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What to do to lose weight? Practical tips

What to do to lose weight? This question is often asked not only by lush ladies, but also by women with low weight. Fat in the shoulders and forearms prevents the creation of the image of an ideal woman. But it is not necessary to be particularly upset, you just have to go in for sports and get the desired result in a short period of time. First of all, you need to pay attention to the food you eat.

Proper nutrition

When deciding what to do to lose weight, you should analyze your daily diet. Correct the dishes included in its composition. Limit the consumption of mayonnaise, fatty sauces, potatoes, fried foods.

Exclude from the menu flour and confectionery, sweets. Cook the meat for a couple or grilling. Without using extra fats to lubricate the frying pan, your dishes will not only taste good, but also useful. Instead of harmful and very high-calorie sweets and chocolate, eat more fresh fruit. In winter you can eat dried fruits and berries.

Replace the mayonnaise and sauces in your daily menu with salad dressings, for the preparation of which low-fat yoghurt and chopped greens are used. You can water salads with freshly squeezed lemon juice - it's not only very useful, but also delicious. Such a properly formulated diet will help in deciding what to do to lose weight.

Basic training

In order for the hands to acquire an elegant and beautiful form, it is necessary to force them to "work". Competent training is able to return them a sharpened look. What exercises, to lose weight, should be performed?

Exercise One

First, do powerful circular motions. To do this, bend your hands in the elbows and put the brush to your shoulders. Rotate forward four accounts. After that do similar rotation back. In total it will take 10-12 repetitions. Rotate with a maximum amplitude.

Exercise two

Take in your hands not too heavy dumbbells and stand up, straight back and hands down. Carry out the wiring. To do this, pick up two hands with the weights at the top to the level of the shoulders. Lift dumbbells need to be sharp, fast, at the top point, pausing for a moment, then slowly lower them down.

Exercise Three

No dumbbells? Not scary! Exercises in order to lose weight hands, you can perform without burdening. A great classic way will be push-ups. You can make them from the floor. To do this, lie on the floor, placing arms bent at the elbows with hands near the chest. Perform the ascent of the straight trunk with the power of the hands up. Socks should stand firmly on the floor, the pelvis should not be raised or lowered, keeping the buttocks on the same line with the hips and back. Hold at the top point, go down. An easier option for deciding what to do to lose weight hands, there will be push-ups from a low bench or from a stool.

The combination of proper nutrition and a complex of exercises for the hands will make them elegant and attractive!

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