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Day of premature baby: history of occurrence and its purpose

The birth of children brings joy to people - a new man has appeared, a new page of life is open. But this event does not always bring happiness and pacification. Sometimes it is overshadowed by an unreached period, on which the child's health directly depends. There are a lot of such cases in the world, and such children were decided to allocate a separate day.

Day of premature baby: cause of occurrence

The idea of the birth of a child born before the term for the first time appeared in 2009 in the European Fund for the Care of Newborns. He was singled out in order to draw the attention of society to such children, because they are still too defenseless and require constant medical control, help, love and care of loved ones. On the Day of the Premature Child (November 17), doctors and other specialists want to inform the entire public that approximately 15 million children are born around the world ahead of time each year. Out of this number, many die, another part of such kids lives with a disability (physical and neurological), and only a small percentage of children live and develop without any problems.

A premature baby - who is this?

A small ball, which beats heart, is born completely defenseless. Premature babies born in the period of 22-37 weeks and having a weight of 500 are considered to be premature. In Russia, according to statistics, about 100,000 babies are born each year. Earlier kids with a small weight (500-600 g) could only grow well-known clinics in London, Berlin. But today in our country the level of medical care and services has reached high positions, so kids with such weight have a chance for a full life.

The day of a preterm baby is still called the Day of the White Petal. This is not accidental, because such babies are so tender, vulnerable and defenseless that they remind small white petals of a cherry or apricot during an unexpected frost in the spring.

What help do premature babies have?

Crumbs born before the term require a maximum of medical and maternal attention. In addition, their parents also need psychological support. By organizing the Day of the Premature Child in Russia, volunteers, specialists and simply indifferent people urge society to pay attention to all the needs of the participants of this problem.

And the needs are different, and they depend on the weight at the birth of the baby, its ability to breathe, swallow, show reflexes. Children are disturbed by the temperature, noise, light in the room, such babies are very necessary for mothers to be always near (it is proved that with frequent physical contact with the mother, the lungs open more quickly, neurological problems become less). For a child, it is vital to connect devices that control his nervous, respiratory and digestive systems. In addition, they need expensive medicines, special clothes, diapers, pacifiers and so on. The day of the premature baby was created with the goal of bringing to the average person that this problem is not only of individuals, but of the whole society. On this day it is useful to talk about the prevention of premature birth and psychological, physical hygiene of a pregnant woman.

Traditions of the Premature Baby Day

Most often on this day various programs, interviews, publications are organized in all available types of media. Many on the ground invite music groups to organize charity concerts and actions. The tradition of the International Day of Premature Children was the launching of white balloons into the sky as a symbol of the defenselessness and purity of such babies.

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