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How to draw a tomato in pencil and watercolor, in a cut and the whole?

Sometimes a beginner artist needs to know how to draw a tomato. He will be helped by this article. Here we consider a variety of ways of drawing tomatoes: in simple pencil, in color, in whole and in a cut. Some master classes will help to depict the tomato artists, making their first steps in this field. Others are designed for more sophisticated masters.

Master-class drawing of tomato in color

Before you draw a tomato, you should determine whether it will be painted in color or a simple pencil with the imposition of shadows. Of course, the second option is more complicated. And usually such artists are engaged in such drawings.

Therefore, it makes sense first to consider a method of how to draw a tomato in color. Moreover, it is the colorful picture with this fruit that is most often required in practice: when decorating cabinets, albums, books on cooking, walls in dining rooms and kitchens, when making tablets for lockers in kindergartens.

  1. In order to depict the fruit of tomato, the oval is first traced.
  2. In the upper part of it, a sketch of a future peduncle with leaves is made.
  3. Then you should give sepals volume.
  4. From one side have a highlight. It has the form of a crescent and is slightly displaced to the bottom.
  5. The second flare is much smaller in size, shorter and thicker, located on the opposite side of the first.
  6. The entire fruit (except for the glare) is colored red.
  7. On the lower elongated glare impose a darker shade of red.
  8. The upper highlight should be significantly lighter than the general background of the fetus.
  9. The peduncle and sepals are colored in green.

Master-class drawing of a tomato sketch

Every artist, even setting himself the task of painting a painting with oil paints, pastels or watercolors, first makes a sketch with a pencil. Only then he begins to design the picture in color.

This master class shows how to draw a tomato in pencil step by step for beginners.

  1. It is not necessary to start sketching from the general outline. In this master class, the expert recommends just applying on the sheet first of all the strokes of the bottom part of the stem.
  2. Then you should give the volume of this part.
  3. Since it is impossible to draw a tomato without drawing a contour of the fetus itself, the next step is to apply it. Usually it happens an oval or a circle.

The fruit of tomato, written in watercolor

After the outline sketch is ready, you can proceed to painting it. Since you can paint a tomato with watercolor using smooth transitions on the intensity of the color, the artist usually paints the paint on the object in several ways.

First you need to fill the entire fruit with a light enough tone. Then you need to make the darker edges of the tomato darker without touching the middle. You can impose a third, a transitional color tone. It should be less intense than on the edges, but more saturated than in the middle.

Of course, the smallest artists will be enough and tasks carefully paint over the whole tomato. You can invite them to make a light paint highlight from the side.

Master-class drawing of tomato with a simple pencil

The most difficult in the visual arts is the imposition of shadows with a simple pencil. Here it will be shown how to draw a tomato in pencil step by step.

  1. A circle is drawn.
  2. In the upper part of it, a sketch of the peduncle and sepals is made.
  3. Fruit of green is given volume.
  4. Sepals are divided in half, and they are hatched. At the junction of the strokes, an obtuse angle should be formed.
  5. Under sepals have a shade. They are also performed by hatching, you can even cross-shaped.
  6. At the edge of the fetus, dashed lines are made, they should be less intense than on the peduncle and sepals.
  7. The closer to the middle of the circle, the pressure of the pencil weakens, the distance between the lines increases.
  8. Lastly, next to the tomato is a shadow. Her stroke is more dense than the tomato itself.

Master-class: how to draw a tomato in a cut with a simple pencil

Perhaps, this is the most difficult stage in the image of tomato fruit.

  1. Begin drawing from the image of the oval. Only he will simulate the cut itself, therefore it is located just above the plane on which the half of the fruit will lie. Yes, and the oval should be very elongated and slightly inclined to the surface.
  2. From the bottom to the oval a semicircle is attached - this is the lower part of the tomato.
  3. The oval shows the furrows in which the seeds are arranged.
  4. The lower part of the tomato is stroked more intensively than the cut itself. It is necessary to observe the rule of hatching the ball: at the edges it is darker than in the middle.
  5. Furrows have the most intense shading. By cutting, you can draw lines closer to the contour of the oval.

Master-class drawing of cut tomato in color for beginners

You can make a picture with a tomato in a cut, without having special artistic skills.

  1. First, as in the previous version, the contour of the tomato itself is made. Since the fruit is shown in a section, an oval is applied to the leaf with a part of the circle drawn to it from below.
  2. Then inside the cut are located parallel to the oval arc, and the inner one should be smaller than the outer one, the one that is closer to the contour line.
  3. The edges of the arcs are connected.
  4. In the same way, a second seminal groove is drawn, which is located on the opposite side of the first.
  5. Inside of them the seeds are depicted.
  6. The grooves themselves are painted with a darker color than the oval and lower part of the tomato. Seeds can be yellow or cream.
  7. The cut has the lightest shade.
  8. The lower part of the tomato is colored in color, medium in intensity between the grooves and grooves.

About how to draw a whole fruit, already described in the article above.

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