Mini-hotel "Chinese pilot Jao Da", Yaroslavl: review, description and reviews

Yaroslavl is one of the most interesting ancient Russian cities. There is something to see here, you can plunge into the history of your country and see the monuments of architecture with your own eyes. And in order not to hurry around the city, it is necessary to choose a hotel in advance. Today we want to tell you about one of the most interesting hotels in the city called "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl). This is simultaneously an art club and hotel, a bar and a restaurant, as well as an amazing concert venue. A unique mix, from which with a habit of a little dazzling in the eyes, necessarily enjoy the fans of all the unusual.

Short description

What attracts tourists here? First of all, the possibility of relatively inexpensive living. "The Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl) is not just a boring hotel, you can also spend the most wonderful evening in your life here. The creators of this complex tried to create a mixology of the bar, which in combination with a diverse cuisine will please the most exquisite gourmets. And of course, the most important thing that the "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl) will please you with is a variety of music, from rock and roll to modern electronics. On weekends, you will find additional entertainment in the form of thematic performances and exhibitions.

Where is the

Usually this moment is the key for those tourists who come to see the sights of the city. "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl) is located just 300 meters from the largest and most beautiful monastery. It is from here that you need to start excursions. Just five steps away there is private parking, where you can park your car and go for a walk. Churches and temples, small chapels - in these places it is not uncommon. Around the hotel there are at least two similar objects. If you are interested in looking at the ancient architecture, icons and frescoes, then for sure such an excursion will become memorable and very interesting.

Some features

Let's now talk a little about the services provided by the hotel "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl). There are nine rooms here, each of which will be your cozy home for several days. For people who are especially anxious about their comfort, there is a deluxe room. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day, which means you can walk around the city until late at night and not worry that you will not get to the room later. The hotel was founded in 2014. This is a modern three-storey building that meets all the requirements of European service.

Number of rooms

The hotel "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl) offers you to listen to several options for living. Double comfort rooms include everything you need for relaxation. This is a large bed and wardrobe, shower and bath, hairdryer and electric kettle. To spend the night, nothing more you will not need. The size of the room is 18 square meters. M. The cost of daily rent - from 2400 rubles.

For a large family there is an even more economical option for 1400 rubles. per day. This triple room is 20 square meters. There are beds and a wardrobe, a bathroom with all hygienic supplies. Finally, we present to your attention the luxury suite, the largest and most comfortable one. The total area is 40 square meters. M, which is located all that the tourist may need. Modern air conditioning allows you to create the optimal temperature in the room. There is an iron and ironing board, a washing machine, so you can keep your things in order.

On the floor in the room carpet. Each tourist is given slippers and a bathrobe, toiletries. In addition, the room has a flat-screen TV, an electric kettle. You can optionally ask for board games for the child.

The services

"Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl) offers its guests accommodation with pets completely free. The most important thing is to follow the rules that staff will voice. The administrator provides an individual check-in and check-out. Daily cleaning of rooms, change of bed linen and towels. A shuttle service to and from the airport is available upon request. Smoking is not allowed in the entire hotel.

Opinions of tourists

The bar "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl), we'll look at below, but for now let's talk about hotel services. When checking in, guests are surely escorted to the room. The rooms are decorated a bit gloomy, gray in color, but in bright lighting it's completely invisible. The room is small, but there is everything that is necessary for living. There is an air conditioner that will allow you to adjust the temperature in the room. Linen is white, lots of fresh towels, a standard set of soap and shampoo. There is a shower and a toilet, you do not need to share it with anyone, despite the fact that this is a hostel.


The club "Chinese pilot Jao Da" (Yaroslavl) is located at the address: Krestyansky proezd, 7. This is easily accessible by public transport, but if you are new to the city, it is better to take a taxi. The newly arrived tourists are pleased with the proximity of the hotel to the city airports. Only 16 km separates it from Levtsovo and 18 km from Tunonsha.

And if you did not find a single free number, then you can contact one of the nearby hotels. This is the complex "John Vasilievich" and the hotel "Alyosha Popovich", which are located just a stone's throw away.


If by evening it got boring in your room, then welcome to the bar. It's always warm and cozy, live music is playing, and the bartender is ready to accept any order. The workers are just wonderful, young, smiling and very interesting. True, this institution is designed more for young people, so older people can somewhat shock the offer of the administrator to put a seal on the skin or something like that. But if you like to spend an evening in extraordinary conditions, then for sure you are here. The food is delicious, the service is fast, the atmosphere is warm, what else is needed to make the evening a success? Only concerts of famous bands that take place here every weekend. It should be noted that the bar works relatively recently, it can be said, in the test mode. Over time, the program will become even more interesting, which means that the influx of people will greatly increase. Therefore, take the opportunity and visit the "Chinese pilot Jao Da" in Yaroslavl today.

The sound in the hall is excellent, so many seek to return here more than once, and musicians willingly come with concerts. The city has long been lacking institutions of this format. The prices for the ticket are quite adequate, and the seats in the hall are enough for all comers.

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