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Online store "Asia Wholesale": reviews. Goods from China

Since recently, it has become much easier and more profitable to purchase goods from China. Now there is no need to rack your brains in search of a local warehouse, over the reliability of the supplier. You do not have to deal with local customs legislation and look for representatives of logistics or transport companies. All this for you will make a unique trading platform called "Asia Wholesale". Reviews Most representatives of trade help to understand how to use this service is convenient and profitable. More details about it we will tell further.

Brief information about the site

"Asia Wholesale" is a rather interesting virtual platform with which you can buy various goods. Wholesale from China, as practice shows, to order much more efficiently, using reliable and proven intermediaries. This is exactly what this trading platform is.

Good cohesion and high professionalism

On the first acquaintance with the site it can be said that "Asia Wholesale" is an online store. But this is far from the case. In fact, behind the visual simplicity of the site lies the painstaking work of a well-coordinated and well-chosen team. It is known that the staff of the resource are not only specialists in public relations and representatives of customer support, but also other experts. For example, among them there are experienced employees who are fluent in the Chinese language. The team also employs:

  • Experts on customs clearance.
  • Qualified lawyers.
  • Specialists in the field of certification.
  • Managers to find reliable freight carriers and logistics companies.

The success of the organization "Asia Wholesale" (an online store with a large team of specialists of a wide profile), as you see, is directly related to professionalism and competent selection of its employees.

Some information about the creator of the project

The idea to sell goods in bulk from China with the help of experienced employees through the creation of a trading platform came to mind Giniyatov Rushan Rifovich for a long time. However, it took a long time to implement it and to find qualified personnel. The starting point, according to the author's own story, was the establishment in early 2011 of the company G2R Company LTD, engaged in establishing trade between China and Russia.

According to preliminary data, LLC "Asia Optom" was registered in 2013. The very same virtual platform for trade in Chinese goods at wholesale prices was opened a year later.

The first reaction of users to the design of the site

When you go to the site "Asia Wholesale" (reviews of many buyers confirm this) for the first time, immediately striking design and design of the site. According to some users, it partly reminds them of the already known Chinese platform "Aliexpress". True, this, slyly replied representatives of the trading platform, only at first glance.

According to the creators of the site, on their website and colors, not those used on "Ali" are used, and the headings of goods themselves sound somewhat differently. And if you can agree with the color scheme of design, then with the names of the headings the situation is different. For comparison, the list of categories of both sites is presented in the photo below. In both cases, the location of the headings is identical, and the names themselves, if they do not repeat each other, are partially duplicated. However, this is not critical at all, and in part brings us closer to the original Chinese resource.

Ease of use of site navigation

According to buyers, to use the site "Asia Wholesale" (China - a country with which the representatives of this site closely cooperate) is very convenient. All goods are divided into separate headings, which greatly simplifies the search. Here you can find everything you like, from clothes, to electronics and digital technology. A total of about 100,000,000 different products are on the site.

If there is no desire to search for a suitable product under the headings, one can always use the convenient search line on the "Asia Optom" site. Reviews Users argue that this way to look for goods much faster.

For a similar purpose, on the resource home page there is an active "Go to catalog" button (highlighted in green). Clicking on it, you go to the page of the catalog, where all the product categories are placed in alphabetical order. In a word, to search for suitable items for you in any of these ways.

Trading platform "Asia Optom": how to order and purchase goods

To purchase something on the resource, you must first register on it. To do this, you need to fill out the standard form and specify in it:

  • First name, last name and patronymic.
  • Password and confirm it (re-enter).
  • Contact phone number.
  • Email address.

Next, it only remains to agree with the rules of the site offer contract and to confirm its registration on the resource "Asia Wholesale". Goods, as users say, can almost immediately begin to choose. For greater convenience, users tell, do not hesitate to contact site managers. They will gladly help you find the position you are interested in and will conduct a mini-raid on the catalog.

And further all is carried out by analogy of purchases in usual Internet shops. You choose products, drag it into the basket. Then go to the section "Complete the application", fill out the form (the same data as when registering with the addition of only the city of delivery). It is also necessary to indicate whether you are a legal entity or an individual.

After sending the above form, approximately in 1-3 days, the manager of the company "Asia Optom" communicates with you. User feedback makes it clear that each customer is assigned his personal assistant, who accompanies him throughout the process of ordering, paying for and delivering products to their destination.

