How to choose the size of women's pantyhose? Table of sizes of women's pantyhose

At each factory packing of tights or stockings, a special table is indicated, which should help with the correct selection of the size. Not all girls pay attention to it. Some brands offer their tights with a slightly modified table. It's all about different materials used in production. Another reason for the wrong choice is the situation when tights are very necessary right now, and the store did not have the right size. We have to take the first thing that came to hand.

The material from which tights are made

When it comes to women's tights, the first thing that comes to mind is a thin piece of nylon. However, tights can be made from other materials:

  • Cotton.
  • Wool.
  • Polyamide.
  • Capron.
  • Special yarn.

Depending on the material, the table of sizes of female tights can differ. For example, cotton is not as elastic as the same capron, so it becomes necessary to refine the tabular data.

Dimension table options

The main parameters for determining the size are weight and height. The ratio of these two parameters gives the desired figure. Sometimes, in addition, for convenience, the size of clothes worn by a woman is indicated, as well as the girth of the hips.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that in the open market conditions, it is possible to purchase not only European goods, but also pantyhose made on another continent. Therefore, not only the size designation, but also the size itself , will differ. For example, the European S (small) is significantly different from the American one with the same marking.

Tips for choosing a size

How to choose the size of pantyhose? Female advice is very much, but you need to collect all the information together. Considering all of the above, it is worthwhile to study the dimensional table, indicated on each individual package. To do this, just turn the tutu with tights and spend one or two minutes to compare their parameters with those indicated on the label. This will avoid confusion.

The dimensional value can be indicated either in numbers or in Latin letters. With numbers, everything is simple - the smaller it is, the smaller the volume of the product. With the alphabetic designation, everything is slightly more complicated, but easy to remember. The same letters designate the sizes of clothes:

  • S (small) - small.
  • M (medium) - medium.
  • L (large) - large.
  • XL (extra large) - very large.

There may also be additional sizes XS (very small) and XXL (huge). In case of confusion, you can always contact the seller in the store. He is obliged to pick up not only the size of pantyhose, but also the color, and also the density. The table of the sizes of female stockings is an excellent and simple idea, with definition of volume in it any woman will consult.

Nuances of choice of size and possible problems

Do we always have accurate data of our height and weight? In principle, women are weighed quite often. And what about those who do not remember their height or weight? How can they be helped by a table of sizes of women's pantyhose?

In this case, growth is determined by eye. An error of 5 centimeters is allowed. And with the weight will help the same seller in the store. With his work experience, this is quite easy. Girls engaged in the sale of tights, stockings and underwear, are well versed in female figures. They can clearly determine which parameter is more important for selection. For example, for girls with a figure of the "pear" type, the most important parameter is not growth, but weight. But for tall and thin women a more serious measure in choosing is growth.

If the weight and height parameters are transitional and converge at a point between two dimensions, the right one will choose the one that is larger. Tights of low density stretch much better than those designed for winter. This applies to products with a dense pattern, as well as to those that are made with the addition of cotton or entirely based on it.

Very rarely it happens that the choice of size is not only on weight and height, but also on the size of the foot. This applies only to those pantyhose that are made of inelastic material. Often this question concerns thermal underwear.

Nuances of tables of different manufacturers

Each manufacturer independently determines the size of women's pantyhose. Table "Faberlic" contains five volumes - I, II, III, IV, XL. On the reverse side of the package you can read them. Some reviews about this brand indicate that their thin tights at 15-20 DEN have excellent elasticity and stretch well. This is more than once rescued girls who chose a smaller size.

For comparison, consider another manufacturer, who has determined their size of women's pantyhose. Table Conte consists of six volumes, which are denoted by Arabic numerals.

Smaller nuances can be studied by reading reviews of girls who have already purchased products that you liked the manufacturer.

What is fraught with the wrong choice

If tights are chosen perfectly, then on the legs they will look chic. If, on the ignorance of how to determine the size of women's pantyhose, the wrong size was chosen, this will affect both quality and appearance.

Small pantyhose can simply not climb or squeeze the legs, and also rub. This will affect the gait and the mood of the girl. Strongly stretched, they will quickly tear, they are easier to cling "tightening".

With large pantyhose it will be a little easier. They will necessarily fit and will not impede movement. However, they can creep and form waves, and also twist. Under a spectacular dress it will be noticeable, and constant pulling will affect the mood and will pour out into irritability. In the end, from a properly selected tights depends on a date or evening.

The result

Now it became clear how to determine the size of women's pantyhose. The table is an excellent and simple way to choose the most popular item of the women's wardrobe.

In addition, the girls in the choice are tormented not only by this issue, but also by the selection of color for pantyhose, drawing, the functionality of the product and its density.

If the dress code obliges a woman to wear tights, for this, fine products are ultra-thin in 5-10 DEN. On the skin, they are almost invisible, if the color is chosen correctly. The shades of the product today are huge in the store. You can find both beige and black, and the colors of pistachios and indigo. When choosing body shades, you need to match the color of the skin of your hands. Black tights are universal, they visually extend the leg. When wearing them, it is better to use black shoes.

Pantyhose with a pattern should not overload the image. They look bad with a lot of lace and accessories, as well as with a large number of layers in clothing. Color options should be selected according to style. In this case, the image will be harmonious and concise.

Well, to determine the volume of the product you will need only a table of sizes of female tights.

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