Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 * - hotel on the Aegean Sea. Description and reviews

Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 * is an excellent five-star resort complex. It is located on the shore of the Aegean Sea, on the territory of the village of Aidan. It's about six kilometers from the town of Didim, famous for its ancient historical sights. The nearest airport to the hotel is in Bodrum. It is about eighty-two kilometers to it. The largest cities near the hotel are Kusadasi and Efes. The distance to them is seventy and eighty kilometers respectively. The hotel has a private beach, well-equipped rooms, a SPA-salon where excellent professionals work. Food in the hotel is beyond praise, and tourists leave mostly praiseworthy reviews about its services and entertainment. In the article we will get acquainted with this hotel and try to consider its main attractive features.


The town itself is not a resort, but rather an excursion. If you stayed in Turkey on the coast of the Aegean Sea, then for sure you will come here to, at a minimum, see two things. This is the main local beach of Altynkum (Golden Sands) and the huge temple of Apollo, built in the eighth century BC. Its ruins neither in size nor in antiquity are inferior to other famous ancient buildings that are nearby. For example, the temple of Artemis of Ephesus. In this case, the local sanctuary of Apollo is in much better condition. Here you can also see the ruins of the stadium where the Holy Games were held. This temple by value and security can only be compared with the Delphic Oracle in Greece. There are not many hotels in the area, and there are only two "fives". One of them is Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5. Didim modern is a bit on the outskirts. But he once stood on the so-called "Holy Road" in Miletus and was famous for all of ancient Greece. Let us not forget that Asia Minor was the birthplace of European philosophy.

Rooms and services

The Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 * has a fairly large area, about twenty square kilometers. It is beautiful, there are views of the sea from everywhere. The alleys are planted with citrus and garnets. There is a small bird farm. The hotel is medium in size and accommodates two hundred and seventy-eight rooms. The most luxurious and refined - four junior suites (area forty-two meters), twelve suites with living rooms. Special guests are offered two rooms of the "Royal". These are luxury apartments, each of which has an area of almost one hundred square meters. Standard rooms more than two hundred and fifty. They are large and spacious. All rooms are air-conditioned, in the bathrooms there is a wonderful plumbing and hair dryers. There is Internet access through the "wi-fi". One of the rooms is specially equipped for people who find it difficult to move independently. There are several shops on the ground floor in the lobby. The hotel offers free parking. Lovely fitness center, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna - the use of all these benefits is also included in the price. There are good sports simulators. In territory - tennis courts, grounds for football and volleyball. There is animation - during the day games and competitions, gymnasts and dances, and in the evening - shows and concerts. There is a good playground for children's games that meets all standards. It stands under a shady canopy. Near it - an olive grove where you can walk.


Hotel Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 *, as well as practically all Turkish "five", works for tourists on the system "all inclusive". The main restaurant of the hotel specializes in Turkish cuisine. It is large, designed to receive three hundred and fifty people at the same time, which excludes long queues during peak hours. Two bars - in the lobby and at the pool - offer snacks and drinks. On the beach, too, there is an institution with cocktails. Tourists write about excellent food in the hotel Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 *. The reviews draw the following picture. For breakfast, there is everything you need - muesli, yoghurts, omelets, fresh vegetables, cheeses, sausages, fruits. For lunch and dinner - salads, greens, fish, meat. There are many local spicy dishes and various scones. From fruits give apples, tangerines, grapefruit, melons and grapes. Many different sweets with which Turkey is famous, as well as honey and halva. In the menu there is always something to feed the child, including a small one - two or two years.

Sea, swimming pools, beach

As mentioned above, the hotel Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 * has a private coast. The beach here is sandy, equipped. The sea is warm, clean, the entrance is shallow. Diving lovers will have to swim for buoys. Beach towels are issued for a cash deposit. There are always free sunbeds with umbrellas, very clean. Still there are two swimming pools. One of them is a mini-water park. There are three slides that work twice a day on a schedule. Children like swimming very much, swimming pools are always clean. One of them will bridge.

What to visit nearby

Do not forget that this is a special region - the place where Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 * is located. Photos of various attractions will decorate your vacation, if you give yourself the trouble to simply leave the hotel and board a minibus. This way you can get to the beautiful beach of Altinkum, where not only relax for your own pleasure, but also be photographed with a statue of Poseidon. Or visit the temple of Apollo - this is a very interesting and beautiful place, even for children. And if you are an incorrigible shopaholic, then there is a market for Maviheusher with good prices and a good choice of goods.

Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort 5 * (Didim) - reviews

In general, the hotel has earned praiseworthy responses - mainly from people who are tuned to the positive and beauty of nature. He has a beautiful and well-groomed territory. Tourists do there most of the photos that are laid out on the network. Stylish building, decent rooms. Good beach, comfortable beds, gently sloping entrance for children. Purely, cleaned every day. The food is excellent, quality, and it is enough for everyone. Friendly staff - no request is left unfulfilled. Animation in the hotel is amazing, especially for children. Here, a lot of locals rest, so no one drinks or yells at night. True, the hotel is in a quiet place, so young people, who will not be enough local discos, it will be difficult to find entertainment. Experienced tourists recommend it for couples, nature lovers and solitude, as well as romantic lovers. Especially since there are a lot of "wild" places and secluded corners, where you can admire the real Aegean Sea.

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