Cravic handkerchief - a male object in the service of a women's wardrobe

Among the many accessories, the neck scarf stands out with the ability to tell a lot about its owner. After all, this wardrobe to everyone, from the fabric to the way in which it is tied, demonstrates the presence or absence of a sense of style in the person who tied it.

From antiquity to the present day

Fashion historians still argue who the world of men's wardrobe, and later women's, owes to such a stylish accessory as a neck scarf. Someone claims that it was the Romans, someone gives the "palm tree" to the Egyptian pharaohs, while the third for the role of the ancestors of fashion for a scarf tied around the neck, put forward the ancient Chinese military. But those who believe that this type of kerchief owes its appearance in the fashion world to Louis XIV, who loved decorating himself and the world around with elegant "tricks" are right. By the way, this accessory was adopted by the French king-mod from the Croats, who in shape were supposed to wear a handkerchief tied with a special knot at the neck.

Whatever it was, but for today the neck scarf is an ornament that, with the right choice, will emphasize the style of its owner. And this choice is traditionally based on three simple components - shape, fabric and color.

Form . Thanks to the efforts of designers and stylists, neck scarves take many forms. Although the classic is still considered a short strip of light, flowing fabric, from which it is so easy to create a knot - ascot. And it should be noted that this kind is typical for both women's and men's wardrobes. But everything is changeable, especially when it comes to beautiful ladies. And so modern trends increasingly offer a variety of options, ranging from quads and ending with stole.

Cloth . With regard to the fabric, everything is much thinner. To create the image of a respectable gentleman, a representative of the strong half of humanity should include in his wardrobe a silk neck scarf. But this statement is not so categorical. Stylists are supportive of those who like to experiment with satin, cambric, cotton, linen and other fabrics. By the way, the last statement most corresponds to the female version of this accessory.

Color palette. To date, there are no strict restrictions on the choice of shade of the neck scarf. Not even an exception is the model that is designed to complete a strict men's suit. Therefore, only the only rule is that "the neck scarf is the final chord of the costume." And, therefore, it is worthwhile to either pick up the tone in tone, or build an image on the contrasts.

Choosing the perfect neck scarf

This accessory is cunning, and the slightest inaccuracy can "ruin" the whole appearance. Therefore, there are a number of recommendations that should be used.

Men's neck scarves should be chosen strictly in accordance with the chosen style. And so for the evening get out only silk handkerchief.

For business style, variations with cotton products are possible. In this case, it is recommended to tie this accessory with either traditional ascot, plastron and case, or leave it to hang freely, wrapping around the neck once.

For beautiful ladies, 186 ways of how to tie a neck scarf came up. The female version depends only on the style chosen by the lady. Fabric and color scheme obeys the basic rules of combining clothes by color and formation.

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