Hotel Alkyonides Hotel 3 * (Greece, Crete): photo, reviews

Crete is an island covered with ancient secrets of history. It was here that many cultures were born, it was here that the mighty heroes of Greek myths lived. Today, this is an island with a developed tourist infrastructure, because many travelers prefer to spend their holidays here. And this is natural, because in addition to excursions here wanderers are waiting for the picturesque beaches, modern hotels and the atmosphere of sincere, Greek hospitality.

Of course, in Crete, tourists are ready to host hundreds of hotels - some of them opened several decades ago, while others are just starting to earn a reputation. And quite often the look of travelers stops at the cozy hotel Alkyonides Hotel. What does this place look like and should you spend your vacation here? What can a hotel offer an experienced tourist? Many readers are looking for answers to these questions.

Where can I find a hotel? Location information

It is quite natural that for many tourists the location of the hotel is important, in the first place, not everyone wants to spend a vacation isolated from civilization or, conversely, in the center of a loud active life. Where can I find the hotel complex Alkyonides Hotel? Crete, namely a small but picturesque fishing village of Stalida - here you can stay for a few days.

The area is very quiet, only the other boarding houses, as well as cafes and shops are located nearby. By the way, the sea can be reached in a few moments (the distance is about 20 m). Just 3 km away is quite a remarkable and popular tourist town of Hersonissos. Near the hotel there is a bus stop, so you can easily navigate around the island. The airport is located in the city of Heraklion, the capital of the island, 30 km away. Package tours, as you know, already include a transfer on arrival, and the road will only take a few minutes.

What does the hotel look like?

Hotel Alkyonides Hotel 3 * very small, but very cozy. It is a three-story building with white walls. By the way, the hotel first hosted tourists in 1992. Naturally, since then repairs have already been carried out, so today tourists feel comfortable here.

The courtyard of the hotel complex is small, but beautiful - everywhere high cypresses, emerald green bushes, bright flower beds. Everything here pleases the eye, and from the windows of the building you can enjoy the sea view. There are recreational areas and even swimming pools, where you can always refresh yourself after bathing in the salt sea.

Hotel Alkyonides Hotel: photo and description of rooms

This is a small hotel, which consists of 32 standard rooms, designed for 2 people. On request, a comfortable folding bed for the child is delivered to the room. The rooms here are simple, the furnishings are uncomplicated, but the necessary furniture is there, including the desk. By the way, you will have your own balcony or a small terrace where you can breathe fresh air and admire the local landscapes.

As for household appliances, the basic set is also available. You can count on air conditioning, without which in the summer heat the travelers have to hard. There is a TV, however, you can watch local or English-language channels. You also have a telephone, an electric kettle, coffee, sugar, tea and mugs. A minibar is available, but drinks are available at an additional cost (this service can be booked 24 hours a day). Upon request, guests are given an iron.

The bathroom is modest in size, but everything necessary for hygiene is available here, including a shower, a wash basin, clean towels and a hairdryer.

Meals: Can I eat at the hotel?

For many tourists, the question of nutrition is important, because this moment should be planned in advance. What does Alkyonides Hotel offer its guests? Paying a room here, tourists also get the right to daily breakfast. They are held in a spacious and cozy dining room in the form of a cupboard. Here you can enjoy the bitter aromatic tea and fresh pastries from the hostess. Of course, there are vegetable dishes, snacks and fruits, which is normal for breakfast.

Unfortunately, at the rest of the day, tourists are not fed on site. But this is unlikely to be a problem, as there are enough cafes and traditional island taverns in the vicinity where you can eat. You can find a suitable institution for every taste and purse. And next door is a supermarket, where they sell food and ready-made meals.

Facilities and leisure at the seaside

As already mentioned, the hotel complex Alkyonides Hotel is located almost on the beach - the distance to it is 20 m, so you can stroll along the coast at any convenient time.

Immediately it is worth to say that this public beach - it is resting guests of other hotels, residents of the village, tourists who come here for one day, in short, people sometimes have a lot. Nevertheless, in the reviews travelers say that here in fact it is very beautiful - the beach is covered with soft sand, the water is incredibly clean, and the depth increases gradually, so that here the children feel quite comfortable.

For a few euros, you can take a sunbed with a mattress and an umbrella for more convenience. Nearby there are taverns for those who want to dine while enjoying the seascapes. For the holiday-makers a volleyball court is equipped, and for a little money it is possible to rent, for example, a boat. Also, tourists like to ride water-skiing or a boat, and because of clean water, you can always see people diving with a mask. In short, here every tourist can not only relax on a deckchair, but also spend time more actively, get a charge of positive emotions.

Additional services: what do they offer to the guest?

The hotel guests can apply for some additional services. Here, for example, you can exchange money, and credit cards are accepted for payment. Nearby parking is available (you can rent transport in the center of the village).

For a small amount you will get your own safe at the reception desk, and the presence of a luggage storage is important for many travelers. Throughout the building you can use free internet, although the speed here during periods of maximum occupancy is not very good.

How do hotel guests spend their free time?

Hotel Alkyonides Hotel is designed primarily for a relaxing beach holiday. Nevertheless, leisure can also be diversified on its territory. There is an adult and children's pool in the yard, where you can refresh yourself at any time of the day. Umbrellas and sun loungers on the terrace can be used for free, but here the beach towels are not given out. You can have fun while playing ping-pong. For children, by the way, is equipped with a special platform with a swing.

Entertainment can be found outside the hotel walls Alkyonides Hotel. Greece is a country with an ancient history and a mass of sights of different caliber. Even on the island itself, you can spend weeks in excursions.

Alkyonides Hotel 3 * (Crete): reviews and guest reviews

When planning a vacation, each person first gets acquainted with the official information about the chosen hotel. But without the reviews of travelers who have already visited this or that place, the picture will be incomplete. What do the former guests say about the hotel complex Alkyonides Hotel 3 *?

The reviews are mostly positive or neutral. Your impression of the hotel will directly depend on the purpose for which you came to the island. For example, if you want high-grade food and a full spectrum of entertainment on the territory, then, probably, it is worthwhile to look for other places. This same hotel is great for tourists who flew to Crete, wanting to enjoy a holiday on the beach - they return to the hotel only for sleeping.

The rooms are simple, the furnishings are uncomplicated, but the necessary equipment and furniture are there. Water in the bathroom is also constantly present. The maids in the rooms are cleaned daily, and towels are changed very often. Breakfasts are very simple, the menu is modest, but the dishes are usually tasty, and more for a morning snack is hardly necessary. A hearty lunch or a gourmet dinner will be served at one of the nearest restaurants. The staff here are polite, they greet guests warmly, and it's nice to communicate with them (though in English).

The hotel has two important advantages. Firstly, it is located almost on the beach, and to the city center not far. Secondly, the cost of living here is a record low, which generates demand among economical tourists.

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