Olenivka, Crimea, hotels near the sea: description and reviews

The beauty of the Crimea is unique and diverse. Absolutely dissimilar landscapes are concentrated on a fairly small peninsula. The exotic nature of the Southern coast of Crimea is intertwined with the volcanic rocks of Karadag in the east and the endless steppe and sandy beaches in the west.

Western Crimea, pos. Olenevka

The westernmost point of the Crimea is Tarhankut. The peculiarity of these places is crystal clear water, white rocks and clean air. This part of the peninsula is the least populated and wild.

The village of Olenevka is located most close to the cape, only five kilometers away. It is in the vicinity of this village that all the beauties that the Tarkhankut Peninsula is famous for are located . This is an ideal holiday destination for those who like silence and privacy with nature. Because of the lack of industrial enterprises and large trails, this area is considered environmentally friendly.

This cozy settlement was chosen by divers, surfers and other amateurs and professionals. In 2016, according to these sports in Olenivka, the festival "Crimea-extreme" was held. The sea on Tarkhankut is incredibly clean, the entire underwater world is well visible.

In addition to the sea, Olenevka is washed by an estuary with salt water and mud. If you look at the map of the area from above, you can see that the settlement is located just on the shore of this estuary. The estuary separates from the sea a strip of clean sandy beaches. The sand here is like in the Maldives - white. The beauty is incredible. The road to the sea beach from Olenivka will take about 10-15 minutes.

Olenivka, Crimea, hotels near the sea

In this wonderful village there are no large sanatoriums or boarding houses. The development of the resort began not very long ago, but every year it is transformed. The infrastructure for holidaymakers is being formed, new hotels and rest homes are being built, various entertainments appear.

If you like a quiet holiday in an ecologically clean place, then its amazing Olenevka (Crimea) will provide you. Hotels near the sea offer their guests comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. Housing here for every taste and pocket - from cozy suites to inexpensive rooms in mini-hotels.

On the bank of the estuary are modern buildings - buildings of hotels, hotels and holiday homes. Housing here is somewhat more expensive than in the private sector of the village Olenivka (Crimea). The best hotels near the sea have been built quite recently, however they are popular, therefore it is desirable to book accommodation in advance.

Hotel Marlin

One of the most popular and comfortable places in Olenivka is the Marlin Hotel, which is located on the shore of the estuary in two- and three-story buildings.

Hotel «Marlin» is located at: st. Komsomolskaya, 47, pos. Olenevka, the Crimea.

Hotels near the sea offer tourists a wide range of services, and this hotel is no exception. Guests are accommodated in cozy rooms of different classes. Meals can be arranged in the hotel restaurant, and for those who want to prepare their own meals there is an equipped kitchen.

The territory is ennobled, green plantations and flower beds with flowers pleases the eye.

The highlight of the hotel is a large heated swimming pool and jacuzzi. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for guests.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Reviews of tourists about this hotel are simply magnificent. Almost all visitors dream of coming back here again and again. There is cordiality of the staff, excellent dishes in the restaurant, a chic pool and, of course, the unique nature of the village of Olenevka (Crimea).

Hotels near the sea, the photos of which can be seen below, are very diverse. Modern architectural structures, improved territory, comfortable rooms - the choice of housing for today is very wide. Let's consider some more variants.

Rest House "Equator"

He is in the village of Olenevka (Crimea). Hotels near the sea with a sandy beach in the village are most popular. Rest House "Equator" is located on the first coastline. It is right on the beach.

Comfortable rooms are located in two-story buildings. More than half of them overlook the azure sea.

The territory is small, but guarded. There is a dining room and a restaurant. The rest is guaranteed a tasty and healthy food.

For children there is a playground with slides and a swing.

Guest house "Aquilon"

Located in a quiet and cozy village Olenivka (Crimea). Hotels and hotels near the sea in this resort town are very different from each other. So, for example, located 50 meters from the beach, on the first coastline the guest house "Aquilon" is distinguished by the fact that its courtyard has two exits. One - to the central street, the second - directly to the beach.

The guest house is very popular with surfers. In the yard there is a special sulfur storage, it is very convenient.

One-storey building offers cozy and inexpensive rooms for recreation. There are only ten of them. Each room has air conditioning, refrigerator, TV. There is an equipped kitchen, a large veranda. On the site is a large garden with fruit trees. It seems that you are at the hospitable dacha of your beloved friend.

Guest House «Burzhuy»

Guest house "Burzhuy" is located on the first line from the sea. A nice two-storey building, a cozy area with an outdoor pool, modern well-appointed rooms is one of the best accommodation options in Olenivka.

The value for money in this hotel is very balanced, vacationers praise the good work of the staff, the comfort of rooms, quality food.

Guest house «Sunny Harbor»

As mentioned above - divers and surfers prefer to spend their holidays in Olenivka (Crimea). Hotels near the sea are specially equipped with various facilities for this contingent of holidaymakers. Rental surfboards, special stores and other facilities for sports offers its guests a guest house "Solnechnaya Gavan", located directly on the shore of the estuary.

17 cozy rooms, equipped kitchen, all accessories for a barbecue. On the territory there are tables for ping-pong games, bicycle rental is organized.

Olenivka (Crimea), hotels near the sea, reviews of tourists

There is a lot of habitation in the village, it is possible to list it for a long time. But how to choose a home to your liking? To do this, read reviews of tourists. Tourists celebrate positive and negative moments and thus help determine the choice of places for recreation.

As for the Olenevka itself, there is simply no negative feedback about it. Clean beaches, crystal water and unique steppe air of these places amaze everyone without exception. Local attractions are called "fascinating beauty", and the beaches of Olenevka are compared to the best in the world - the beaches of the Maldives.

Almost all celebrate the special cordiality of local residents and the staff of all hotels and hotels, and this is important. Hospitality means a lot on vacation. After a decent welcome, you want to come back again and again to places where you are welcome.

In all reviews, tourists write about the amazingly delicious cuisine of local restaurants and cafes. For a modest fee you can taste real culinary masterpieces.

Olenevka is a quiet place for family rest, but you have to be ready for this situation. Fans of noisy recreation, discotheques, modern clubs obviously will not be delighted with such a holiday. There are no noisy embankments, expensive sanatoriums and boarding houses of European level.

Remoteness from the main attractions of the Crimea - this is perhaps the most negative moment in the rest on the western coast of the Crimea.

To the minuses, some include the distance from the sea to the sea: whatever one may say, the estuary can not be called the sea. By the way, many, on the contrary, note this as a positive factor, so it's up to you.

And, perhaps, the biggest advantage vacationers call the price policy of local boarding houses, hotels and private mini-hotels. Compared with other parts of the Crimea, housing here is quite cheap and quite high quality. The prices for products in the markets and in restaurants are adequate.

Those who love the wild nature, peace and crystal clear sea water must visit this wonderful corner of the Crimea.

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