The best eye make-up remover: reviews

Particles of dust and dirt, cosmetics and a touch of hands - imagine what our skin experiences during the day. Unfortunately, we can not improve the ecological situation in the city. However, to pay special attention to skin cleansing at the end of the day is quite simple - you just need to choose the right make-up remover and never miss this evening ritual.


Network marketing has long been a part of our lives, and many people continue to buy goods through catalogs. Representatives of the fair sex prefer cosmetics, so in our review were two popular brands, "Faberlic" and "Mary Kay."

"Double effect" is a means for removing makeup from the eyes of "Faberlic". Customer reviews put him high marks. "Winter" novelty is a two-phase product consisting of aqueous and oily solutions.

According to the manufacturer's promises, "Double effect" does not contain synthetic perfumes, that is suitable for sensitive skin. The product perfectly removes any make-up, and an aqueous solution containing aloe juice and allantoin, moisturizes and accelerates the regeneration of cells.

In general, the means for removing make-up from the eyes at home with oils "Faberlic" copes with the task. If the instructions to attach a cotton disc for 1-2 minutes to the eyelashes, the ink is removed pretty quickly. Reviews note that after application there is a slight sensation of oil film on the face.

In addition, the fair sex attracts the cost of the product: 270 rubles per bottle 145 ml.

"Mary Kay"

The next hero of our review was the fat-free remedy for removing eye makeup "Mary Kay". As the main cleaning components, American brand specialists used polyoxamer 184, dimethicone and cyclohexazyloxane.

In the bottle of light pink color, a two-phase liquid is hidden, which easily removes cosmetics and softens the delicate skin. The manufacturer claims that the product has successfully passed clinical trials and was approved by ophthalmologists.


- effectively removes makeup from the eyes;

- compatible with contact lenses;

- without flavors.


- high price (850 rubles for 110 ml);

- uncomfortable batcher;

- sensation of oil film on the skin.


Approximately half of customers note the occurrence of an allergic reaction to the make-up remover Mary Kay. Photos of reddened mucous, irritation around the eye and even inflammation of the cornea, presented in the reviews, draw our attention to the composition.

Unsafe silicones and preservatives, which are listed in the list of ingredients of biphasic liquid, can worsen the skin condition, cause allergies or the formation of "black spots". Some girls note slight tingling and tears, others are forced to seek qualified help. According to experts, the remedy "Mary Kay" is not suitable for women with sensitive skin.


Many girls and women avoid two-phase means because of the content of oils. Fatty film on the face has to be removed with the help of other means, which increases the time for evening rituals.

Soft cleansing, reducing puffiness and moisturizing the skin of the eyelids promises a means for removing makeup from the eyes of Vichy. Reviews of cosmetics brand pharmacy advise liquid Purete Thermale because of the lack of parabens and oils.

In the list of active components:

- panthenol (humidification);

- Vichy thermal water (strengthening and restoration);

- allantoin (soothing effect);

- cornflower extract (withdrawal of irritation).

With various problems, ophthalmologists are often advised to switch to hypoallergenic cosmetics. Vichy's products do not really cause irritation and redness - this is evidenced by the impeccable reputation and testimonials of customers who, from year to year, do not change the beloved French brand.

Purete Thermale is a delicate makeup remover that does not dry the skin and does its job well. According to the representatives of the fair sex, lotion has only two disadvantages: the price and uneconomical expense.


At first glance, for the removal of cosmetics suitable ordinary soap, and many girls do not complicate their lives by choosing the best means. However, with waterproof makeup, the soap can not cope exactly, and the feeling of tightness and dryness after the procedure is unlikely to please you.

An effective tool for a democratic price can easily be found in the line of L'Oreal. It's about another two-phase fluid that removes persistent makeup well and is not inferior to more expensive competitors.


  1. Price. A bottle (125 ml.) Will cost about 250 rubles.
  2. Efficiency.
  3. Gentle texture and aroma.
  4. Even flow of both phases.


  1. Oily film. After application of the drug, the reviews mark the appearance of a film on the skin, which must be eliminated with the help of a foam or gel for washing. For this reason, the L'Oreal remedy is used only to remove cosmetics from the eyes.
  2. Composition. It is interesting that the list of components is practically the same as the similar product "Mary Kay". It's no wonder that customers choose the budget.

La Roche

Looking for the best eye make-up remover? Reviews recommend paying attention to another "pharmacy" brand.

The main ingredient in all products of La Roche is curative thermal water, and the Toleriane remedy is no exception.


- Polysorbate 20;

- nonionic surfactant;

- thermal water;

- sodium salt of hyaluronic acid;

- Extract of corn flowers;


Make-up remover La Roche is in disposable sterile packages - this is especially convenient when traveling, because ordinary bottles take up a lot of space and can spill.

Ideal tool

According to customer feedback, for sensitive eyes there is no better remedy than Toleriane. Included in the sodium hyaluronate is used in ophthalmic surgery, so the risk of irritation or redness is minimized.

Despite the effectiveness of the liquid for make-up and the faultless reputation of the brand, many girls and women will be able to afford it. In the package there are 30 plastic ampoules (volume 5 ml.) - 150 ml. Will cost approximately 950-1000 rubles.


Another manufacturer, which is trusted by customers, is Clinique. Waterproof mascara, lipstick, liquid eyeliner - makeup remover Take The Day Off Makeup Remover will cope with any make-up.

For the fair sex, the name Clinique is associated with the famous skin cleansing system, so you can not doubt the rest of the product. The entire collection of the brand goes through multiple clinical tests - all kinds of creams, lotions, gels and makeup in a few cases cause allergies.

Reputation + composition

The Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, like many liquids in our review, is two-phase. Before use, the vial should be shaken to make the halves connected.

Traditionally, Clinique products contain no dyes and perfumes, preservatives with poor reputation and alcohol. A unique formula is a mixture of water, silicones and soft solvents. Make-up is removed quite easily, without rubbing and stretching the skin.

The main drawback of cosmetics of the American brand is a high price. Remover for make-up (volume 125 ml.) Will cost 1500-1700 rubles. Fortunately, Clinique is one of the few manufacturers that produce mini-formats.

Separately, it is worth noting the lid, which opens with an additional click. Thus, the liquid is unlikely to spill into a cosmetic bag or become a toy for your baby.


Every year domestic producers become more competitive - many customers prefer the natural "Siberian" cosmetics.

All products of ChocoLatte are created on the basis of unique developments of biotechnologists and biochemists of the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch). Instead of a long list of ingredients, including the Mendeleev's table, natural oils, honey, extracts and extracts of plants, lecithin, polysaccharides and wax are used here.

To cleanse the face, ChocoLatte experts propose to use weightless neck: Lavender, Pink, Cornflower and Rosemary. If you are looking for a natural and very delicate eye make-up remover at home, pay attention to "Shake Pink".


  1. Rose hydrolat - completely preserves the properties of the essential oil of the damask rose, it is safe for delicate skin.
  2. Macadamia oil - provides moisturizing and nourishment, eliminates fine wrinkles and enhances regeneration.
  3. Squalane is an oily liquid (natural carbon). Slows down aging, restores elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
  4. Vitamins "beauty" A and E.

The aroma of the neck does not look like a rose at all, which again indicates the absence of perfume. The customer's notes indicate pleasant herbal notes. Despite the absence of silicones and preservatives, the ChocoLatte remedy perfectly copes with any make-up, does not irritate the mucous.

As for the price, the shake can be attributed to budgetary funds. A 100 ml bottle. In the official online store will cost about 240 rubles.

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