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One of the most densely populated and popular peninsulas of Halkidiki (Greece) is Cassandra. However, along with the developed infrastructure and the presence of entertainment for all tastes, there are also secluded cozy places, where people who are tired of the daily noise of large cities will certainly like to rest. One of these places is the resort village of Kriopigi. If you decide to come here, then as a budget but comfortable hotel we can recommend Theo Bungalows 3 *. About what tourists are expecting here, as well as about the impressions of our compatriots from this hotel, we'll talk further.


The hotel "Theo Bungalos" is located 300 meters from the center of the resort village of Kriopigi. So in the vicinity of the hotel you will find taverns, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping bazaards and other infrastructure. In addition, near the hotel there is a bus stop, from where it is convenient to travel to nearby towns. From the beach the hotel is 600 meters away. So you can walk to the shore in just 10 minutes. The beaches here are very clean, sandy. At the bottom of the stones there is almost no. As for the airport, the nearest one is 90 kilometers from the hotel. So on the way out of the air harbor you will take about two hours.

Description of the hotel, photo

Hotel Theo Bungalows 3 * is a very cozy place, suitable for both families and children, as well as for older people and couples. However, young people, hungry for noisy entertainment, here may seem boring. The hotel has 45 comfortable rooms of standard type. They are located in several small buildings, located on a picturesque green territory. Guests have access to a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, tour desk, car rental and much more. The cost of accommodation in the hotel includes breakfast in the buffet format. In addition, the guests have the opportunity to have lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant. Here the chef prepares delicious dishes of both national Greek and traditional European cuisine.

Hotel Policies

In accordance with the rules of the internal order adopted in Theo Bungalows 3 * (Greece) , the guests are moved to the rooms after 13:00. On the day of departure, it is necessary to vacate the occupied apartments until 11 am. However, if your flight is in the evening time, and the hotel has available rooms, then the administration will extend the room for you for several hours without any additional payment. By the way, you can pay for living in "Theo Bungalos" both in cash and by payment cards "Visa" or "Mastercard".

Cost of living

The prices for accommodation in Theo Bungalows 3 *, according to domestic tourists, are consistent with the level of service and accommodation conditions in the hotel. So, a seven-day stay here in August will cost you in the amount of 455 euros for a double room and from 525 euros for a triple room. The above prices include breakfast.

Theo Bungalows 3 *: reviews of Russian tourists

Since many people today pay attention not only to the description of hotels, but also to comments about other travelers when planning their trips abroad, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the impressions of our compatriots about their vacation at the Theo Bungalos Hotel (Kassandra, Greece). A little getting ahead we will notice, that practically all tourists were happy with the choice as their holiday here was possible on all of 100%. But we'll figure it out in more detail.

Comments of our compatriots about the hotel and its number fund

Many travelers remember Theo Bungalows 3 * with undisguised delight. So, they really liked the look of this hotel. It is decorated in the traditional Greek style, abounds in a lot of ladders, and surrounds its pine groves that fill the air with a rich coniferous aroma. The rooms in the hotel though are small, but very cozy and decorated in a pleasant style. In addition, they have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Pleased guests and the availability of free air-conditioning in the rooms (in many other three-star hotels in Greece, air conditioning is chargeable). Also travelers were satisfied with the quality of cleaning. So, according to them, maids in the apartments were cleaned daily, and once in three days they updated bed linen and towels. The only small minus numbers of "Theo Bungalos" our compatriots considered the insufficient number of outlets. Therefore, they recommend to tourists, if possible, to take a tee with them.

Reviews of the location of the hotel

As for the location of Theo Bungalows 3 * (Kassandra), they are dissatisfied with only those tourists who, when planning a trip, have poorly studied the description of the hotel. After all, he is in a small resort village. Therefore, count on a lot of turbulent and noisy entertainment here is not necessary. But this place is great for those people who are pretty tired of the noise and stress of the big city and wish to spend an unforgettable vacation in a relaxed relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the pine coniferous scent and listening to the surf noise. However, one should not think that in Kriopigi there is absolutely no infrastructure at all. So, here there are also taverns, and restaurants, and supermarkets, and souvenir shops, and even a fur shop. In addition, you can always rent a car and go anywhere in Greece.

Impressions of tourists about food and staff

Our compatriots in general were satisfied with the quality of food at Theo Bungalows 3 * (Kriopigi). So, breakfasts were at least quite monotonous, but there was always something to choose from. For dinner and dinner every day the chef tried to cook something new. Please note that during lunch and dinner drinks are chargeable. Experienced travelers recommend to take only breakfast. In this case, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes of national cuisine in taverns and restaurants like Kriopigi, and neighboring towns and cities. In addition, prices in restaurants are quite comparable with the prices in the hotel.

As for the staff of Theo Bungalos, our compatriots left only positive impressions. So, according to tourists, all the staff here are very friendly, friendly, attentive and always ready to help. Pleased and the fact that some of the employees speak Russian. Therefore, if you do not speak English at all, then if necessary, you will be able to explain yourself in your native language.

Beach vacation and entertainment in Theo Bungalos: the opinion of tourists from Russia

According to our compatriots, the beaches in Kriopigi are very good. Here is everywhere a clean sand. When entering the water, there are almost no stones. The beaches here are in municipal ownership, so if you want to luxuriate on a sunbed and use an umbrella, then you will have to pay extra (about 5 euros). However, you can always conveniently sit on a towel brought with you on a site where there are no sun beds. As for remoteness, you can walk from Theo Bungalows 3 * to the beach in 10 minutes. At the same time the road goes from the hill. On the way to the hotel you have to climb the hill, which may take a little more time and effort. Many tourists were not embarrassed by the need to perform such physical exercises, but everyone can always get from the beach to the hotel and on a compact locomotive that regularly runs in this direction (the journey costs 1 euro).

As for other entertainment, if for some reason you do not want to go down to the sea, you can always spend an hour or two at the outdoor swimming pool on the territory of Theo Bungalos. There is a sunbathing terrace and a bar with a cheerful bartender and a large selection of drinks. In addition, you can use Wi-Fi. Experienced travelers are sure to recommend not to spend the whole vacation exclusively in the hotel and on the beach, and travel around the country. So, in the neighboring towns and settlements you can go by bus (the schedule is available at the reception) or taxi. For longer trips it is best to rent a car. And you can do it directly in the hotel. In addition, there is also a tour desk.


Summing up, we can safely say that most of our compatriots liked to have a rest in the hotel Theo Bungalows 3 * (Chalkidiki). In their opinion, this hotel offers its guests an excellent combination of price and quality of accommodation and service. Therefore, if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation in a quiet place with a national flavor on the beach, then by all means go to "Theo Bungalos".

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