are also sites that use false reports to mislead users and fraudulently earn their credulity.

Fake reviews?

Looking at the reviews about the Alibonus cashback, an imprint is created that they are wound artificially. Such conclusions are based on the fact that the service does not last long, has not attracted a large audience, and real users of Alibonus did not always speak well of their work. Someone instead of the promised 10% paid only half of this figure, someone got nothing but promises from the support service, and the browser extensions only slowed down the computer. Anyway, you can check the veracity of such reviews yourself. To do this, we will describe how Alibonus works.

How to use "Alibonus"?

First you need to go to the site of "Alibonus". There you will be asked to install an extension for the browser, it's completely free. Click on the "Install extension" button, and it is downloaded in a few minutes. It is also proposed to download the extension for "Android" or iOS to use the mobile version of Alibonus. Reviews of these extensions are also ambiguous, as already mentioned. Next, you need to register. Immediately you are invited to specify e-mail, enter the password and confirm it with one more input. Confirmation of mail is not required, you can immediately get into the "Personal Cabinet" and start work. The main sections that require your attention are waiting orders ("waiting for approval"), "your balance" (funds that you can already withdraw) and "total paid", that is, how you have already received a cashback from "Aliexpress" . In order to make an order with a subsequent cashback, you need to go to the website "Aliexpress" under the link provided by "Alibonus". Remember that even with the extension and registration installed, you need to visit the online store from the Alibonus website. The instruction on the purchase of goods with a cashback on this is completed. It remains to learn how to withdraw money.

Withdrawal of funds

The service offers a withdrawal without interest on "Yandex.Koslek" or "Webmoney". You can also withdraw money to a bank card or mobile phone account. The service itself guarantees payment of money within 40 days. As a rule, funds are received on the balance after you confirm receipt of the goods, and the service itself will check how the purchase was made. Users were interested in what minimal cashback with "Aliexpress" can be withdrawn from the site? As it turned out, "Alibonus" allows you to withdraw money from 300 rubles or 5 dollars. But on the site about this nothing is said beforehand. This means that you must wait for the accumulation of this amount on the account before you withdraw money by any of the methods proposed by Alibonus. The feedback, however, suggests that you still have to wait for the conclusion, because it's not a fact that you will receive deductions at all. What problems did the users face?

Why did some users never get their own cashback?

Throughout the comments on the service, you can come to the conclusion that the number of negative and positive divided almost equally. Given the opinions of people that have already tried cashback with Alibonus, it is worth paying attention to such aspects:

  1. Be sure that the plug-in is turned on and working correctly. You can do everything right, but the browser or other extensions can interfere with the work of Alibonus.
  2. Money can be in standby mode for a long time, up to the point that it "hangs" there forever. We can not say for sure whether this is a deception of the site itself or simply the developers' mistakes, but users have discussions on this topic. Clients "Alibonus" complain that they allegedly returned money, but not on the balance, namely in "eternal" expectation. Over time, you simply forget about them - that's all.
  3. User comments make you wary of the purchase process. They write that they did everything right and by instruction, but the money did not even appear "in anticipation." And if they did, then not 10 promised percent, but 7-8.

At the same time, buyers of "Aliexpress" continue to join the cash-boxer. Believe this service or not - the choice is yours. I would like to advise you to try "Alibonus" on some insignificant purchase and see if you can withdraw money.

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