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Tips for truck farmers: how to keep onions for the winter

Sooner or later, each gardener thinks about how to keep onions for the winter. At first glance it seems simple: collected, dried, put in a box and put it in a dark cool place - that's all the storage for you. In fact, everything is not so. Sometimes even experienced gardeners can not keep the onions intact until the spring. In this case, too, has its own nuances. So let's get together and learn how to keep onions for the winter, so that it remains as fresh and useful in the cold season as if it had just been torn from the garden. A few useful tips, described below, will definitely help you.

How to keep onions until spring?

First of all, it must be properly assembled and prepared. Usually, harvesting falls on the 90-120th day after planting. Most often it happens in August. You need to collect it in dry weather. Each bulb is digged with a spatula so as not to damage its bottom, and then carefully fold it to the side. Important! In no case, do not hit the bow with the bow on the ground - so you will damage it and it can not be stored for long. If the rains are not expected in the next few days, it is best to leave the harvested crop outdoors for at least 7-10 days. Just arrange the bulbs so that they do not come in contact with each other. Periodically turn them over. There are other ways of drying. For example, you can tie an onion into small bundles and hang it in a place where there is a draft. For those who live in an apartment, there is also an option. The onion can be dried in the oven. To do this, periodically heat it to the minimum temperature.

So, the onion was dried. Now go to the next stage. We cut the dried feathers so that the neck of the bulb is 5-6 cm long. If possible, we do not touch the roots, so as not to damage the bottom. The upper husks, which are cracked, can also be removed. After this, we give the bulbs a little more dry. Then select the strongest, healthy, undamaged fruit and put it in a specially prepared container (wicker basket, wooden box, tissue bag or kapron stockings). There is another interesting way how to keep onions for the winter. Weave braids out of it. Only for this, the dried feathers do not need to be cut, since they will be weaved into the twine. Onions braids perfectly decorate the interior of your kitchen, and their fragrance will well disinfect the air. This method, as a rule, is the most effective. Special storage conditions do not require onions - room temperature from 18 to 25 degrees will do. But in the cellar it is not recommended to lower it, there it can damp and become moldy. Well, now you know how to keep onions.

Helpful Hints:

  1. From time to time, sort out the onions. This is done in order to identify the spoiled fruits in time and select them.
  2. If suddenly for some reason the onion is damp, re-dry it and transfer it to another container.
  3. For storage, use a container of only those materials that pass air well. Polyethylene is by no means suitable for this purpose!
  4. The height of the boxes in which the harvest will be stored should not exceed 30 cm.

We hope, thanks to this article, you now will not have any difficulties with how to keep onions for the winter.

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