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Napoleon salad, recipe

What kind of salads, which have the name of the famous cake? Salad "Napoleon" - a dish consisting of several layers, externally it reminds, hence the name. And how it sounds! It immediately attracts attention. Products for this dish can be very diverse: vegetables, mushrooms, meat of any kind and any processing, dried fruits and much more that will be found in your refrigerator and not only. In this article, we will analyze several recipes, we will offer photographs of such dishes.

Salad with prunes and pork meat

Adding prunes to the Napoleon salad, we will add spiciness to it. A highlight is that the dish is very fast and easy to prepare. We need the following products: 200 grams of boiled pork, a glass of prunes, 200 grams of fresh champignons, four potatoes, one onion, two tablespoons of sunflower oil, 100 grams of hard cheese, as many walnuts, six spoons of mayonnaise, salt. Now we offer to master the salad "Napoleon". The recipe is for you. Finely chop the washed mushrooms, pour them into a skillet, preheating the oil in it. Add the onion, finely chopped, mix, then salt and fry until ready. Cook potatoes, washing, but not cleaning. Let's cool down, peel off. Prune my, remove the bones and cut the flesh into pieces. Half of the dried fruits are laid out on a separate dish for salad and pour a little mayonnaise. We rub the potatoes on a large grater from above, also cover with mayonnaise. The following layers: onion with mushrooms, meat, remaining prunes, grated cheese, and each of them watered with mayonnaise, including top. We decorate the dish with halves of dried fruits and nuts. We send it to a cool place for three hours.

Napoleon salad with smoked chicken

The dish, cooked according to this recipe, and its kind, and cooking is very similar to the eponymous cake. And it turns out, despite the caloric content, very balanced. For its preparation we need: two chicken smoked legs, three chicken eggs, 150 grams of hard cheese, 100 grams of salted crackers, one apple, one onion, 100 grams of mayonnaise, pepper and salt. The recipe for cooking is as follows. First of all, we prepare the dishes or the form in which we will lay the layers. Separate the bones of meat, cut into small cubes and make the first layer of it, watering with mayonnaise. Each next layer will also be covered with sauce, so we no longer point this out. Finely cut the peeled and washed bulb - our next layer. Next, put the grated hard cheese, on it carefully grated apple. The top layer consists of grated boiled eggs. Boka, giving the appearance of a cake, is also lubricated with mayonnaise. Finished dish sprinkled with crushed crushed crumbs, you can together with grated cheese, giving it a unique and special taste. And then we send the salad to the fridge. Salad "Napoleon" is ready. We serve cold.

Salad with beets and goat cheese

Ingredients: four boiled beets, 150 grams of goat cheese, a handful of peeled roasted seeds, one clove of finely chopped garlic, one stalk of celery, also chopped finely. At the gas station: two tablespoons of vegetable oil, half a lemon, a pinch of red pepper, a pinch of cumin and salt, three teaspoons of pomegranate juice. We prepare a salad "Napoleon". The recipe from the photo will help to do it right. We cut beets with mugs.
With a fork, knead goat cheese and add seeds, garlic, finely chopped and celery. Thoroughly mix everything. Let's collect the salad: a slice of beet, cheese filling and so on a couple of times. Upper - a slice of beet. We take a dressing and water the dish.

Tuna salad

Products list: tuna can, two apples, four eggs, 100 grams of hard cheese, mayonnaise. We make a salad cake "Napoleon". We begin the process of cooking with the fact that we chop fish into small pieces, remove the skin from the apple. Then rub the yolk of eggs, protein, cheese hard. The preparatory stage is completed, we start laying out layers on a flat dish. The first layer - half the fish, the second - half of the apples, the third - half of the eggs, the fourth - grated cheese. Lubricate each layer with mayonnaise and repeat this operation one more time. Before serving on the table for about an hour put our dish in the refrigerator. If desired, you can decorate with lettuce and greens.

Recipe for a very light salad of pink salmon

To prepare this salad, we need such products: canned fish from pink salmon, a sour apple, which is three for a beet griddle, an egg of chicken and cheese, which we rub on a grater of medium size. Layers are lubricated with a mixture of one-third of sour cream and two-thirds of mayonnaise. We prepare the salad "Napoleon" (the recipe with the photo is attached). The sequence of layers is as follows: pink salmon, apple, grated cheese, egg. You can repeat it again. During the preparation it is not recommended to compact the layers, it is quite easy to press down. Mixture of sour cream with mayonnaise squeeze out a thin stream for a uniform coating. At the same time, it is not necessary to smear it. The salad turns out to be airy and light. Bon Appetit!

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