Information and duplication of information

According to customers' stories, during the whole period of your order, you will receive information about the delivery directly to your "Personal Cabinet". As a rule, these messages appear in a special chat. In this case, if you do not have time to read them for some reason, they are automatically duplicated to your e-mail. This is very convenient, - say buyers of the site "Asia Wholesale". Shares here are also regularly arranged. Therefore, to buy wholesale on the site can be discounted.

How convenient is it to pay for an order?

You can pay for the order you made through your personal account. To do this, go to the section "Personal account". Alternatively, you can click on the "Refill by transfer" tab. As buyers say, usually the payment is made to the company's open account with Sberbank. It should be noted that the amount is not paid in dollars, but in rubles. In turn, the conversion takes place according to the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. If you want to really pay in dollars. This is done by sending a corresponding transfer by Western Union.

In addition, customers of the site "Asia Optom" (prices here are in currency and rubles) can pay for the order by one of the following options:

  • Credit cards of "Alfa-Bank" (only Visa) and "VTB 24".
  • Cash rubles.
  • With the help of virtual wallets WebMoney and Yandex.Money.
  • Through the "Robots".

Legal entities also pay according to the invoice from OOO Asia Optom or to the specified account of the IP. In this case, payment is made only in the domestic currency at the current exchange rate. Here are the payment options offered by the company "Asia Optom". The cost of delivery is discussed separately.

Some information about prepayment and other additional expenses

According to some users, the purchase of products involves some kind of advance payment. Usually it includes not only the price of the products, but also the cost of shipping it through the territory of China. Moreover, the company "Asia Optom" has its own warehouse in Beijing. Therefore, after your parcel arrives at the warehouse, it will go to you. So, you expect additional spending on delivery from the warehouse to the final destination (your city).

According to the managers of the company, the price of delivery is highly individual. As a rule, its calculations are performed separately for each parcel. In particular, its final cost will be affected by the size of the goods (weight), the type of shipment (air or rail) and customs duty. The delivery price is calculated after you make an order on the site. In total, as the buyers say, the delivery is approximately from $ 4 to $ 6 for each kilogram of the goods (when sending it by rail) and from $ 8 to $ 10 (when shipped by air).

Are the prices high on the site?

According to the stories of the site's loyal customers, the prices here are quite acceptable and depend on the seller's policy, the number of positions in the party, the availability of shares and much more. In addition, it is worth noting that the initial minimum order amount is $ 500. And further, already, as they say, as much as you want, so much and order.

The assembly of parties also differs and depends on the size, type of goods. So, in one batch can go 2-4, 5-19 and more than 20 pieces of positions. At the same time, the more lots you order, the more attractive the price looks. For example, a party of men's winter jackets from 2-4 pieces will cost you only $ 33. A batch of 5-19 pieces will already cost $ 2-3 less, and for a package of 20 pieces you will also be discarded by another $ 2-3.

How to get an additional discount?

On the advice of users, it is best to take products from one or a small number of sellers. And, if you make a large order of several items from one supplier, then he can always give you a personal discount. However, this, by and large, depends on the seller's loyalty.

What do users say about cooperation with the company?

As the buyers say, it's a pleasure to go to the "Asia Wholesale" site. Many of them highlight not only the simplicity of the menu and the convenience of the search service, but also the high professionalism of the customer support service. According to them, representatives of the site can always be contacted with any question. They react quickly and intelligibly explain everything.

Moreover, most users like that with the active assistance of a personal assistant, you can not just make an order for a product that is right for you, but also periodically adjust it. All this is possible then, for example, when you are not satisfied with the amount of delivery.

Thanks to the direct participation of the managers of the company, it is really possible to find an inexpensive logical company or a delivery service. This will save on the final delivery option.

Many users talk about a successful experience of communication with representatives of the company. So, some of them tell us how they managed to save money by taking advantage of the good advice of site managers. It turns out that the cost of delivery depends on the number of suppliers. If there are several of them in your order, and the weight of the parcel is small (especially if there are several small ones), then the dispatch will be carried out by express service. Consequently, the final cost of total delivery can easily increase by another 2-3 times. But many customers do not stop this, the service does not experience shortages in orders.

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