Variety of Cupboards With Bathroom Sink

At this time, there is a large variety of bedside tables with washbasins for the bathroom. To choose the suitable functional and at the same time aesthetically attractive furniture becomes difficult for the owners of the apartment, who want to beat the interior of the apartment in a new way. The choice of the curbstone for the sink will depend on the bathroom itself, its design, the space provided, and also on the amount of finance that the landlord has.

Despite all the variety of materials from which the shells are made, as well as the numerous variants of their colors, the pedestals themselves have only three modifications: they are on legs, on the base, and also as a suspended structure. Below are the features and characteristics of each species. Also very popular are the pedestals for the bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of pedestals
In fact, as such, there are no shortcomings with these pedestals. The presence of this model in the bathroom will not interfere with the cleaning in it, moreover - it can be argued that the curbstone will remain in its original state even in the event of a flood. It is known that in the space between the cabinet and the floor the necessary air circulation is provided, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the furniture in the bathroom, and on the microclimate in general, which provides comfort and coziness. However, you should still pay attention to whether the headset is stable. Stability is ensured by the presence on the legs of silicone gaskets, which retain the tile or other floor covering material in the same condition.
When choosing a suitable model, preference is given to metal chrome legs, which, unlike plastic ones, will not fail even under conditions of increased loads (for example - with careless shifting).

Features of pedestals on the basement. Their shortcomings
Unlike the previous model, these pedestals have a number of drawbacks. The main one is the inconvenience of cleaning under the sink. The fact is that at the floor level the sink is closed by a panel. At the beginning of use, it may seem that dirt will not accumulate under the curbstone, but it is not. In this case, water will accumulate under the housing, dust accumulates, which can lead to the spread of fungus and mold.
Another important problem is that the material itself, from which the curbstone is made, is sufficiently exposed to moisture. And in case of contact with the floor surface (especially if it is heated), material is heated, resulting in its peeling and drying, as well as loss of appearance. This can only mean one thing - the lifetime of such a cabinet will be reduced several times.

Features of the use of suspended bollards
Of the three versions of the pedestals, this model is the most stylish and modern. This cabinet not only fits perfectly into the small bathroom, but also is ideal for a spacious bathroom. The use of a suspended cabinet in a small bathroom will allow you to visually expand the space, in view of the fact that below the floor level the area will not seem cluttered, which makes the interior very easy.
It should be noted that the volume inside the cabinet itself will be insignificant, especially when used in small bathrooms, which limits the possibility of operation. But if the bathroom has a large area, then this problem is easily solved by purchasing cabinets, as well as placing additional shelves.
Plus, when cleaning, there will be no problems, which makes this model the most applicable in the conditions of urban apartments.
However, a small problem can arise when fixing such a structure to the wall. Everything depends on the bearing wall, to which the curbstone is attached. A reliable fastening is not always possible, because the walls can be made of a fragile material - such as plasterboard or plastic. Before fixing the pedestal, check these points and make sure that there is enough space for the drain pipe to be installed.

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