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What interests animal lovers who come to rest in Adler? Apery. How to get there? Can I do it myself or do I need to use the services of a tour desk? What kinds of primates can be seen by visiting the monkey nursery in Adler? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

In the name of science

Monkey nursery in Adler was founded in 1927. It is located in the Research Institute of Medical Primatology. And this suggests that the monkey nursery in Adler is not only a pleasure, but also a research organization. It's no secret that primates are experiencing new types of drugs. They are used in other types of scientific research. For example, before the first time to send a woman into space, monkeys were tested to determine whether the female organism would withstand the load of space flight.

Well live

Humanity should be grateful to these representatives of the animal world for the fact that they sacrifice health, and sometimes life for the sake of its good. But aside from the thought that the monkeys in the nursery are not only sleeping, eating and playing, you can enjoy watching the hamadry, baboons, macaques, rhesus and monkeys. Total on the territory of the kennel in 1 square. About 4000 monkeys live.

Easy to reach

Some people think that there is a monkey nursery in Sochi. But this is not entirely true. Yes, and consider that there is a monkey nursery in Adler, too wrong. To be precise, its address: Veseloy village, st. Mira, 177. But it refers to the Adler district, so it is assumed that this is very close to the city limits. However, to get to it, you will have to use motor transport. It is necessary to get to the stop "Sovkhoz Russia". To do this, the bus routes № 134 d, 134, 133 are suitable. Having reached the necessary stop, you will have to walk a distance of 3 km. But it is better to get on a special free shuttle.


The days of the kennel are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. These days the shuttle leaves at 11, 13 and 15 hours. On Friday, he departs from the bus stop "Sovkhoz Russia" at 11, 13 and 14 hours. Monkey nursery works daily from 9 to 18 hours. Tickets cost 400 rubles for adults and 200 rubles for children under 14 years old. Children under 7 years old are free of charge. On the territory of the nursery tours are regularly conducted. And at any time of the year, and not just in the summer. The duration of the standard excursion is 40 minutes.

View and listen

It includes a standard walk through the nursery and a survey of the individuals living in it. The guide will tell you about the habits of these animals, what they eat. Such an excursion will be interesting for both children and adults. If you want to learn more about the contribution that primates made to science and medicine, then you should visit the excursion, which emphasizes this side of the life of the inhabitants of the nursery. And such excursions are of different subjects and you can choose a topic that interests you. In the nursery you can see how the monkeys live in large families (in one aviary, 20-50 individuals). In addition, the nursery has an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

What is inside

Monkeys in the nursery can only be fed by employees. After all, the primates that are in it are not accustomed to people and can scratch or bite. It is worthwhile to be prepared in advance for the fact that there is a strong unpleasant smell in the nursery, which the monkeys themselves publish (there are several thousand of them) and the products of their vital activity. The cages are tightened with a grid-rabitsa, so the review is not as good as the glass in the zoo. Most of all in the kennel will like children. As for them it is possible to rent bicycles or scooters. It is worth this pleasure only about 100 rubles, and in a huge area a lot of space for skiing.

But we must not forget that monkeys are dangerous animals, and children should always be looked after. By the way, it is not necessary to walk from the entrance to the cattery to the enclosures. Although a walk in the fresh air will also be useful, but it's better to use a free car to save energy in order to inspect the enclosures. Of course, you will not be able to see all the thousands of inhabitants. But there will be many impressions.

A lot of interesting

Do not pass by the stands and ads. On one of them you will read about how the visitors of the kennel should behave. The other contains information about how many species of monkeys exist in the world and where they live. On the enclosures there are signs on which the names of the inhabitants and brief information about them are indicated. On the territory of the nursery there is a memorial complex in memory of scientists and nursery workers who took part in the preparation of monkeys for flight into space. Here is a real spacecraft. It is interesting that the chimpanzees Dasha and Tisha, who flew into space in 1998, still live on the territory of the kennel.

If you really like the primates and you want to learn more about them, then you can visit the Sukhumi monkey nursery. It is located on the territory of Abkhazia on the slope of Trapezia, not far from Adler. But this is a different country, so it is more convenient to take a bus tour to quickly and easily overcome the state border. So, in a short time you can get a double pleasure from contemplating these clever and useful animals. In Sukhumi there are 300 people from Asia, Africa and South America.

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