Denim shorts for women: fashionable and relevant in 2011

Denim shorts for women have long fallen in love with all women of fashion. Still, they are practical, convenient and, at the same time, incredibly sexy. This year this outfit pleases the girls with an abundance of styles, cuts, details and decor, any fashionista will find her favorite model. Shorts not only make your life easier in terms of choosing comfortable clothes, but also emphasize the individuality of a brave girl, because not every fashionista can wear short shorts , but only one that can show off her slender legs and perfect hips. Lucky owners of lush shapes designers offer shorts for women long, which will emphasize your dignity and individual style. This summer at the peak of fashion, ultra-short denim shorts, but elongated models are also relevant, especially for girls who are loyal to the office style or for beauties with magnificent shapes.

Jeans shorts for women 2011 are made of both dense denim and light jeans, which is very important for sultry summer. Designers please fashionists with an abundance of flowers and accessories to denim shorts, as well as various forms and cuts of this detail of the women's wardrobe. In 2011, short models with lapels, torn and uneven edges, abrasions are popular. Elongated models of denim shorts are characterized by a cut riding breeches or flared knee slightly above the knees. Both short and long models of female shorts designers in 2011 were equipped with rivets, bright bows or ribbons, belts.

Versatility and practicality make jeans women's shorts an indispensable element of both everyday and evening wardrobe. Wearing such shorts with ballet shoes or sandals, you can and run for shopping, and make an evening walk around the city. High heels and a platform on the contrary will give your image a femininity and charm, in this outfit you can go to the club and on a romantic date. In spring or autumn, denim shorts are best complemented with ankle boots or vintage boots with lacing that will suit a brave girl.

The color palette, which dominates this year in female denim shorts, is divided into two categories: shades of light and shades of dark. Designers suggested this rule: the longer the shorts in 2011, the lighter the shade of this outfit. So, long shorts to choose this year are better than white, beige or light blue hue. Short models, popular this year, should be deep dark tones: dark blue, black or brown.

Classics in jeans shorts are chosen by business, elegant girls, fervent and energetic people will prefer models with all sorts of accessories and original decor. This year, popular models are outfits with sloppy slots and holes, abrasions, imitating shabby. No less relevant jeans shorts for women's summer 2011, draped with fringe and embroidery. Excellent accessories for women's shorts will be bright belts - wide or narrow, depending on the image you create. In addition, in 2011, designers offer to add to your shorts a textile strap with a binding.

Wear jeans shorts for women this year is not only paired with a T-shirt or top. A long-time shorts in combination with shirts, jackets or jackets will suit a business lady. Flirtatious girls can use to create a glamorous image of bright blouses with a deep neckline or romantic blouses with ruffles and frills. Finish this image will help shiny accessories and shoes with high heels.

Remember that shorts are incredibly relevant this year, every fashionable and stylish girl should buy a suitable model in 2011 , or better buy several kinds of this kind of clothes and boldly combine.

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