The Rose of Damascus. Rose oil Damask: application

Damascus rose is a beautiful shrub plant of the Rosaceae family. This variety is an exclusive creation of breeders, who have been enjoying pleasure in various fields for hundreds of years.

What does this sort of rose look like?

Rose Damascus grows mainly in the southern regions of the CIS countries. She loves warmth, but she is quite unpretentious in her care. Many who have this decorative shrub growing in the garden know how useful its beautiful flowers are, and they enjoy it with pleasure.

The damask rose has large buds of different shades, from white and gently pink to scarlet. From other species, these flowers are distinguished by a large number of petals in the bud and its opening. Roses exude an incredible aroma that pleases visitors to the gardens in the first half of the summer.

How beautiful is the damask rose, the photo will help to present you in full.

The process of making oil

Rose oil damask has its price. This is not an expensive tool, but many readily acquire it, and all thanks to its irreplaceable properties. Before buying oil, it should be noted that it is a completely natural product. This essential oil of a damask rose should not have any impurities, including alcohols.

There is also an interesting fact: in order to get just a few drops of elixir, at least 30 buds of this beautiful flower should be processed. The petals are separated by hand, and then with the help of the process of direct cold pressing and the oil itself is obtained. Then it is simply poured into bottles and goes on sale.

It should be borne in mind that the maximum healing effect will only have a clean oil, without any additional ingredients in the composition.

Damask Rose Products

Rose Damascus has long been used to treat various diseases, as well as for cosmetic purposes. From her petals brew tea, which has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Of them, they prepare curative jam.

In the Crimea and the Middle East, from the petals of the damask rose, a valuable drug, rozanol, is produced, which is actively used in the treatment of urolithiasis, inflammation of the kidneys and bile ducts.

A valuable cosmetic soap is made from a damask rose. And of course, healing and soothing baths are taken with her petals.

But the most expensive product is essential oil of rose damascus, which replaces almost all possible cosmetic products.

Body Oil

This essential oil in cosmetology is simply an indispensable tool for problematic and sensitive skin. And this applies not only to the skin of the face. Damascus rose oil is widely used in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, as it has a strong soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. It is enough to take a bath with several drops of the remedy, and the skin condition will improve significantly.

Efficacy of skin care products

To improve the face skin is also used rose oil damask, the use of which can even help smooth out deep wrinkles. It is suitable for any type of skin, and especially for hypersensitive, dry and prone to allergic reactions. The elastic properties of the facial skin are greatly enhanced, which has a positive effect on its appearance and naturally rejuvenates it.

Damascus rose oil effectively fights against such a problem as acne on the face. It is enough to put the oil on the place of the rash and leave it overnight.

The product is characterized by moisturizing the dry skin of the face and simultaneously normalizing the secretion of sebum for oily skin. And also it supports the water-lipid balance of the dermis.

Fatigue of the skin around the eyes, dark circles and small wrinkles are also effectively eliminated due to lotions from the healing oil.

Rose oil Damask for hands and nails

Elimination of hand and nail problems is a sphere in modern cosmetology, which today actively uses the healing properties of Damascus rose oil. Since many claim that the hands are the woman's second face, the remedy is incredibly in demand due to its high efficiency. Dry and inflamed skin of the hands is a common problem for many ladies. As with the skin of the face, the rose oil can significantly rejuvenate it, making it more elastic and velvety.

Baths with Damascus rose oil strengthen the nail plate, accelerate the growth of nails and significantly improve their condition. The remedy is irreplaceable after weathering and partial frostbite of the hands. Oil is also used after using low-quality detergents for household purposes, as a result of which allergic reactions often appear on the hands, with which all the same baths with damask rose are struggling. In addition to oil, they can add and flower petals.

As a remedy improves the quality of hair

If a girl or woman suffers from hair loss, their fragility, faintness and fungus, leading to the appearance of dandruff, the rose Damascus will come to the rescue again. Oil from this flower should be used to make healing hair masks.

With psoriasis, the balm for the scalp is supplemented with Damascus rose oil, which promotes the healing of damaged areas of the epidermis and soothes irritation and discomfort.

Do you need to make hair silky, align their structure and give a lively shine? It is enough to add a few drops of oil in a prepared mask or balm for the hair. Or you can make a mask with aloe juice, rose oil and chamomile. If the hair quickly becomes fat, a little white clay and cucumber juice should be added to the mask. As a result, you will get a universal remedy to eliminate all problems with hair and scalp.

Damascus rose in neurology

Neurology is the sphere in medicine, where this plant has been used for many centuries. The essential oil of a damask rose is a soothing remedy, which has practically no analogs in medicine. Baths with a few drops of this elixir do not just help get rid of the moral strain after a hard working day. They eliminate the more serious consequences of a nervous system disorder. For example, increased irritability, excitability, excessive aggression and depression.

Even in antiquity, the remedy was used as an antidote to increased sentimentality and sensitivity to other people's words and actions. It also helps to put the female nervous system in order.

It's good not only to take a bath, but also to use aromatic lamps with essential oil of a damask rose. When overfatigue and lack of sleep, the remedy brings harmony in thoughts and helps to fall asleep if this is not possible.

How else is oil used in medicine?

Based on Damascus rose oil, various healing ointments and balms are made. It is widely used both in formulations and in pure form for the treatment of wounds, skin diseases, burns and inflammations.

Means with rose oil are recommended for the treatment of varicose veins. They effectively eliminate the problems of the visible venous and capillary mesh on the legs. The oil is used to heal burns, including chemical ones.

Rose Damascus is used as a strong antioxidant. Green tea with the addition of oil is recommended as a means for losing weight and removing toxins and cholesterol from the body.

Food application

Rose oil is used in making desserts as a natural flavor. It is added to tea or coffee to improve the taste of the drink.

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