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The most populous country in the world. Monaco: interesting facts about the principality

Mankind is extremely unevenly distributed over the surface of our planet. For example, in a small Asian state can live more people than on the whole mainland Australia. Where is the most populous country in the world? And why is it interesting? Let's figure it out.

The concept of population density: the most populous country in the world

Population density refers to the number of inhabitants per unit area (most often 1 square kilometer). This indicator is not the same in different states and parts of the planet. So, in large megacities, it can be several thousand people per 1 sq. Km. Km. In other regions of the Earth you run the risk of not meeting a single living soul for many tens or even hundreds of kilometers.

States and territories with the highest population density are concentrated in Europe, South and South-East Asia. And the most populous country in the world is in the southern part of Europe. This is a dwarf state of Monaco, in which only 37 thousand people live.

By the population, this country can be compared with the Moscow region of Istra. In this case, Monaco occupies a tiny area of 2.02 square meters. Km. Thus, the population density in this country is colossal - about 18,000 people / sq. Km. Km.

Monaco is a micro-state in the south of Europe

So, the country with the largest population density, as we have already found out, is Monaco. What else is interesting about this European state? And where exactly is it located?

Monaco is a classic example of a semi-enclave. The country is clamped by France from the north and the Mediterranean Sea from the south. The climate here is subtropical, moderately warm and dry. The country is located on the slopes of the mountains, which are covered with forests and shrubs. As the state of Monaco was formed at the end of the XIII century. And in 1861 the principality became completely independent.

The most populous country in the world is special, amazing and a lot of what is unique. As a proof of this thesis, let us cite the five most interesting facts about the Principality of Monaco:

  • Tourism and gambling - the two main articles filling the state treasury of this country;
  • In the regular army of Monaco there are only 82 soldiers;
  • In Monaco is the world-famous Oceanographic Museum, whose director was once Jacques-Yves Cousteau;
  • It was here, in Monte Carlo was opened the first casino in Europe;
  • In Monaco almost zero crime.

The population of Monaco

According to the latest data, 37,613 people - this is how many people live in this country. As many as four cities could be located within the state: the well-known to all Monte Carlo, the business center of La Condamine, Fontvilles and, indeed, Monaco. It is curious that the country's leadership annually increases its area by several hectares, due to falling asleep coastal areas of the sea.

The national composition of the population of Monaco is represented by more than a hundred different ethnic groups and nationalities. Most of all here the French (about 28%). Next come the Monegasque (the autochthonous inhabitants of the principality), the Italians, the English and the Belgians. The indigenous Russians in Monaco - 107 (as of 2008).

The population of the country does not grow, but it does not decrease either. The natural increase is 0.8% per year. Women in the country are slightly larger than men. Most residents of the principality consider themselves Catholics (almost 90%).

Monaco and great sports

Monaco is not only a game, but also a sports center in Europe. Football and motor racing - this country is known for the most. In addition, the indigenous inhabitants of the principality of Monegasque are strong enough in fencing.

Since 1929 in Monaco is one of the stages of the prestigious Formula 1 race. At this time, the local narrow streets with their numerous tunnels and steep curves turn into tracks for spectacular races.

There is also a football club in the Principality. And professional. FC Monaco represents the country in the football league of neighboring France, often takes part in European competition. At one time the club played the famous stars of world football - Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet. Seven times in the history of its existence, the club became the champion of France.

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