Dresses with an overstated waist

Historically, dresses with an overstated waist owe their appearance to the ancient Egyptians, who for the first time guessed to tie long skirts under the breast. Today, these dresses are favorites of the podium and confidently enter the daily life.

The most advantageous look such dresses on girls with a slim and tight figure. However, today, designers have created quite a few stylish models from light, flowing fabrics for beauties with lush forms. They visually make them slimmer and taller, without weighting the figure.

Dresses with an overstated waist have many styles: everyday, evening, beach, cocktail, etc. They can be worn by themselves, but can be combined with legends and even trousers. Under different styles, classic hairpins and comfortable ballet shoes are also suitable. Heels visually make you taller and sleeker. Shoes on a flat move will give a more democratic look.

Women with a wide waist will suit a dress with an overstated waistline A-shaped silhouette. The skirt must have the shape of a bell. It is desirable that the dress itself is decorated with original details, so as not only to emphasize the merits of the figure, but also had an effective look.

Today in fashion dresses with asymmetric elements, draperies and an abundance of ruches. But it should be remembered that it is these models that require a particularly critical approach to evaluating one's own figure. Owners of wide hips and waist such models do not fit.

Actual are dresses with an armhole only on one shoulder. Usually it is dresses with an overstated waist in Empire style, from light fabrics: guipure, silk, chiffon, organza.

Always in fashion dresses in shanelevskaya black and white scale, which are extremely elegant and stunningly expressive. Look beautifully monochrome versions of expressive colors, dresses made of cloth with an abstract or large floral pattern. The solemnity is given to them by golden and platinum shades. Effectively look models with bright additions (ribbons, bows, flowers, brooches, etc.)

One of the undeniable advantages of a dress with an overstated waist is its ability to mask the protruding belly, beautifully hiding it. Therefore, this type is often chosen by pregnant women. Moreover, it is this style that distracts attention from a small (or on the contrary overly impressive) bust, visually aligning the proportions of the figure.

Evening version of the dress most advantageous looks, if the waist line passes directly under the breast, and it is underlined by a wide belt. It looks great deep neckline with bare neck, which give a special charm and femininity. And of course, the best look is the long dresses, which look especially solemn. Shorter models are not so elegant and festive.

Wedding dresses with an overstated waist are the eternal classics of this fashion sphere. They ideally sit down on almost any figure, so they will never yield their place of honor to other styles.

A separate version of this style is Greek wedding dresses. They are distinguished by a free cut, decorated with folds and pleating. By appearance they are similar to the orders of Greek goddesses, elegant and light. In such dresses harmoniously combines sublime beauty and earthly comfort. Often under the breast they are decorated with ribbons, and the neckline opens the neck and shoulders. This is a very romantic model that emphasizes the youth and freshness of the bride. The models look great on high brides who do not fit lush skirts.

Choose a dress you need reasonably, soberly assessing the features of the figure and taking into account the reason for which it is necessary. The waist level in these dresses is different. Therefore, if you have a thin waist, you can buy a model with a cut right under your chest or just below. If it is quite wide - choose only the models in which the waist passes as high as possible.

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